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Skipper by clockwork_chaser
Skipperby K.
Not every story is a love story. Not all love stories got their happy endings. Most stories were made to teach us a lesson or two, and this story is one of them. - Skip...
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Finding My Husband's Heart by Essy81
Finding My Husband's Heartby Shahi
***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him...
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ENIGMA →Paul Lahote (Discontinued) by Captain_Block
ENIGMA →Paul Lahote (Discontinued)by Naisha Shaan
In the process of being rewritten. "We're a mess you and I, But the truth is, You captivate me in ways No soul ever will" Description on the inside!
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【 Letter For You ✍】 by eunpuff-
【 Letter For You ✍】by 『 d e e 』
" No matter what happens, الله is still number one. " Seburuk mana pun kisah lama itu, dia adalah gurumu yang terbaik dalam kehidupan. Majulah ke hadapan dan j...
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Soulmates forever by vaishali_45
Soulmates foreverby Vaishali Baid
Love, Friendship, Action, Fun, Fight. 'SOULMATES' The word in itself describes the meaning. This story is about a college couple, who love each other unconditional. An...
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DEAR MANTAN (Terulang Kembali) by rfxxxx
DEAR MANTAN (Terulang Kembali)by fa
neida dulu menjalin hubungan asmara dengan ezra. setelah lebih dari 1 tahun ezra pun tak ada kabar,lalu tak masuk sekolah 1 minggu. lalu apa yang di lakukan neida? set...
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Existence of Life by LovelyLalli
Existence of Lifeby LovelyLalli
Randhir ..and Sanyukta...a happy couple...who are in a relationship... They have a break up..when Randhir lost in something..wrong... so...
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Tried L.O.V.E 💗❗️|EDITING ! by nykeriafelder132
Tried L.O.V.E 💗❗️|EDITING !by 🎯 : .
Some say Bipolar Couple ... She says "Tried Love ❤️ " There Key 🔑 is " Don't give up On meh we are still Both learning & growing .
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I'm Badly Inlove With You by Pandakiez_13
I'm Badly Inlove With Youby MariaHaselita
Meet Matt Cleo Martinez, ang lalaking ginago pinaasa at trinaydor ng kanyang pinakamamahal na babae at kapatid. Binago ng mga masasakit na nakaraan. Ngunit babalik para...
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Is this okay? (BradleySimpson-The Vamps) by bradleyfanfics
Is this okay? ( yourcutestlover
Chloe, a 18 years old girl has met a british boy, her bestfriend cousin's, Bradley, that she dreamed all over her life. But who knows, a boy that she thought seems nice...
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Bintang Udara by heyalov
Bintang Udaraby Heyana Lovary
Bagaimana rasanya saat tongkat yang kau jadikan tonggakmu berdiri patah secara tiba-tiba? Itulah yang sedang aku rasakan. Bodohnya aku yang menggantungkan semuanya pada...
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Her Story  by loveuam
Her Story by yanie
Her name is Gabrielle Davis. She was born to be adventurous, raised to be independent and she is strong.
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DESTINED but not for each other by AlliEsperida
DESTINED but not for each otherby Miss_DarkGirl
Story of a forbidden love.
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Their Return by SVdrymg
Their Returnby Audrey Meg
》》Life Around Me 2《《 Sila-sila pa rin hanggang sa dulo, Royal Venoms na patuloy naghihintay sa pagbalik ng kanilang tropa. Pero sa pagbalik ng Cipher Virus... Sila-sila...
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DNA by bubbly_aly
DNAby Nathalie
Jasper, Aly's best friend, will be starting his day in his new company. With a set schedule, his "secretary", Autumn, will work with him. As day passes they w...
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Swara..!! How could u..??  by DeekshaReddy23
Swara..!! How could u..?? by Deeksha Cheruku
#20 in SHORT STORY as on 3 November 2017 #22 in SHORT STORY as on 5 September 2017 #30 in SHORT STORY as on 29 May 2018 (It's more than a year the fiction ended) Hey g...
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Tala's Farewell Journal (Prequel) by eyavanana
Tala's Farewell Journal (Prequel)by Yezha Borja
"Gaano ba kahirap ang mag-move on?" Mahirap. Mahirap na mahirap. Dahil wala namang madali sa buhay. Lahat ay kailangan mong paghirapan para sa huli ginhawa'y m...
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LOVE TiL THE END||:the ETERNAL❤TZUKOOK❤CTY.JJK❤ by kawaii_vindex
LOVE TiL THE END||:the ETERNAL❤ ❤❤nochucholate❤❤
||Tzuyu and Jungkook had met when they were 8 years old and had been best friends for 11 years but their friendship was broken because Tzuyu went to america to continue...
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Open Your Heart, My Dear Ackerman... by Riez_Riel51
Open Your Heart, My Dear Riez_Riel51
Levi still can't move on with his beloved one's death. Erwin Smith, husband of Levi Ackerman. Everyone noticed that Levi's attitude changed lately. He became more ... Qu...
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Hugot lines  by BlackAngel028
Hugot lines by LoveOverLies
Hugot Lines sana po may mapulot kayong aral dito hope you like it
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