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Osc x Reader Oneshots (REQS CLOSED TEMPORARILY) by RocketCake2341
Osc x Reader Oneshots (REQS CLOSED...by Soup
Osc characters kiss eachother? Osc characters kiss you? You can make it happen here, just req a ship and if it follows my guidelines then I'll write a cute lil story abt...
~A Loving Family~ by TestTubeFanatic
~A Loving Family~by I ❤️ Testy SM!!!
Test Tube and Fan are now married. So, Fan is now Bot's father. And, Test Tube and Fan finally got a chance to become a loving family. Pretty cool, huh?
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Ask or Dare for a BFDI by InrealDude-
Ask or Dare for a BFDIby Inreal
After a long hiatus Four announces they're restarting BFB, and with a twist: The readers will be able to vote, ask, dare, and challenge the contestants! 64 people, one p...
Torn (Inanimate Insanity AU) by ObjectDoodle
Torn (Inanimate Insanity AU)by Object Doodle
Everything is going fine in Hotel OJ. Inanimate Insanity Invitational had just concluded, so now everyone is back at the hotel, even the remaining season 2 contestants w...
Random Artbook by SofiVicFest
Random Artbookby SofiVicFest
Idk, literally just my art also some of these are old
Your Affection...Is All I Wanted♡  by aib_fan07
Your Affection...Is All I Wanted♡ by Inés/Candy/Berry
Wisp's Artbook by WanderingStoryTelIer
Wisp's Artbookby WanderingStoryTelIer
Well here's a place for y'all to see my silly art since its been requested!!!
"Oblivious Dummies" by ByeBryce
"Oblivious Dummies"by ByeBryce
Updates every 4-8 days Fun fact! Half of this was from my tropheesy c.ai roleplay Maybe in the future will have nfsw Romance Object head form! Cover by: leolovesbugbo (...
Object Shows x Reader Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by rustycaik
Object Shows x Reader Oneshots (SL...by rusty (#1 lightbulb simp)
I make x reader oneshots of objects. requests are CLOSED. i am beginner writer. like said in title, slow updates. 6/19/23 - #1 in battlefordreamisland 9/29/23 - #2 in ob...
My artbook!!  by Game_Sprite
My artbook!! by David/Dee
Just drawings, mainly off OSC and what not. ALSO expect ALOT of David stuff
SADNESS (sunny's awesome drawings, notes, & exclusive short stories!) by suntitled
SADNESS (sunny's awesome drawings...by marker's #1 fan
just your average artbook...well...this is also a oneshot book...and a sh*tpost book...and an idea book...well, i guess that makes this a little more than your average a...
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Tearing Under Pressure (A PayJay Comic) by HowSourFizz
Tearing Under Pressure (A PayJay C...by Fizz
*ONGOING* Hi! Thanks for reading! This is gonna take place during the events of Inanimate Insanity Invitational before and after Oj's elimination, but alot will be expl...
Epidemic || BFB au  by leafymybeloved
Epidemic || BFB au by leafymybeloved
⚠️TW: gore, vomit, death, claustrophobia⚠️ Four never meant for this to happen, they truly didn't. They only wanted a nice, innocent contest. But what happens when the c...
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush Fanfiction by XxCrystal_SkyxX
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush Fanfi...by XxCrystal_SkyxX
TW// This fic includes topics of Gender Dysphoria and Depression. Reader discretion is advised Paintbrush is a 16 year old dropout music artist with a dream to become ma...
Object Show Oneshots (also xReaders) by Queraa-ProbablyLost
Object Show Oneshots (also xReader...by Queraa
Have you ever wanted to befriend an object? Play Cupid and pair them together, or even date them for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but yourself? Probably not, but if you...
- 29 Different Ways to Like a Psycho - by OSCfanatics
- 29 Different Ways to Like a Psyc...by theultimatetacofan
(In the chaotic realm of Inanimate Insanity, a once friendly competition turned perilous as contestants began meeting untimely ends, shrouded in mystery. Taco and Micro...
rlly cool art With Wierd Non Art Updates by NotAFantasyWriter35
rlly cool art With Wierd Non Art U...by Muski
Hello fellow people who want to see my terrible drawings. And wierd update thingamajigs. OMG THINGAMAJIG OBJEVT SHOW REFERENCE
Like a ruby flower (nickloon) by objectronpaa
Like a ruby flower (nickloon)by objectronpaa
My attempt at writing a book 🤯🤯 CREDITS TO Sketchaloova FOR THE COVER :D
Random stuff! (Balloon Brainrot) by QianOfOne
Random stuff! (Balloon Brainrot)by Heart Mask / Kip
this was made from boredom so, this is just a random thing.. I won't be posting too much. sorry bout that, maybe I will if I can. anyways stay safe and take care of yo...
☆PEOPLE EATER!☆》》 An inanimate insanity au《 by NOAH_NARDOZ
☆PEOPLE EATER!☆》》 An inanimate ins...by 《☆GAN_KEE☆》
'•FIRST BOOK IVE WRITTEN(1/?) ..And what exactly helps you with your stress, lightbulb?' Oj spoke; his words drowned out by the sound of other hotel members playing abou...