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SPECIAL - Haerin x Reader by deathkidlvl
SPECIAL - Haerin x Readerby
'cus ya'll wanted a whole series >///< This book is dedicated to the person who inspired it..... @kanghaerin23
Newjeans High | Minji x Reader by deathkidlvl
Newjeans High | Minji x Readerby
NewJeans High has a new transfer student. A trouble maker..... but the student body president seems to have a soft spot for her. Does she like her or is she just being f...
Junior Producer | Haerin x F!Reader by deathkidlvl
Junior Producer | Haerin x F!Readerby
A young troubled kid starts to fall for one of the idols she has to work with... none other than Kang Haerin from NewJeans... will she ignore her feelings and keep it pr...
《 MY IDOL》 Hanni Pham (GxG)  by ynjngwon_05
《 MY IDOL》 Hanni Pham (GxG) by Oindrila Paul
"She is my idol, my inspiration! How can I love her in a romantic way?" But from inside she's already in love with her idol, will her idol love her back? Han...
oh my god (hanni x fem oc) by reaIhanjisung
oh my god (hanni x fem oc)by reaIhanjisung
oh my god she took me to the sky
Girl Boss | Hanni x Male reader by Lunar_eclipse9574
Girl Boss | Hanni x Male readerby Lunar_eclipse9574
Hanni a cold CEO who got an arranged marriage with one of her workers named Y/n who is always happy and cheerful, at the time Hanni was dating her secretary but she coul...
Not You. - Daerin/ Newjeans by imyoonsmoon
Not You. - Daerin/ Newjeansby ੈ✩‧₊˚
haerin can "see" the future and tells danielle about her feelings for her, but its too late as she looses some of her memory to a basketball game and danielle...
Proprietorial  by tinyranitar
Proprietorial by Human Writes
Hyein and her unhealthy obsession towards her best friend, Haerin
Silent Lover || Bbangsaz || by _ryjii
Silent Lover || Bbangsaz ||by sophie
"I am a different kind of lover Hanni. I am a silent lover."
Daerin Oneshots by lemonbear23
Daerin Oneshotsby zxk
One shots about Daerin, ranging from cute to angsty to sad.
Married Professor | Minji x Reader x Haerin by deathkidlvl
Married Professor | Minji x
When two of the Newjeans members start to attend University, they feel conflicted when their married professor start to give them private tutoring lessons. Try to make i...
Kpop Oneshots - Male Reader  by A8163ye
Kpop Oneshots - Male Reader by Andr
Kpop Imagines Imagine a world of full of imaginations. | Date Published: June 28, 2022 || | Date Finished: || Note: All stories are only fi...
Newjeans Oneshots  by deathkidlvl
Newjeans Oneshots by
Newjeans oneshots. fluff and angst. *read at your own discretion cus some mature content will be present*
notes; kang haerin [smau] by opertabry
notes; kang haerin [smau]by opertabry
theres this cute girl that always sleeps in your intro psych class.. she just so happens to be ginger AND your dorm neighbor gxg extension from a oneshot in my adore bo...
sweet as honey. minji x fem!reader. by yakoviminato
sweet as honey. minji x fem! ovi
would they be able to face the consequences? will they fight for their love?
Serendipitous  | Haerin x Minji by kanggaegurii
Serendipitous | Haerin x Minjiby kanggaeguri
This story is about Haerin and Minji, who meet in school. Two different people from two different worlds meet and what started out as an insignificant relationship spir...
'Heartbeat pham pham pham' - Hanni Pham x fem oc by phamhannimybae
'Heartbeat pham pham pham' - why
wherein hanni pham finally gets the chance to become close with her favourite artist, not necessarily realising herself slowly falling
Meant to be | Hanni Pham X Male Reader by keshialvaroo
Meant to be | Hanni Pham X Male nv
If it's meant to be, it'll be ------------ Hanni Pham X Male Reader Note : this is gonna be long story :))
ditto | yang jungwon by leaderyqng
ditto | yang jungwonby `⌁ ◜nini◞
" 말해줘, say it back, oh, say it, ditto " a yang jungwon fanfiction <3 ©leaderyqng
Catnip by scaryface999
Catnipby scaryface999
In which, Minji and Haerin meets in high school.