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Snowball √ by peachies-
Snowball √by peach
❝who just threw a fucking snowball at me.❞ in which a girl is having the absolute worst day of her life and someone hurls a snowball at her. ━━━━━━ @peachies ✓ highest r...
25 days of Thiam Christmas  by ElliexRaeken
25 days of Thiam Christmas by Ellie🤍
Full credits go to SupernaturalIdjit16 on Ao3 :) Multi-chapter Thiam fic leading up to Christmas. When Liam learns that Theo hasn't done nearly any of the classic winte...
FireLeaf by Apex101OC
FireLeafby i really need to post
I'll try to go over the story and correct spelling/add some details! :) Will update the cover! 80 lucky contestants have been entered into a rare opportunity to particip...
Definitely Byler And A Tiny Bit Of Foah // One Shots  by Winniebears
Definitely Byler And A Tiny Bit Winnie
A bit of Byler for yall. And a lil bit of Foah don't like the idea of boy x boy then leave but enjoy anyway -Erin.
ARRANGED MARRIAGE | Brightwin Fanfiction ✔️ by Justpennamephoebe_
ARRANGED MARRIAGE | Brightwin Phoebe
Arranged marriage by Phoebe a promise that needed to fulfill by a heir of the family. Win and Bright is both from wealthy family. Their family is friends and also partne...
bfb one-shots by tikagalaxy
bfb one-shotsby tikagalaxy
you know the drill by now. Always taking requests!
First Mate: a coinpin story (SLOW UPDATES) by samcreations69
First Mate: a coinpin story ( sam
pin feels empty with competing in bfdi over and over again just to start another season. pin decides to do something else instead, she wants to explore to places she's n...
Some Percico One Shots by AuthorWannabe21
Some Percico One Shotsby Win's Smile Gives Me Life
The title says it all! This is a collection of some percico one shots: some may be long, others short, we have au's, angst, fluff too but I'll try to mix it up a little...
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky and Yoyle Region - BFDI by Birchboom
The Objectmon Dossier- Goiky and Birchboom
Welcome to the Objectmon Dossier, where you can learn about the mysterious ObjectMon! Heavily inspired by Nintendo, Game Freak. Characters belong to Jacknjellify. 18/8/2...
The Secret Life of Pets: Max x Gidget by Official_Snowball
The Secret Life of Pets: Max x Captain Snowball
Max is a Jack Russel Terrier who lives in an apartment with his owner Katie and his new brother Duke, and Gidget is a White Pomeranian who lives right next door in the n...
The Secret Life of Pets 3 by Tiberius_the_Hawk
The Secret Life of Pets 3by Tiberius
My idea for the third installment of The Secret Life of Pets franchise.
Demons | Ateez by johnnys_wig
Demons | Ateezby missingateez24/7
"DEMMMAANS" - In Shane Madej's voice Sequel to Devil Town
The Secret Life of Pets 4 by ryanelwood02
The Secret Life of Pets 4by ryanelwood02
3 years have past since the League of Paws defeated Sergei and saved Hu and Laohu, and a lot has happened in that time. But when Sergei returned yet again to get revenge...
STA Studios: One-Shots by lunarworkshops
STA Studios: One-Shotsby Lunar
(Previously named "STA Studios: Short Stories," THIS IS A REUPLOAD FROM AN OLD ACCOUNT.) Are you looking for platonic, SFW, stories about STA Studios? You got...
Lɪᴢᴢɪᴇ Jᴏʜɴsᴏɴ - Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ Tʜɪɴɢs 2 by midnight0088
Lɪᴢᴢɪᴇ Jᴏʜɴsᴏɴ - Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ Tʜɪɴɢs 2by midnight0088
Lizzie thought it was all over. Will was back, the Party was safe and everything was in order. But, almost a year on, El is still missing. And the arrival of a girl and...
TSLOP Fairy Tails by Tiberius_the_Hawk
TSLOP Fairy Tailsby Tiberius
The classic fairy tales of old, told by the gang...
Woody and Blocky (A BFDI/BFDIA/BFB/TPOT Fanfic) by AngelaMorales114
Woody and Blocky (A BFDI/BFDIA/ Angela Morales
Disclaimer: I don't own BFDI, BFDIA, BFB, and/or TPOT. They belong to jacknjellify and etc. This story also partially parodies The End Of Silliness from VeggieTales. I d...
Frozen In Love | Jack Frost x Depressed!Reader by thatCutesyPie
Frozen In Love | Jack Frost x ahopelessfangirl
For most of your life, you've suffered with severe depression. Your mother died in a tragic accident which caused your father to act out his sorrow and frustration onto...
Snowball (BoyxBoy) by Script_Hero
Snowball (BoyxBoy)by Script_Hero
Leon is a werewolf, a beautiful white wolf. But he isn't strong like all the other wolves of his pack. He is a disappointment to his parents and to all his superiors. So...
"You get me." Finn Wolfhard x Reader by FinnPWolfhard
"You get me." Finn Wolfhard x NovembersVeryOwn
Finn W x Reader story. About two young teens who understand each other completely.