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Monsterverse x Attack On Titan by GomenasaiMrBurns
Monsterverse x Attack On Titanby GomenasaiMrBurns
Exactly as the title implies. This story takes place after the events of Godzilla vs Kong and right before AOTs Shigashina Arc: Godzilla slips from his world of titans i...
Pokemon : This Is Who I Am by Speedshake1839
Pokemon : This Is Who I Amby Abisha Phrardyant
after Ash was defeated by Leon in world championships, he was betrayed by his so called friends and family, only Max, Bonnie, Paul, Alain, Sawyer, Dawn, Goh, Chloe, Lill...
The God of Monsters  by JimmyNelson7
The God of Monsters by JimmyNelson7
Godzilla the banished son of Zeus and Hera. After a long hard life he has grown stronger and returned. Now he must decide, will he challenge his father for the title of...
Titanic Bond by PiratePhox4
Titanic Bondby PirateFox4
in the year 2009, a boy was born. this boy was nothing out of the ordinary. for the first five years of his life that is. in 2014, the boy, unsure as to why, said he saw...
God Speed (Ruby Rose X Shin Godzilla Reader) by RyanJersey
God Speed (Ruby Rose X Shin Godzil...by Ryan Jersey
This was a request The reader starts off as Kamata and destroys some of the city before seeing Ruby, he wants to transform back to human to meet her but only evolved mor...
Titanus Kria (WIP) by frostypeal
Titanus Kria (WIP)by frostypearl
A new Titan arises from the icy, frozen depths of Antarctica, hungry and confused. Where has her authority dissolved to? Who is this new king? Why have those thieving ne...
Dragon Maid Presents: Kobayashi x Male Kaiju Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Dragon Maid Presents: Kobayashi x...by Victor Hernandez
Kobayashi's life has turn upside down when she found and made new dragon friends alongside with hers, Tohru, Kanna, Elma, Fafnir, Lucoa,and Ilulu....Tohru was the first...
Little Godzilla in Big Remnant  by Miana-Light
Little Godzilla in Big Remnant by Miana-Light
After Paleontologist discover a egg on Pago Island they bring it back to Vale, Team rwby finds it exciting and goes to see it. In a unforseen incident the egg hatches an...
Godzilla: rise of evil by Nwoliver2
Godzilla: rise of evilby Nwoliver2
After his battle with MechaGodzilla and team-up with Kong. Godzilla descends into the ocean only to pass out from his wounds and wind up in a Disney world of all places...
Heroes And Titans by Eyeofcreation
Heroes And Titansby Vanadis
Awakening in a world that is not his own. Gojira, the King of The Monsters finds himself in unfamiliar territory, where 80% of the world has powers called Quirks. But th...
Interconnection by xSereneMeadowsx
Interconnectionby xSereneMeadowsx
(Godzilla x Female Reader) "He's approaching. Fast. Something isn't right..." she looked on worriedly. Blue eyes glowing in the ocean showed rage as the figure...
Stayed Together || Godzilla ¤ Titanus!Reader by TheSinnest
Stayed Together || Godzilla ¤ Tita...by The. Sinnest
Your name was (Y/n). You're a Chinese dragon. You're actually strong and would be ranked as an alpha. But you never wants to challenge any other kaijus. Because you don'...
Godzilla x Kaiju!Reader  by squigglysquid
Godzilla x Kaiju!Reader by squigglysquid
You are a kaiju living peacefully by yourself somewhere on Earth. Usually, your days are quiet and rather uneventful, until the king began showing up on your territory...
Cᴏʟᴅ•Bʟᴏᴏᴅᴇᴅ // 𝙂𝙤𝙙𝙯𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖 x̺͆ 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧 by Gecko5000
Cᴏʟᴅ•Bʟᴏᴏᴅᴇᴅ // 𝙂𝙤𝙙𝙯𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖 x...by ◺ G☰☾ƙ$ ◿
Your parents had died during the battle between Ghidorah and Godzilla. However, Mark sought to take you in as a daughter of his own and sets one simple rule: forbids yo...
Why want me dead? by SirGhidrah
Why want me dead?by SirGhidrah
Agony calls to me, death is out for me. But my body refuses to let me die. This story is part of a connected multiverse, shared by Goji and the human. However, reading G...
I'm reincarnated as Godzilla? Then I shall be the King of the Monsters  by Ultrautahraptor
I'm reincarnated as Godzilla? Then...by Ultrautahraptor
Ryu was someone who was just like any other teenager. He like anime, and he watches Cartoons yet his favorite thing was fighting and kaiju especially Godzilla. Now he's...
{be mine....no one else's...}(ON HOLD) by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{be mine....no one else's...}(ON H...by Skyler1836
Avery a young 22 year old zooligist had traveled in tokyo..to explore it's enviroment and animals...tho what happens if some kaijus suddenly had a sick obsession on her...
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x Godzilla Faunus Male Reader by Shadow_Eureka
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x G...by ShadowEureka
This is a crossover story I wanted to do for a while since I am a fan of Godzilla, and for all those fans that is both a RWBY and Godzilla fan. This is a story for you. ...
Gigan's DOOMed Brother by DraconianLover009
Gigan's DOOMed Brotherby DraconianLover009
Many, many years ago, when Gigan was young, she had an older brother. He was immensely strong. Capable of leveling mountains in a single punch. He preferred heavy brutis...
Pokemon : The Betrayed Prince by Speedshake1839
Pokemon : The Betrayed Princeby Abisha Phrardyant
after Ash was defeated by Leon in world championships, Ash betrayed by his mom and some of his friends. but Ash, Chloe, Goh, Cameron, and Stephen met with 4 people (1 bo...