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Devils vs Angels BFB AU by LeafyLover39
Devils vs Angels BFB AUby LeafyLover39
Warning for death, fireafy, some geleafy, and balloonpop (Balloony x Lollipop) After BFB has ended, 4 finds himself feeling empty without a show to host. So he drags X a...
YoyleCity High 2:  Returning as Sophomores (B.F.B Human Highschool AU) by Bucket-ofBugs
YoyleCity High 2: Returning as Bucket
After a seemingly endless summer the yoylecity high crew is back, with much more in store for them this year! With budding romance, the support of all their friends, an...
Curiosity Kills the Cat (An IDFB Fanfic) by abnormally_bonkers
Curiosity Kills the Cat (An IDFB Abonk Mayhap
Just a week after settling into YoyleCity, the contestants soon start noticing clouds of smoke piling past the outskirts of the city. Everyone's speculation of who it is...
Twisted - a BFB AU (no longer updated) by Bugwhisker
Twisted - a BFB AU (no longer 🐸 mango
When the host of BFB snaps and murders his co-host, the contestants decide that staying in the area is too dangerous and flee. Can they escape Four that easily? Will the...
Switcheroo, We Can Too(ON HOLD) by AcolourfulFlounder
Switcheroo, We Can Too(ON HOLD)by AcolourfulFlounder
Golf Ball gets inspired by Episode 12s contest and decides to yoink Firey and Leafy and test it out on them I have no clue how to make descriptions This story does inclu...
Type O_ by Some_Zesty_Cookies
Type O_by Some_Zesty_Cookies
Four and X had some money issues and got a great idea to get the money back before they get evicted and probably even kicked out of the city. After a few months they put...
Pet. (Bfb AU) by CouldBeReese
Pet. (Bfb AU)by CouldBeReese
(These characters are Non-binary!! At the time of writing the two stories I did not know of this. But pretend that every 'he' or 'him' is a they or them. My apologize an...
Her Revenge (BFB Poison AU) by CorrupTixx
Her Revenge (BFB Poison AU)by Corrup_Tixx
After a long time in EXIT, Pencil found herself getting very bored and annoyed in it. She wanted to escape... But more was in her plan than JUST an escape...More than wh...
OC/Character Meusum by FishingHook
OC/Character Meusumby FH & Fiery
this whole book is inspired off of Tinsope's OC Meusum HEAVILY, I went as far as drawing the eyes in their style, but if that is not allowed, I will change the eyes. The...
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT fanfic] by SoftiePyro
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT Softiepyro
TW‼️ •Death (well no shit that happens every fanfic) •Blood (kinda??) •Angst stuff ig This fanfic is mainly about Tree x Blackhole however if you don't like the ship, pl...
Random BFB Oneshots by pxil_L
Random BFB Oneshotsby pxiL
[discontinued/complete]: old bfb one-shots that I used to write back in 2021, read at your own caution. (there might be a bit of nsfw) writing style has changed since.
Death Island (BFB/TPOT AU) by Misemono
Death Island (BFB/TPOT AU)by Misemono
[Rewrite in progress!] *Since this AU is so old and badly written, feel free to bully it, just don't think I still write like this :'D* Warning, this book contains: Medi...
Take-Over: A BFB/TPOT AU by meruponever47
Take-Over: A BFB/TPOT AUby ~*Minnow*~
TPOT has just ended, and all the contestants have been gathered by 4 and X to do a reunion challenge! However, this idea will take a dark turn for the contestants. _____...
Corruption (BEING REWRITTEN) by leafyisbest
Corruption (BEING REWRITTEN)by dino
⚠️ REWRITE IN PROGRESS THIS BOOK IS OLD ⚠️ Have you ever had a feeling of boiling, raging hot fury or betrayal that you immediately wish to act upon? Only to stop yours...
Yours Truly// A BFB Soulmate Au by AJ_Rulez
Yours Truly// A BFB Soulmate Auby ✨The Matchcil Lord/CEO of the...
A soulmate AU where starting from your 18th birthday, anything you write or draw on your skin appears on the skin of your soulmate. Pencil wouldn't say this out loud, bu...
Somewhere Else [Bfb Fanfiction] BACK IN PRODUCTION by KatieKatDragon27
Somewhere Else [Bfb Fanfiction] Katie the Writer/Artist
"And it was said, two algebraic expressions of far different backgrounds, will find each other in an unlikely scenario, learning to depend and care for one another...
Death C.A.P.T 2. [Complete] by ItzTaintedKenny
Death C.A.P.T 2. [Complete]by Hi, I’m Arcane!
this is 2 years old stop reading it it's so cringe
E_ENTROPY by bluntcircusHOE
Residing in a hotel, 16 contestants supposedly have nothing to fear. Until one by one, they perish. One of them is the killer. Beating them at their own game will prove...
The magical OBJECT | FANFIC by Its_sunflower_RP
The magical OBJECT | FANFICby SF
((This story is re-written! Leafy was woken up in the cave, they were 5 members in this cave who aren't corrupted.. Some of them are dead. Some of them are alive. Some o...