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Flawed Graciously by TheSilentGenie-Us
Flawed Graciouslyby Welcome To The Mocha-hontas'...
Beware Wattpad's server has issues and it is creating confusing code errors in some chapters. I CANNOT FIX IT AS OF NOW. SO IF YOU CAN'T SEE PASS THESE ERRORS DO NOT REA...
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The Ending Of A Beginning  by Samirax12
The Ending Of A Beginning by Sameerah Nisha Sultana
A short story based on realistic fiction. It's about a girl who fell in love with a guy ( according to her, he's the most beautiful man she has ever seen) who she met a...
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Skipper by clockwork_chaser
Skipperby K.
Not every story is a love story. Not all love stories got their happy endings. Most stories were made to teach us a lesson or two, and this story is one of them. - Skip...
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Finding My Husband's Heart by Essy81
Finding My Husband's Heartby Shahi
***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him...
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Soulmates forever by vaishali_45
Soulmates foreverby Vaishali Baid
Love, Friendship, Action, Fun, Fight. 'SOULMATES' The word in itself describes the meaning. This story is about a college couple, who love each other unconditional. An...
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'Til Eternity [Completed] by Skyblue_Shadow03
'Til Eternity [Completed]by 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷
Their love is strong enough to break, even superheroes will cry, even death will bleed. Everything happens for a reason and I really wish I know that reason. Do I reall...
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I'm Badly Inlove With You by Pandakiez_13
I'm Badly Inlove With Youby MariaHaselita
Meet Matt Cleo Martinez, ang lalaking ginago pinaasa at trinaydor ng kanyang pinakamamahal na babae at kapatid. Binago ng mga masasakit na nakaraan. Ngunit babalik para...
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Open Your Heart, My Dear Ackerman... [COMPLETE] by Riez_Riel51
Open Your Heart, My Dear ⭐Ariez Jaeger⭐
Levi still can't move on with his beloved one's death. Erwin Smith, husband of Levi Ackerman. Everyone noticed that Levi's attitude changed lately. He became more ... Qu...
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I Do, Kinda (Dream Duology Book 2) by marie_magdalene
I Do, Kinda (Dream Duology Book 2)by m²
(This is the Book 2 of 'Say I Don't'. Please read the first book before reading this.) Roa woke up from a coma and as she did, she lost the people she loved. Everything...
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The extreme love    by wondersofgods
The extreme love by YUVARAj
When one man's death exposes a complex web of lies, three couples discover the true meaning of love, loss and redemption. Hailey# What do you do when you find out your w...
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Mengapa harus kamu?  by nurhalisaaputri
Mengapa harus kamu? by lalalisa🌝
[ON GOING] UPDATE SETIAP HARI Temu itu, lagi? Lalu luka itu harus kembali lagi? Aku hanya takut terjatuh lagi dan terluka lagi. Takut mencintaimu lagi dan kemudian kau m...
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Fall Out by ekayuuuu
Fall Outby rei
Aria Sienna Clemonte has no interest in love, until Wren Magnus Lattimore came to change her mind, as well as her heart. But nothing lasts long, just like his feelings f...
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DEAR MANTAN (Terulang Kembali) by rfxxxx
DEAR MANTAN (Terulang Kembali)by fa
neida dulu menjalin hubungan asmara dengan ezra. setelah lebih dari 1 tahun ezra pun tak ada kabar,lalu tak masuk sekolah 1 minggu. lalu apa yang di lakukan neida? set...
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move on                                      1 by countdownPhoenix5
move phoenixharry
sudah masanya aku bercerita tentang isi hati yang aku sudah tidak mampu tanggung lagi.
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You taught me how to love again ( On Going) by KitKawaii3
You taught me how to love again ( KM
what if makilala ni EDWARD LAWRENCE LEWIS ang babaeng nagngagalang DANIELLA MARIE WHITEHORN na tutulong sa kanya upang makaahon sa nakaraan? Mabibigyan ba sila ng pagkak...
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Encik Hot vs Abang Cool by ridwanyusoff
Encik Hot vs Abang Coolby ridwanyusoff
Nur Suraya menganggap dirinya seorang gadis biasa-biasa sahaja. Namun kerajinan yang dimiliki olehnya menjadikan Suraya kesayangan ketua-ketua dan pengurus di sebuah sya...
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Tried L.O.V.E 💗❗️|EDITING ! by nykeriafelder132
Tried L.O.V.E 💗❗️|EDITING !by 🎯 : .
Some say Bipolar Couple ... She says "Tried Love ❤️ " There Key 🔑 is " Don't give up On meh we are still Both learning & growing .
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Tanpa Judul by yulifrdaa
Tanpa Judulby Yuli Farida
Ini tentangmu, yang sampai sekarang masih menjadi satu-satunya tujuan untuk rinduku berlabuh.
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FALLING AGAIN by LovesKorea4
Genre: Romance, Drama. It is a story about the girl who is going through break up and now she didn't even want to believe in love. And she is afraid of being in love or...
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Sign Of Love: (FC Series #2)[On-Going] by MsSupahlicious18
Sign Of Love: (FC Series #2)[ Chedylou Lamora
Cindy is secretly fall in love with her childhood friend, Anton. Hindi niya aakalain na magtatapat siya ng pag-ibig para sa lalaki, but he rejected her for some reason...
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