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An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Reader) by SlideGrocery
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Mazeo
You've heard rumors about there being some old ruins deep within the forest of your hometown. You decided to investigate to see if the rumors are true or not. Inspired o...
Art Book Two: A Lot Of Death P.A.C.T Stuff  by JustanotherOsc_Fan
Art Book Two: A Lot Of Death Bottle my beloved <333
Hi, if you come across this book, just know it is full of Death P.A.C.T (my AU mostly) And a rarepair! Which is my OTP! This was made so that I can finish my first art b...
Yandere Tree BFB AU by CrystalThePenSimp
The title really explains it Also the cover is temporary, I'm planning on remaking it at some point
Welcome To Serial Killer Objects! | BFB/TPOT AU by Its_sunflower_RP
Welcome To Serial Killer ★ SF ★
BFB/IDFB/BFDI AUS!! Fanny got teleported into a piece of white shade place has no any bushes and trees. She was confused that she made it. How does she get there? How d...
BFB: Superheros AU!  by JustanotherOsc_Fan
BFB: Superheros AU! by Bottle my beloved <333
In this world...Every object has different powers and types, depending on what they, Tree is nature type due to him being part of nature But, in very AU, Of c...
The 0% and the 100% [BFDI/BFB BOOK] by Asdflimo
The 0% and the 100% [BFDI/BFB BOOK]by Asdflimo
This story starts with a boy from Yokohama in Japan, called Firey ???, (we don't know his last name) who has psychic abilities and COULD be the only person(?) to have so...
Project A.L. (BFB AU) (COMPLETED) by jyaz_writez
Project A.L. (BFB AU) (COMPLETED)by Jyaz
X was a high school math teacher, until they got invited to an event at Two's job, where they find out the underlying roots of Project A.L., and try to escape with one o...
[This Au, Of course, is historically inaccurate.] Hundreds of years ago, the world as we know it was broken up into three sections for each kingdom to thrive, amongs...
Stranded in Paradise || TPOT x III AU by Oxyl59
Stranded in Paradise || TPOT x Oxyl
A BFDI: The Power of Two and Inanimate Insanity Invitational crossover Eight previous contestants, sent to an island to compete once more. Seems like harmless fun as te...
Epidemic || BFB au  by leafymybeloved
Epidemic || BFB au by leafymybeloved
⚠️TW: gore, vomit, death, claustrophobia⚠️ Four never meant for this to happen, they truly didn't. They only wanted a nice, innocent contest. But what happens when the c...
Ask or Dare Chaotic AU D.P.A.C.T! by JustanotherOsc_Fan
Ask or Dare Chaotic AU D.P.A.C.T!by Bottle my beloved <333
(!!READ THE FIRST PART!!) Hello- just, i randomly wanted to make this for some reason Idk what else
Pet. (Bfb AU) by CouldB3_
Pet. (Bfb AU)by Crunch
(These characters are Non-binary!! At the time of writing the two stories I did not know of this. But pretend that every 'he' or 'him' is a they or them. My apologize an...
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT fanfic] by SoftiePyro
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT Softiepyro
Update: stop reading this 😭 this is so horribly written bro. Also ignore the amount of spelling and grammar errors here. I was like 13 when I wrote this.
My Death P.A.C.T AU GC by JustanotherOsc_Fan
My Death P.A.C.T AU GCby Bottle my beloved <333
By "AU" I don't mean by angst,gore or any usual AUs you see here, I meant, C h a o t i c and they're seriously out of character (i mean- it is a chaotic AU Soo...
Sweets [BFB CoinLeaf] by t0k_n_
Sweets [BFB CoinLeaf]by peppermint
[highschool humans au (JUMPSCARE!!!)] ••••• Leanne "Leafy" Chloro is just barely scraping by in her life. She never has motivation to do work, she dreads going...
Devils vs Angels BFB AU by LeafyLover39
Devils vs Angels BFB AUby LeafyLover39
Warnings: shipping. Death. Saddening topics. Somewhat religious. Fireafy and some Geleafy. (If you don't like Fireafy please don't read this.) After BFB has ended, 4 fin...
Switcheroo, We Can Too(ON HOLD) by AcolourfulFlounder
Switcheroo, We Can Too(ON HOLD)by AcolourfulFlounder
Golf Ball gets inspired by Episode 12s contest and decides to yoink Firey and Leafy and test it out on them I have no clue how to make descriptions This story does inclu...
Broken Promises (bfdi au) by GlitchThe_BFDILiker
Broken Promises (bfdi au)by Gl!tch
The five main elements of BFDI ( leafy, firey, cloudy, lightning, and teardrop) have made a promise that would bring land of Gokiy back to its original state, instead of...
Death Island (BFB/TPOT AU) by Misemono
Death Island (BFB/TPOT AU)by Misemono
[Rewrite in progress!] *Since this AU is so old and badly written, feel free to bully it, just don't think I still write like this :'D* Warning, this book contains: Medi...