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Betrayed God x Highschool DxD by BigDKnicksFan
Betrayed God x Highschool DxDby BigDKnicksFan
Rias had a pawn named Y/N, which he served her for 5 years and was her most powerful ally, until Issei came, he took everything from him, he later became a stray and wen...
What if: Glitchtale\Multiverse by Errorfics404
What if: Glitchtale\Multiverseby Gjf Gyf
What if Sans(glitchtale) received something truly powerful. He will have Sonic abilities, power and more. He will even have chaos emeralds+Master Emerald. Of course invo...
Adventure of All Verse by GlitchPlayer123
Adventure of All Verseby Ayuna
Elise has die from car crash and got a soul transported to Absolute!Creator by one of the God Mistake Glitch will give you 5 wish. Also Welcome to the worst fanfic story...
Au Sans' vore oneshots by April_Gianttale
Au Sans' vore oneshotsby April_Gianttale
The title says it all. If you don't like vore, leave or your gonna have a firey time. Those who love vore... I hope you enjoy. I also take request. Some of the parts in...
Divinity | Season 1 | Heavenly Light by OmegaStudioz
Divinity | Season 1 | Heavenly The Omega Phoenix
Untold millennia ago, god manifested the universe with the goals of creating an existence of the three greatest things: balance, love and peace. And though those goals w...
Jaune 404 by RestoringAlphatale
Jaune 404by Brothers Forever
When cardin revealed jaune's transcripts to everyone in beacon he was bullied everyday except Team RWBY, Team NPR, Team CFVY, The arc sisters, Saphron's family, Ozpin, G...
Reborn as Infected Sans by Errorfics404
Reborn as Infected Sansby Gjf Gyf
What if someone died and he was reborn as Infected Sans. What he will do in multiverse. What if it involves around forced god of destruction? All characters belong to th...
A Chaotic Marvel (Marvel x OP Character) by D4V1D-01
A Chaotic Marvel (Marvel x OP Discount Gamer
Meet Steve, a basically Omnipotent and possibly eldritch boy who decided it would be a perfect vacation for him to visit the wonderful world of Marvel....not the comics...
Rimuru Tempest's path to power by DoktorHeinz
Rimuru Tempest's path to powerby Doktor Heinz
Rimuru comes to a decision since it's been a long awaited thing. With this decision he'll embark on another path that's to more power, fame, and growth. Different worlds...
The king's little adventure by King-Xoverg
The king's little adventureby KabirKashyap2007
The omni-king also known as zeno is the supreme god and creator of all existing things had now grown really board of his daily-plain unenjoyable life so in order to find...
Izuku 'Wings Of OmniPotence' (MHA) by EdwardMrr
Izuku 'Wings Of OmniPotence' (MHA)by Bear's Articles
Izuku Midoriya (our beloved cinnamon roll) due to his pure heart and will to save and bring life, love and peace gets noticed by The One, and as a reward for his purity...
I Reincarnated as a Black Hole by VoxRei
I Reincarnated as a Black Holeby Vox
A certain boy dreams of becoming one like the protagonist he admires from a story, just like everybody else does. He lived his whole life in his own fantasies until he g...
E L E M E N T S : Book One [OLD VERSION] by BonnieBBlue
E L E M E N T S : Book One [OLD A_Girl_With_A_Tale
"You have powers." "She isn't even human!" "She has awakened the element, which hasn't been touched since Great War Between Nations!" "...
Elements : Book One by BonnieBBlue
Elements : Book Oneby A_Girl_With_A_Tale
"There is always something hidden from our eyes. Sometimes, it is just a minor thing, but sometimes, it is a whole new world. " Cassie Stewart was a normal tee...
Klaus (OP Saiyan OC) by Dragonlord04
Klaus (OP Saiyan OC)by Darktiger003
This is the updated version of his info from my OCs story. Just know that their will be mini Chapters included that'll draw out Klaus's character in depth and major refe...
Reborn as Everything Sans by Errorfics404
Reborn as Everything Sansby Gjf Gyf
You have died but You have done a lot of good things. Dave was a good person and never expected to die he was rich and used his wealth to help and his power to create a...
Real Glitch Adventure by GlitchPlayer123
Real Glitch Adventureby Ayuna
Real Glitch known as True Observer/Creator/Destroyer/Devourer/Guardian/Keeper/Queen/Goddess/Empress of All Verse And The True Unknown Boundless Dimension is very bore so...
Sonic and RWBY Volume 3 by Animegoddess2
Sonic and RWBY Volume 3by Etna-chan
It's been a while since Sonic and Ruby started dating. Not only that but the Vytal festival tournament has finally begun! All seems to be going well for our heroes. But...
(Crossover x OP Male Reader As Rimuru Tempest )  by HajimeSovietRussiaHa
(Crossover x OP Male Reader As HajimeSovietRussia Hajime
Alec Shiro a normal student in the age of 17 born from a normal life and until he died from an accident and until he meet a powerful being granting him a 2 wish OP skill...
Fate/True Omnipotent by KumagawaShirou
Fate/True Omnipotentby Kumagawa Shirou
The All-Powerful Being Has Taking The Form of Shirou Emiya