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Of All The Stars by Laney1301
Of All The Starsby Tsubaki Zara
She was a Human Girl, that's all she remembers. Waking up in a dark place without a body, she encounters someone she could only describe as godlike, and yet, she wasn't...
Ttigraas x Bnha [A New World] by Allenna-rose-lily
Ttigraas x Bnha [A New World]by Allenna-rose-lily
Rimuru was just doing his everyday routines but while relaxing in his favorite spot to look at the town of Tempest, he was suddenly transported by someone he doesn't kno...
"The Demon Lord's Daughter" • Bleach x Tensura by Spirit-Rimuru
"The Demon Lord's Daughter" • Spirit-Rimuru
Ichigo Died but gets reborn as the Daughter of a Demon Lord. This is a Continuation of Split-Girl Fan Fiction. I don't own the first six chapter of thisFan fiction and i...
So I'm A Divine Monster, So What? by GrayTs0
So I'm A Divine Monster, So What?by GrayTs
Sophie Sasaki was an ordinary high school student with dreams and aspirations before tragedy struck. One day, while sitting in her classroom with her classmates, a sudde...
Tensura pirates adventures! - The Beginning by DarkFighter_
Tensura pirates adventures! - Dark Fighter
Rimuru and co are bored and want some fun. They decide to visit the one piece world as a source of entertainment. And of course since its one piece world, what better w...
Ascension (OC x Tensura) by Cenizeee
Ascension (OC x Tensura)by Cenizeee
A Tensura Fanfiction. ••••••• "Ah... the world's like an infinite void." A being born from death's embrace, A manas forged in endless space, With memories of a...
That time I reincarnated in Overlord?? by Veriael
That time I reincarnated in Veriael
Arthur, our resident Earthian suddenly gets reincarnated in Overlord's Earth 2138 1 year after the release of Yggdrassil the best VRMMORPG. Knowing the future of Yggdras...
Shadow Monarch New Domain (M!Reader X The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime) by Drunken_Crow
Shadow Monarch New Domain (M! Unknown_Narrator
After Y/N L/N had a heavenly fight with the Dragon Monarch and winning, Y/N with the powers of the rulers, had drank from the Cup Of Reincarnation to turn back the time...
The Two Dragonoid Remake  by V3Veriza
The Two Dragonoid Remake by ( – –)
Veldanava have another child and that is our lovable Rimuru Yup this is a remake since I'm not satisfied with the original This will be more wild and even weird Why? I d...
The Mchiavillan | Cote x Tensura [Indefinite hiatus] by PyroManiac8765
The Mchiavillan | Cote x Tensura [ NAMELESS
"where the..." [unique skill mchivallian acquired] Huh...? what was that voice...." " [unique skill manipulator acquired] Manipulator? What is even h...
Tensura x MHA: The Vacation. by ThatManWhoScaresYou
Tensura x MHA: The GrandNova
Its been a long time since Rimuru became the Supreme Deity. And as usual for all powerful beings with nothing to do. He's bored. While talking to Milim and Veldora he ca...
I Reincarnated As A True Dragon (Tensura FF) by DrunkOnOJ
I Reincarnated As A True Dragon ( Citrine
There were 4 True Dragons in the world, one of them fell, and a Dragonoid was born. The world was imbalanced, and another True Dragon was reincarnated. Unknowingly as Ve...
The mother of all by lorahan
The mother of allby Lili 🤩😘😇
Rimuru is the mother of veldnava, the other true dragons, the primordial demons, and every other living thing in the world. She has been sealed in her imaginary space fo...
What The Future Holds (A Tensura X OC Story) by GripWap
What The Future Holds (A Tensura GripWap
Tatsuki Tsukino, a 17 year old high school student was murdered by one of his close friends for a deal. In the next moment, he wakes up again, this time, not in a human...
Tensura X MHA {{Fanfiction Crossover}} by StaciaPLE
Tensura X MHA {{Fanfiction Krul
Rimuru, after successfully repelling Velgrynd, the catastrophic dragon, takes his well-earned break. But, unfortunately, his break gets cut short after Guy had called in...
The Colorless One(Hiatus) by Ciel_303
The Colorless One(Hiatus)by 𓆩Thℭ ℭvadℭr𓆪
Before the world was created, God felt that there was an entity more powerful than Ivaraj, the world-destroying Dragon. The entity was accidental and self-created throug...
Primodial Fairy king in Tensura by LukoasBasys
Primodial Fairy king in Tensuraby Lukoas Basys
One moment soul a woke up in the void with only memories of anime, manga, fanfiction and the world he was living he didin't remember anything about himself. Want to foun...
Reincarnated as female Frieza by Alisiaxoxo1403
Reincarnated as female Friezaby A.T.
just imagine being reincarnated as the female version of your favourite villain, and waking up in a fantasy world Just a random idea I had ;) I don't own frieza or that...
tensura: oneshot / react  by void-emperor
tensura: oneshot / react by the-void-emperor
this will be a never ending series of chapters , be it requests or my own work . And also i will not use the term 'god' in this story for any kind of things just like my...