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Curiosity Kills the Cat (An IDFB Fanfic) by abnormally_bonkers
Curiosity Kills the Cat (An IDFB Abonk Mayhap
Just a week after settling into YoyleCity, the contestants soon start noticing clouds of smoke piling past the outskirts of the city. Everyone's speculation of who it is...
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky and Yoyle Region - BFDI by Birchboom
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky and Birchboom
Welcome to the Objectmon Dossier, where you can learn about the mysterious ObjectMon! Heavily inspired by Nintendo, Game Freak. Characters belong to Jacknjellify. 18/8/2...
||...The C0rup0pt10n...|| by LemonyIsALemonade
||...The C0rup0pt10n...||by Lemony
||It was a normal day,in BFB episode bfb 11,Leafy just got added back into bfb,but something odd started to happen,and Leafy and her friends had to leave Four's show aft...
H a p p y   P i l l s   /  BFB fanfic  / by yoshi0youmi
H a p p y P i l l s / BFB yoshi•youmi
Leafy is bottling up her true feelings. Trying to stay happy even if she knows she's just gonna get more hate as the game show goes. But one day.. Leafy finds a crate of...
The 0% and the 100% [FIREAFY BOOK] by Marcelony8
The 0% and the 100% [FIREAFY BOOK]by Marcelony8
The cover was made by s4ddb0ii on Instagram, but they have moved away from Instagram I believe, so you may not find them anymore. this story is about Firey, who has psy...
First Mate: a coinpin story (SLOW UPDATES) by samcreations69
First Mate: a coinpin story ( sam
pin feels empty with competing in bfdi over and over again just to start another season. pin decides to do something else instead, she wants to explore to places she's n...
BFB 15 alternate timeline by Amour4life1
BFB 15 alternate timelineby LeafyLife
An alternate timeline for BFB 15. I do not own BFB and it's characters. jacknjellfy does.
When All Seems Lost, I'm Here by pockyisgay
When All Seems Lost, I'm Hereby VEX
"When all seems lost, I'm here." Coiny intertwined his other hand with mine. Warmth flooded my body. He placed one last kiss on my lips before pulling me insid...
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The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb Fanfiction) by melonist_lord
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb kris/melon lord
Leafy, being a known pop star in the country, has gone on a very unusual mission for someone as famous as her. She tries to find her one and only childhood best friend w...
Tethered Souls by LeafCake
Tethered Soulsby Beetroot Roll
Firey Moyasu is stuck in a rut in life at the moment. However, on one Friday night after being given a spirit summoning book as a joke his life changes forever....
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Coinpin stories by losnua
Coinpin storiesby los
Hey, a oneshot book for one of the most popular ships in bfb! How original!
In Defense of Woodrop by Demonvampire987
In Defense of Woodropby A lore guy
Edit 3: Added a few extra things and a discussion I wish for my readers to participate in, Thanks! Edit: If this gets 20 votes, I'll make TWO bonus chapters. Edit 2: Cha...
Flames Of Love | BFB Fantasy AU by Medievaly_Official
Flames Of Love | BFB Fantasy AUby Medievaly_Official
One day when the hybrid dragon, Firey, sets his goal to capaturing the beatuiful Princess Leafy. What Firey didn't know was Leafy had been trying to escape from those ve...
Stars and Flames (Currently Rewriting) by NDAnnaZff
Stars and Flames (Currently Stan Leafy💗
COVER IS TEMPORARY I'LL CHANGE IT LATER ⚠️There might be some angst some self h@rm and a bit of light/suggestive nsfw⚠️ (if there is it's vaguely mentioned so don't worr...
I Slammed My Penis In The Car Door (fireoiny 😨) by starrywand
I Slammed My Penis In The Car ₊˚ʚ𝑆𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑦✧゚.
This is an actual story yes, I just dunno what to call it, but it's mostly angst with just a bit of 🍋 {JUST A BIT.} Ships: Fireoiny, Matchil {SHORT}
BFDI & Doraemon by Splatmaster420
BFDI & Doraemonby Coinypindonut
One human and 20 object contestant battle for island and fourth dimension pocket , who will win through all challenges? A kid name Doraemon don't know how he got here b...
bfdi ask or dare by thatonecoin
bfdi ask or dareby quarter
ask or dare
|| Change For The Better || {COINPIN FANFIC} - [TPOT] by zznael
|| Change For The Better || { !!!!
One coin and pin fell in love and kaboom they're a couple :)))) jokes aside, this is just a small fanfic about the two I really shipped I hope you enjoyed i guess SNDHEH...
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bfb high by KSX6XSDY
bfb highby love bfb
it's just a normal day in school when professor X Announce that there is a talent show everyone gets excited and that's there main focus and Donut's Diary's now trying...
"...Hey, Leafy!" | A BFB FANFICTION by blooberywaffle
"...Hey, Leafy!" | A BFB FANFICTIONby
What happens if BFB didn't go as planned? What if Loser used his power for evil? What if he wasn't what we all seemed he was? Leafy soon faces the reality of those quest...