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PAGI by sha1155
PAGIby ~Rysh~
(baca + vote!) Bicara soal cinta, rasanya tak akan ada habisnya. Meski begitu, percayalah, aku lelah membicarakanya. Tapi untukmu, aku ingin selalu menjadi pagi. Agar k...
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  • greget
  • angga
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Simply Graser | Graser Fan Fiction by Kilsey
Simply Graser | Graser Fan Fictionby Jungshook
Your regular type fanfiction of graser! And the other cube members :)
  • smp
  • graser
  • cube
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star in my heart by waode_kalva
star in my heartby kalva M.D
" sekarang lo tatap bintang, penjamin mata lo, inget masa masa waktu bersama gua "
  • smp
  • bintang
  • heart
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Friendship beginnings (before friendship) by rebeccareadsthings
Friendship beginnings (before ✌🏻🎸Rebecca🎸✌🏻
Kiingtong, Graser10, Dangthatsalongname, Shubble, Delphron, 8bitdylan, marielitaitwins, HBomb94(see I capitalised the B for ya!) go on many trips and find themselves in...
  • shubble
  • thecubesmp
  • delphronplays
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You are my story by dhiniswoman
You are my storyby dhiniswoman
"Gue suka sama es krim,soalnya kalau di makan bikin ngilu. Sama kayak lo,saking galak nya gue sampai ngilu. Es krim itu manis gak kayak lo galak." ... Nama nya...
  • story
  • teenfiction
  • fiksiremajahighschool
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BIOLOGI SMP: Latihan Soal dan Pembahasan [SELESAI] by sientasnovel
BIOLOGI SMP: Latihan Soal dan Sienta Sasika Novel
Sinta Sasika Novel Cover: Buku ini berisi soal-soal latihan BIOLOGI SMA kelas 7, 8, dan 9yang disusun berdasarkan bab dan disertai dengan pembahasan. Bab 1...
  • smp
  • latihansoal
  • biologi
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Cerita (Derita) Anak OSN by namakukanya
Cerita (Derita) Anak OSNby nya
Ternyata, perlombaan matematika tingkat nasional tidak hanya berisikan rumus matematika dan juga bodrex extra untuk meredam sakit kepala. Di dalamnya terdapat persahabat...
  • matematika
  • osp
  • science
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Where it All Started {A CubeSMP Fanfic} DIFFERENT ENDING ! by WhatzUpItzMe
Where it All Started {A CubeSMP Marrrrrriiaaa
Cube SMP Fanfic! Hope you all enjoy, while reading and going through Lia's crazy, crazy life.
  • cubesmp
  • minecraft
  • cube
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PENGOBAT LUKA [selesai] by tessawtg
PENGOBAT LUKA [selesai]by Caca
#7 di teenfiction (mei 2018) #10 di teenfition (Juli 2018) CERITA INI SUDAH SELESAI DAN AKAN SEGERA DI REVISI Cover by @penulisbebas69 Luka adalah awal dari suatu perjua...
  • bestfriend
  • fantasi
  • persahabatan
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Accidens Perfectus by bloomin-stylinson
Accidens Perfectusby Stylinson Bitch
[Accidentally Perfect; Latin.] After somethings going wrong between Rahul and Aroohi, fate decides to give them another chance. To team up, and defeat everyone, once for...
  • kay
  • klrahul
  • smp
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Stupid Cube and Harmony Hallow Stuff by TheCubeAndHHWriter
Stupid Cube and Harmony Hallow TheCubeAndHHWriter
This book is for those fangirl and fanboy moments! And we all know what I mean!
  • humor
  • harmonyhallow
  • cubemembers
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Dear Unknown  ➳ Hbomb94 by ireava
Dear Unknown ➳ Hbomb94by ava
In which a boy with amnesia writes to the one girl he can't remember. - [ C O M P L E T E D ]
  • youtube
  • cubeuhc
  • youtuber
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Misery Business>>xBayani by fairly_aleks
Misery Business>>xBayaniby ms. flack
You know those people who are hired to go tell people bad news, like their girlfriend wants to break up or a family member passed away? Well Ok you probably haven't hear...
  • youtube
  • cube
  • youtuber
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*sigh* (HIATUS...)The New Kid // Cube SMP // Kiingtong x Reader (Continued) by theelliecorn
*sigh* (HIATUS...)The New Kid // TheElliecorn
You, the reader, and Kiingtong?! Together?! How is that possible?! Find out how and what happens next here!!! (Note: Although this is a "Cube SMP" fanfic, ther...
  • cube
  • thecube
  • fanfiction
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"THE RAZOR AND ME"~ a cube smp ff by SadGhostClubb__
"THE RAZOR AND ME"~ a cube smp ffby PerfectPorcelian
Lux is Jordan's little sister. After the "incident" three years ago that caused both of their parents to die, Jordan became an alcoholic and started to abuse L...
  • abusive
  • bayani
  • smp
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Watching From The Mirrors ~|( Minecraft SMP Fanfic )|~ by MarinettaSiren
Watching From The Mirrors ~|( Pastella Potatoes
"I will break can't stop me." Y/N was a girl who loved the realms she had lived in. Crazycraft, Trollcraft, One Life and the next was nothing... Mir...
  • youtubers
  • minecraft
  • trollcraft
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A F R A I D | a Bell ff by blackend-skies
A F R A I D | a Bell ffby Lauren !!
Sometimes the stars and planets will align just perfectly, making beautiful things happen. [Story told in Bee's pov.] /Reached #6 in "smp" tag\
  • fanfiction
  • bell
  • fanfic
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DWIFA'S QOUTES by DwifaMustika
DWIFA'S QOUTESby Dwifa Mustika
sekedar qoutes aja hehe..... qoutesnya bisa di request hehe... Hehehehehehehehehehehe..... jangan lupa ninggalin bintang nya yaa<3 "HAPPY READING"
  • curhat
  • cinta
  • kecewa
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Wallflowers - tofuudiger by xxCube
Wallflowers - tofuudigerby xxCube
everyone looks for love, even wallflowers.
  • tofuugaming
  • pokediger
  • cube
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Hijrah Cinta by Khonisa17
Hijrah Cintaby Khoirunnisa
CINTA TERBAIK adalah ketika kau mencintai seseorang kekasih yang membuat imanmu mendewasa... takwamu bertumbuh... cintamu kepada Allah bertumbuh... CINTA TERBAIK adalah...
  • hafidz
  • sedih
  • cinta
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