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Gigan's DOOMed Brother by DraconianLover009
Gigan's DOOMed Brotherby DraconianLover009
Many, many years ago, when Gigan was young, she had an older brother. He was immensely strong. Capable of leveling mountains in a single punch. He preferred heavy brutis...
Godzilla X My Hero Academia by IAteASegaGenesis
Godzilla X My Hero Academiaby Agoti
What if Godzilla came into MHA? They do live in Japan after all. So on with the description! During a normal day at UA High, ya know, training, learning how to use their...
Kaiju girls X God Of The End by DaikaijuKaizer
Kaiju girls X God Of The Endby Daikaijukaizer
The kaiju girls are in for a treat when a tyrant of terror awakens from his icey prison. Kaiju and humans alike will know of him and cant do shit but bow to his power.
Dragon Maid Presents: Kobayashi x Male Kaiju Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Dragon Maid Presents: Kobayashi x...by Victor Hernandez
Kobayashi's life has turn upside down when she found and made new dragon friends alongside with hers, Tohru, Kanna, Elma, Fafnir, Lucoa,and Ilulu....Tohru was the first...
Evolve and Adapt; God of Destruction, Fear Incarnate, and King of the Monsters by Ultrautahraptor
Evolve and Adapt; God of Destructi...by Ultrautahraptor
In the hold world people thought that reincarnation was nothing but a dream for stupid people. And yet here I am, reincarnated in a new and yet strange world. I'm reinc...
Kaiju girls against Alcatraz. by TheIceKing26
Kaiju girls against Alcatraz.by IceKing28
After waking up on an island with no memory Alcatraz wonders around until one of the natives of the island finds him. This being Goji Jr. After showing him to everyone s...
Jaune: Millennium Giant by MUIGoku100
Jaune: Millennium Giantby MUIGoku100
Once upon a time, in a ancient world of Remnant, there was a giant meteor that crash landed into an unnamed island. The people of the island were being terrorize by a gi...
Godzilla X MHA: Long Live The King by 18joshuab
Godzilla X MHA: Long Live The Kingby 18joshua b
In 1996 Humanity Watched and did what they could When The Two most powerful beings of all times clashed. But due to a freak accident and some unforseen conditions Godzil...
Reincarnated as the Mortem Rex (Self-Insert X Crossover) by KaijuBird
Reincarnated as the Mortem Rex (Se...by Birdzilla
(Pretty much a crossover fanfic different than the ones I usually do (Also shoutout to @hannahwolf1120 since her fanfics inspired me to do this!)). After getting killed...
izuku jaeger by zillamonsters
izuku jaegerby zillamonsters
izuku midoriya was said to be quirkless but this wasn't the case, what if he got a quirk that gave him the ability of some of the jaeger Also note that my writing style...
The God of Monsters  by JimmyNelson7
The God of Monsters by JimmyNelson7
Godzilla the banished son of Zeus and Hera. After a long hard life he has grown stronger and returned. Now he must decide, will he challenge his father for the title of...
Monsterverse x Attack On Titan by GomenasaiMrBurns
Monsterverse x Attack On Titanby GomenasaiMrBurns
Exactly as the title implies. This story takes place after the events of Godzilla vs Kong and right before AOTs Shigashina Arc: Godzilla slips from his world of titans i...
Kaiju girl, The Two Queens and the new King by BlazeDX7
Kaiju girl, The Two Queens and the...by BraeonX2
Imaging a world where Female Kaijus and Humans exists together. And two of those Kaijus are in constant battle. Gojira Queen Of The Monsters and Queen Ghidorah The Golde...
Puppet's Protector [Welcome Home x Kaiju Reader] by sammytheskitty33
Puppet's Protector [Welcome Home x...by Samantha Szyperski
In a world where an unknown evil lurks within the outskirts of an otherwise cheerful, colorful community, a unlikely protector shows up in the form of a massive visitor...
Union Academy: War of the Monsters! by KaijuMaster20
Union Academy: War of the Monsters!by KaijuMaster20
When a male teenage boy named Matt Silverstone was kicked out of Union Academy because he was powerless without Quirks, Semblance, Sacred Gears and Superpowers, he is no...
Remnant's King Vol 1-3 (Godzilla x RWBY) by AxeTheRat04
Remnant's King Vol 1-3 (Godzilla x...by Jose
images used in book do not belong to me, as well my writing may suck. Many spelling errors, also damn autocorrect. All characters of rwby belong to roosterteeth. As well...
Another Mark 3 by trident_03
Another Mark 3by Georgia Twilight
Raleigh Becket| I DO NOT OWN PACIFIC RIM ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGNIAL CREATOR| Kristen has lost her whole family to a Kaiju. She had lost her parents while running from...
The Reckoning  ( Godzilla Ultima x kaiju girls ) by dabi-blueflames24
The Reckoning ( Godzilla Ultima x...by touya todoroki
After being awoken just before ghidorahs invasion, singular point goji then decides to join godzilla and her friends in the fight against ghidorah and her team of mechas...
Pacific Rim: New Lives by Tacidiacon
Pacific Rim: New Livesby Tacidiacon
She was supposed to be dead. Destroyed alongside the breach after he reactor core blew up. Right? Well the universe must have plans for her now. Doesn't it, especially w...
Kaiju Paradise- Bored Mercenary by Lilbebeisded
Kaiju Paradise- Bored Mercenaryby E Eg
A mercenary named Twelve decided to try out a different job. He discovers a place called Laminax Labs, A new facility nearby, He decides to get the job and then chaos ha...