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Izuku 'Wings Of OmniPotence' (MHA) by EdwardMrr
Izuku 'Wings Of OmniPotence' (MHA)by Bear's Articles
Izuku Midoriya (our beloved cinnamon roll) due to his pure heart and will to save and bring life, love and peace gets noticed by The One, and as a reward for his purity...
A God Across Realities - OP Reader x Crossover by Cosmic_Entity
A God Across Realities - OP ||
I OP Reader x Crossover I Just a bored god traveling through realities looking for entertainment.
Sonic and RWBY Volume 3 by Animegoddess2
Sonic and RWBY Volume 3by Etra-chan
It's been a while since Sonic and Ruby started dating. Not only that but the Vytal festival tournament has finally begun! All seems to be going well for our heroes. But...
Elements : Book One by BonnieBBlue
Elements : Book Oneby A_Girl_With_A_Tale
"There is always something hidden from our eyes. Sometimes, it is just a minor thing, but sometimes, it is a whole new world. " Cassie Stewart was a normal tee...
Tara's Endless Growth by therumbler
Tara's Endless Growthby therumbler
Tara Fremont, an animal activist and size changing superhero, who has always been curious about the limits of her powers, decides to test how big she can possibly grow...
Klaus (OP Saiyan OC) by Dragonlord04
Klaus (OP Saiyan OC)by Darktiger003
This is the updated version of his info from my OCs story. Just know that their will be mini Chapters included that'll draw out Klaus's character in depth and major refe...
LDWCB1: A Princess Power [COMPLETED] by Akilein_Adazeta
LDWCB1: A Princess Power [ AkiZeta
A story about a man who will do anything just to be with his wife again. What trials and tribulations will he face in the world the Omnipotent wants him to enter? Will h...
High School DxD: The Illusion of Oppai by LasbAuthorArtist
High School DxD: The Illusion of Likeasomebody
The heroes we praise are sometimes forced to set aside their dreams so we can achieve ours. This is the lightest form of sacrifice. Born on the wrong side of a Supernatu...
Reaction Gods: Creepypasta. by FunbariVoid
Reaction Gods: FunbariVoid
Reaction Gods is a story inspired by the Gods from Lightborn Marines of GoldenFang17. Summary: The story revolves around 2 Gods that takes the appearances of different c...
Entity vs Astral Mother by WAMred
Entity vs Astral Motherby William_Meaux
A fight between two forces!
Shifters by thefallenposeidon
Shiftersby thefallenposeidon
The Story follows a young boy who's seemingly been affected by amnesia. On top of that things get a lot weirder when he wakes up in a house with someone he doesn't know...
The All Powerful Shaggy by CrayonLord
The All Powerful Shaggyby Clockwork
Shaggy Rogers, the most powerful being in the universe, has gone on a rampage, leaving the gang behind, and vanquishing those unfit for his world. What lies ahead for hi...
The Omni Male Reader: Y/N x Anime Omniverse by Superducknoodles06
The Omni Male Reader: Y/N x Champagne Taste Beer Budget
You are an omnipotent being with every power and weapon and form that exists. Your job is to protect the omniverse from other omnipotent threats. This means that you hav...
Narration by BlackHairedPsycho
Narrationby Oliver
This is what happens if the Narrator could interact with the characters, and had the omnipotence that comes with it. Chaos ensues. I had a lot of fun writing this, and I...
The Ruler Of The Everything (Dxd x Male Saiyan) by izukuxjirou
The Ruler Of The Everything (Dxd Gogeta Blue
A Saiyan Takumetako born the man trained to be the next Zeno after the multi universal aged child gave up his title he became the god of the multiverse
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The Master Of All Realities Visits Our World by ShidouAndHisSisters
The Master Of All Realities ShidouAndHisSisters
After reading please let me know your thoughts of the scenario ok? thank you ^^
Cindy Surge: The one who bring disasters by PersephoneWoods
Cindy Surge: The one who bring ΔPersephoneΔ
In the normal school their has a student that is very different to others her name is cindy caine surge. she has a secret about her special gift , and she meet a new fri...
The Omnipotent by AnoobLadyWriter
The Omnipotentby AnoobLadyWriter
This is my first work . The story revolves around the life of Anna summers . Who is she and what is she .. only the time can reveal the secrets.... Well the piece of wor...
Yan's Mythical Journal by ARandomCatPerson
Yan's Mythical Journalby Yan-Chan
Hello, my Name Is Yan. I Am A Omnipotent Cat. Don't Have Much To Say, so That's That.