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Living With Archangels by actually-satan
Living With Archangelsby and i oop
Four humanized archangels appear in Angelica "Aze"'s house! What happens next? This is definitely a joke. Not really going along the lines of supernatural, jus...
Mother knows by werdowoman30
Mother knowsby Megan Borland
Remember season 11 when Chuck and Lucifer are living in the bunker together and Lucifer essentially acted like a moody teen? It got me thinking about how angels age. Lik...
Supernatural House Arrest (Supernatural Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Supernatural House Arrest ( KittyHazelnut
Chuck and Amara bring all (okay, maybe not all, but this a lot of people to keep track of already, dammit!) your favorite characters back and locks them in the bunker to...
Archangel Lost by Deymorale
Archangel Lostby Tessa Sweatt
Lucifer has escaped from the cage. . . Again. This time he's seeking help. From the Winchesters. He's overheard the plans the Demons have. Invading Heaven? What gives th...
In the Case of Anori's Wings by Casthepotato
In the Case of Anori's Wingsby Leys
A Lucifer x OC Fan fiction. Imprisoned, abused, and kicked violently from heaven, that's Anori's life, not to mention the missing wings and Metatron wanting her dead. W...
A Trickster's Daughter by RoseOfMyHeart
A Trickster's Daughterby RoseOfMyHeart
Gabriel was screwed. Royally. He thought staying in a female vessel would be fun. No harm, no foul right? I mean, what's the worse that could happen? He really should kn...
The Lost God by DemonicHoman
The Lost Godby TheJeansThatTalk
At the beginning of time, God had Ignis. She was the most perfect, most intelligent, most skilled woman ever. God used to love her a cherish every inch of her. Even whe...
God's Family Meeting by Mummy_Dearest
God's Family Meetingby ♔
Chuck thinks it's about time he and his angels had a family meeting. So, he summons them all to his bar; the safest place in all creation...this should go well.
Lucifer's Mate  by janae_d
Lucifer's Mate by Janae.D
Athena Blackwood is a brave yet shy young woman. Smart and intelligent, she only mixes herself with the right people. Her only friend Remi decides to spend a night at a...
The Novak Dolls by LaurenABlack
The Novak Dollsby Misha Trash
Chuck Novak never had an easy time raising seven kids on his own, but at least they all liked the same type of toys. But one day, Chuck buys the wrong G.I. Joes. Cas an...
bite. by angeltwist
#12 Angeltwist
Back when Y2K was a thing, Lorna was a 90s girl looking forward to the 21st Century. She had a family, a boyfriend and a col lege dream. All of this is destroyed when L...
Savage Wings: Book Three of The Whitechapel Chronicles by LittleCinnamon
Savage Wings: Book Three of The Lindsey Clarke
'Praying for the Devil?' With the war between the vampires and Varúlfur more brutal and blood-thirsty than it has ever been, Megan Garrick has been forced to seek sanctu...
Breaking Through (A Supernatural Fanfiction) {1} by musicdreams31
Breaking Through (A Supernatural musicdreams31
(Set in Season 5) ""Guess who else just escaped Hell thanks to your brother?" Bobby replied. Dean glanced back over at Libby with wide eyes. This time h...
Malignant | Jack Kline by jacksangel
Malignant | Jack Klineby - Ally-
"You either die a HERO, or you live long enough to see yourself become the VILLAIN." •Supernatural Fanfic • season 13 •Jack Kline x OC Cover by @soulofstaa...
I loved and I lost you: SPN Fanfic (Gabriel x oc) by Gingernut1314
I loved and I lost you: SPN that gingerbread girly
(I'm in the process of rewriting this book! The new version is called "Bubblegum and Blood Roses"! But please feel free to still read this one! The plots are d...
Who's the Enemy? by ShelbyWinds
Who's the Enemy?by ShelbyWinds
He saw her as she was attacked by several boys. Boys that smelled wrong, smelled tainted. He didn't think about anything as he killed them. He brought her home and took...
The Seven Archangels by AureliusHeimdall
The Seven Archangelsby Aurelius Heimdall
A dream. It haunts Percy Jackson but nobody he knows can explain it. The world starts turning upside down and time loses its meaning when secrets from era before even t...
Lioness by TheQuietHufflepuff
Lionessby TheQuietHufflepuff
Two angels lead the siege to Hell to rescue one man. Little does she know how important the man will become to her. Dean teaches Ariel to the concept of free will, and...
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ASSBUTT! ⤻ supernatural x reader by latentmoon
ASSBUTT! ⤻ supernatural x readerby 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐚𝐭
⋆ DISCONTINUED ⋆ Exactly what the title says. ⋆ Disclaimer: These stories are all from over two years ago, and my writing has much improved and changed since then, so d...