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Lucifer x Reader - Love Is Weakness by fan-of-the-fandoms
Lucifer x Reader - Love Is Weaknessby :/
(Supernatural) Lucifer x Reader
Mother knows by werdowoman30
Mother knowsby Megan Borland
Remember season 11 when Chuck and Lucifer are living in the bunker together and Lucifer essentially acted like a moody teen? It got me thinking about how angels age. Lik...
Little Steps And Finger Tips by ChucksWriter
Little Steps And Finger Tipsby Mrs. Kathi Gabriel Dings
"A nephilim? You raised a nephilim?", Metatron asked unbelievable. "Her name is Ophelia.", Chuck corrected him. "Who cares? Don't you think ther...
The Seven Archangels by AureliusHeimdall
The Seven Archangelsby Aurelius Heimdall
A dream. It haunts Percy Jackson but nobody he knows can explain it. The world starts turning upside down and time loses its meaning when secrets from era before even t...
Winged Assassin [COMPLETED] by chocolatebutterpie
Winged Assassin [COMPLETED]by chocolatebutterpie
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT READ THIS! THIS WAS WRITTEN A LONG TIME AGO SO BEWARE!! I climbed up the tree with inhuman strength. I looked over at my brother and...
Recluse Protection by LillianneYoung
Recluse Protectionby Lillianne Young
Archangel's MC Book #1 Casey 'Hellion' Mikael, a young woman at the fate of a madman, destined to be used, abused, and possibly killed all to prove a point. Until a man...
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Hidden Brothers ~ SDS Fanfic by ElzyArt
Hidden Brothers ~ SDS Fanficby Elizabeth Kaufman
Meliodas has many secrets. The Sins and Elizabeth expect this. But what they didn't expect is for him to suddenly have brothers!
She is my obsession by Monstrous_beauty
She is my obsessionby Shaina
Lying on the floor was a woman in the puddle of blood. The pain in her eyes was evidently more than the pain from the wound from which the blood was oozi...
Jack Kline Wings by Moonlight161
Jack Kline Wingsby Moonlight161
A Jack Kline fanfiction based on season 13 All rights go to the fantastic creators of supernatural
A Beautiful Evil (A Beautiful Book. 1) #Wattys2015 by AshtonMarie
A Beautiful Evil (A Beautiful Ashton Marie
(A Beautiful Book #1) Highest Ranking in Paranormal: #63 Word Count: 91,000 Is true love worth the ultimate sacrifice? Looking human doesn't mean you are human, and Mara...
The Winchester-Mikaelson Girl by Sboyle92
The Winchester-Mikaelson Girlby TolkienFan
Diana Winchester is the only daughter of John and Mary Winchester. She is the youngest sibling of the famous Winchester siblings. She is also the one that befriended the...
I loved and I lost you: SPN Fanfic (Gabriel x oc) by Gingernut1314
I loved and I lost you: SPN thatGingernut
Even at a small age, Cansas Walker knew she was different. She was the little girl at school with a knife collection. Being the youngest in a family of hunters can be ha...
Omega, Champion of Erebus and Nyx by fireblackandgold
Omega, Champion of Erebus and Nyxby Black&Gold
The story isn't completely planned out yet, but this is the vague idea. Percy Jackson, the two time savior of Olympus was insidiously kicked out of Camp Half-Blood by a...
Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith [editing] by ChayAvalerias
Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith [ Chay Avalerias
Highest Ranking: #42 in Fantasy (Nov 2019),#65 in Paranormal (Feb 2018)....God has sent watchers, a powerful set of warrior angels, to earth to track down and kill the e...
War of Vengeance by GrizBear348
War of Vengeanceby TyRek Edwards
It has been over two centuries since Cain and Malthus' final battle that led to the death of Malthus, and Cain's imprisonment in hell. After his freedom, Cain lived in p...
||Heavenly Angel|| by DevilTingz_Lov
||Heavenly Angel||by Remy Devil
Mature content. Enjoy the story
Living With Archangels by actually-satan
Living With Archangelsby and i oop
Four humanized archangels appear in Angelica "Aze"'s house! What happens next? This is definitely a joke. Not really going along the lines of supernatural, jus...
Angel and the Beast  by mvnixc
Angel and the Beast by 𐂂𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕠𐂂
What's the worst thing that could happen when being crowned king. Being cursed. Dean is cursed for judging monsters for what they are. In heaven, there is a beautiful an...