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Godzilla Mobius  by redwing116
Godzilla Mobius by redwing116
The planet Mobius is populated by Mobians and overlanders. The planet is in dark times as a evil dictator starts to turn Mobians to mindless robots a group of rebellion'...
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The Alpha (Godzilla x HSDxD) by DraconianLover009
The Alpha (Godzilla x HSDxD)by DraconianLover009
Gojira, a beast of such legendary power that even Gods stayed out of his way. When the Factions conniving everyone of his allies to their side, all he has left is his so...
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Long Ago before Dust was even discovered; Remnant was ruled by Gods. Many of these Gods had names. Mothra, Rodan, MUTO, and many others. And just like Wolves and Lions;...
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Godzilla The King Of The Monsters x reader by blackdragon789
Godzilla The King Of The Monsters...by Black Angel of Darkness
(y/n) wishes that the Godzilla the king of the monsters are real she wanted to meet him she doesn't care if their city is going to be destroyed and the world as long she...
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Godzilla: Planet of Monsters by BraedimusSupreme
Godzilla: Planet of Monstersby Braedey95 2.0
A/N: since I had seen the anime 'Godzilla' trilogy, I thought I'd give a crack at making my own version of the trilogy, and this one, I wanted to think more human life h...
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Cheated,abused and betrayed male Godzilla reader x RWBY by shadowisprimewolf
Cheated,abused and betrayed male G...by shadowisprimewolf
Hate is a powerful word, a strong emotion. It can turn even the nicest of beings into cold blooded killers. A boy fauness crated on by his lovers,abuser from all and bet...
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Cinos' Monster Rampage: The Monarch File by CaesarPOTA2011
Cinos' Monster Rampage: The Monarc...by Cinos The Werehog
Cinos' Monster Rampage is a Spinoff series which Cinos is in the world of Godzilla: The Series, the TV sequel to the 1998 film Godzilla. This feature monster who are ba...
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Attack on Titan: King of the Monsters by bluewhale02
Attack on Titan: King of the Monst...by bluewhale02
Godzilla has went through a mysterious portal that sends him back in time and gives him the ability to talk. He ends up back in the year 845 where he meets Eren Yeager...
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We're Freaks [Borison] by DavidArias719
We're Freaks [Borison]by Steve
(Hello everyone. I like to introduce you all to my new story We're Freaks. It's a new ship I came up with involving Boris from the Goldfinch and Madison from Godzilla Ki...
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Legendary Godzilla meets Monster Girl Encyclopedia by DraconianLover009
Legendary Godzilla meets Monster G...by DraconianLover009
In this alternate universe, the Mamono Lord of MGE's husband becomes poisoned by radiation but they don't know what it is. Because of this she has become very depressed...
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Speed of the Gods {Request} (Ruby Rose X Male Reader) by RyanJersey
Speed of the Gods {Request} (Ruby...by Ryan Jersey
This was a request. So there's issues in Vale, one thing that no one truly knows about is what lives beneath. A true Savior of Humanity cast out.
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My Favourites and Random Book by BraedimusSupreme
My Favourites and Random Bookby Braedey95 2.0
Hello, my lovely readers from around the world. It's me, BraedimusSupreme calling in. This is something I've seen on other sites and by other writers and readers, and I'...
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Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x Godzilla Faunus Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x G...by ShaNEON_757
This is a crossover story I wanted to do for a while since I am a fan of Godzilla, and for all those fans that is both a RWBY and Godzilla fan. This is a story for you. ...
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Staring~ Imallexx (Alex), Bluesdank (Henry), Kappa kaiju (Couldn't find this bitches name), QuackityHQ (Alexis), kwite(Tyler), wildspartanz (Brandon), pyrocynical(Niall)...
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Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titans by Zilla2000
Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titansby
For hundreds of years humanity thought that the titans were the top of the food chain but they were wrong now there are something that are more bigger,faster, stronger,s...
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12 Godzillas Of Christmas by Legendarygoji
12 Godzillas Of Christmasby Godzilla
This is my Christmas present to my followers and to all Godzilla fans in the world. Merry Christmas.
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Godzilla Memes  by MothGoji
Godzilla Memes by SSGSS Gogeta
Welcome to a Book of Godzilla Memes. Where many funny memes of Godzilla lurk in these pages.
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The Kaiju Guardians by KaijuGuardian
The Kaiju Guardiansby KaijuGuardian
This is a story about three Kaiju that were raised by a human and eventually became Earth's true protectors. Also with a hint of a few love story arcs.
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Godzilla Invades Pyrrhia (Wings Of Fire) by GodzillaDaGamer
Godzilla Invades Pyrrhia (Wings Of...by GodzillaDaGamer
Long before the dragon age in Pyrrhia, another species roamed the planet: the kaiju. They were the original, and rightful, rulers of the land, sky, and seas. One day, th...
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An Unexpected Appearance... :A Male Kaiju Reader x Kaijuverse Fanfiction: by GodzillaLegendaryRPG
An Unexpected Appearance... :A Mal...by Gojira2000
An unidentified monster appeared in the Pacific.
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