Bakusquad Shenanigans by Epeedragon1812
Bakusquad Shenanigansby glubglubgobgalab
Bakusquad being the amazing idiots that they are gives me life so imma just write it all down for ya I do not own BNHA (i wish i did) or the art (the letters and sparkl...
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Horny Whispers√√ by Official_Vanilla
Horny Whispers√√by Vanilla Empress👑
Just a bunch of words that may or may not get you soaking wet 😈👅🌊 All pictures I've taken are from Instagram and gifs are from Google(≧▼≦;) Produced on •||01|10|2018...
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Withdrawal Effect by Arlahndo
Withdrawal Effectby Shapeshifter🌊
❝They say that time heals all wounds. But why does it feel like it's doing more damage than good?❞ [Featured in the 'Positive Vibrations' Reading List by the Wattpad P...
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Happier  by peachytess
Happier by 𝐭.
❝I didn't choose you. I just took one look at you, and then there was just no turning back. I swore to myself to never fall in love with you but we laughed way too hard...
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Funny texts by TheLadyandTheFox
Funny textsby ᴏʜ, sᴏ ʟᴏᴠᴇʟʏ
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Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry] by bruisedmelodies
Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry]by sk 🌺
❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ] ...
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Poems by WritingDuhh
Poemsby WritingDuh
Just a collection of poems and quotes ranging from Happy, Sad, Motivational, and Funny :D *Credit to original authors*
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Zodiac Scenarios by AlchemyZodiacs
Zodiac Scenariosby 🌹Ðømìñîqüé🌹
ωєℓ¢σмє тσ му νєяу fιяѕт zσ∂ια¢ вσσк ι нσρє ι ωιℓℓ вє αвℓє тσ ιитєяєѕт уσυ αѕ мυ¢н αѕ ρσѕѕιвℓє αи∂ кєєρ уσυ ¢σмιиg вα¢к fσя мσяє єиנσу~ Started :7/27/18 Highest Ranks :...
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Spaces Between Us by somewhere_urs
Spaces Between Usby ||Rai • Styles||
"Make me fall in love again. Harder. And replace her in my heart. Make me love you so much that you run as the blood in my veins. That...I'm not able to think of ev...
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Inevitable by tall_girl
Inevitableby Melissa
"It was inevitable . . ." Jack heard Axel murmur against his skin sending shivers across his entire being. ~ ~ ~ After moving to the town of New England with...
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Cali Girl》》Paul Bro, WDW, and Shawn Mendes Story  by splashOFpauls
Cali Girl》》Paul Bro, WDW, and Shaw...by <3love you
A WDW, Shawn Mendes and Paul fanfic--updates regularly Life changes in an instant, and with that instant comes money, fame, and heartbreak. #228 in fanfic
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The Secrets Of Finnley (bxb) (Editing) by SerendipityD
The Secrets Of Finnley (bxb) (Edit...by /dʒjuːn/ (June) Silver
five time award winner and nominated for the BJC Award in Teen Fiction! "Hidden truths are unspoken lies" As a straight A student, Finnley never got himself in...
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Sadness by wydSam
Sadnessby Sammi
Filled with sad sayings and quotes. Warning: you'll probably feel sad. Read at your own risk **None of these quotes/sayings are written by me unless stated otherwise** ☻...
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My Life and Other Sad Things by Hannah_Janine
My Life and Other Sad Thingsby Janine
highest ranking #1 in Poetry a true story about sadness, fear, pain and overwhelming love we are all flowers beautiful and soft to touch broken by the stem
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Depression stuff  by SilentNightAlone
Depression stuff by **Silent Nights**
^^Just. Read. The. Title ^^ [Warning: There will be harmful & suicidal stuff in here] Still under editing
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ѕ℘ŋ ѕмυт σиє ѕнσтѕ  by Flugkind
ѕ℘ŋ ѕмυт σиє ѕнσтѕ by ℓυιѕα (σ՞ਊ՞)σ
;D #139 in destiel #51 in wincest #20 In wincest #15 in quotes ?
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The Other Side Of An Unbroken Mirror by UmmNaml
The Other Side Of An Unbroken Mirr...by Umm Naml
Ameerah Abdullah, an enthusiastic young Muslim woman strives her utmost to represent the deen. Carefreely, she faces all antagonism, despair, betrayal, and love, with un...
  • fiction
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Leo by GodlyTae
Leoby ☁️
Facts, traits and quotes about Leos🌸
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Quotes | ✎ by once-upon-a-star
Quotes | ✎by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ
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Incorrect BBS and friends  by RakkiiTheZoroark
Incorrect BBS and friends by ラッキー
dunno , i mostly just edited qoutes i found on tumblr. I dont really have a update sceudle for this book to be honest . This book also includes shipping. ^^ EDIT1: THAN...
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