Among the Wicked | Original by kmbell92
Among the Wicked | Originalby K.M. Bell
For as long as they can remember, the children at Owain Corporation have been told that they were sick. Infected with the M-19 virus, the children know they stand a stro...
  • sick
  • itsmuchmorefuntobebad
  • humor
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The Code That Links Us by Mafhernandez98
The Code That Links Usby MF. Hernandez
In a not long future San Francisco where human experiments are now legal. Madison finds herself lost in her rutine life: get up, get ready, go to school, be the best stu...
  • humanexperimentation
  • friendship
  • josephmorgan
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Misha's Ethan. by Writinglover30
Misha's Writing Lover
Misha Summers is one of the leading business women in the Los Angeles. She took over her father's company Summers and Co not liking the idea of some other guy running t...
  • romance
  • singlemother
  • possessive
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Injections  by pertllily2
Injections by pertllily2
I'm a chemical experiment, so is my brother. This mostly means that we get chemicals injected in our bloodstream to make us better, stronger, but at what cost?
  • brothers
  • injections
  • together
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Deathly Love- Book Two by chloestratmeyer
Deathly Love- Book Twoby chloe
There are worse things than death. ___ "What is wrong with you?" I seethed. She had my back against the wall, pinning me down so I couldn't move. She was much...
  • faery
  • bloodlust
  • curse
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Injection by emmabemmagemma
Injectionby emmabemmagemma
Lucy Montgomery has been born into the New World, a city that is surrounded and barricaded. Lucy had always thought than the walls were keeping something out. But now, s...
  • injection
  • realworld
  • dystopianfuture
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I begged you *don't mind the extra parts on the cover* by flightswithjimin
I begged you *don't mind the Orgazmin
-I beg you!Please don't- I felt the ice cold needle cut my skin.. As the timer went off,i closed my eyes..when i opened them they were lying on the ground.. -I begged yo...
  • karma
  • injection
  • hospital
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Decimation of Mankind
  by Teo_Esquivel
Decimation of Mankind by Teo_Esquivel
People have invented a flu, this flu was never test. First the flu was successful, no problems. More and more people were injected, till one little change was made, one...
  • young
  • gone-wrong
  • death
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Injection by __Britny__
Injectionby Britny Thomas
Depression sucks. Ask yourself what it could be. Maybe its the injections your taking.
  • poetry
  • ghost
  • sad
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All I want || min yoongi by bangtanlovexoxoxo
All I want || min yoongiby bangtanlovexoxoxo
Lately, her life has been full of pain and injections. All she's ever felt was the squeezing and heart constricting pain in her chest. Her breath ragged as each experime...
  • pain
  • bighit
  • jimin
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How To Alleviate The Back Pain With Injections In General by karanp234
How To Alleviate The Back Pain karanp234
Back Pain nowadays has become a common problem among most of the people. Some face acute pain and another faces minimum for short number of days. Today we are going to...
  • backpain
  • chronicpain
  • injections
The Journey in the Woods by HillsofDeath
The Journey in the Woodsby HillsofDeath
Chris is an overachiever in his average office job. After a talk with his boss leads to a surprise vacation Chris decides to go to the woods. His journey in the woods le...
  • tragedy
  • danger
  • alone
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Best Facelift Without Injections by mesoskinline
Best Facelift Without Injectionsby mesoskinline ApS
Meso Face Lift is non-invasive meso cocktails formula for eyes, cheek and neck, help to face lift without injection. Mesotherapy treatment to prevent aging signs and rej...
  • facelift
  • injections
  • without
Jelena sickfics by emerald_queen107
Jelena sickficsby emerald_queen107
Well, here's a sickfic of my favorite human beings. Hope you guys gonna like it. -xoxo
  • jelena
  • selenagomez
  • fanfiction
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A painful sight [Death The Kid X Crona] (Male? Fem.? CRONA WHY XD) [War Strikes] by ImDeathTheKidBISH
A painful sight [Death The Kid X BISH I Death The Kid
If a part says *Part Work In Progress* it still need to be finished. So don't think that it's just a tiny bit and done :)
  • crona
  • deaththekid
  • love
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Burnout by OsobGabdon
Burnoutby OsobGabdon
Type 1 diabetic. I write to enable me to move on from burnout. My writing is emotional, raw and honest. Some think I am depressed but at that time I am going through s...
  • honesty
  • type1diabetic
  • injections
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Injection: /Blink by Nanomyte
Injection: /Blinkby Nanomyte Studios
Deep in the heart of the Syntech Sanctuary, a technological breakthrough is achieved. The AIDA, an artificial hive-mind intelligence committed to Syntech and only Syntec...
  • science-fiction
  • fan-fiction
  • apocalyptic
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