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Not A Single Droplet by WeightObsessed
Not A Single Dropletby WeightObsessed
Sequel of More Than A Single Droplet. Book 3 in The Droplet series. After Steve and James got free from prison, it's been time that life would be settled to normal. Th...
Ulzzang subliminal result which turn into diet book by Evlx07
Ulzzang subliminal result which tu...by hiiiii
Diet and ulzzang book. The picture is suminzz from instagram
The Popular Group Pranked Me So I Turned into a VR Celebrity by BlackCat4937
The Popular Group Pranked Me So I...by BlackCat4937
Lucille was born to a loving family. Having a doting brother and a doting pair of parents, she ended up living a very complacent life. Adopting her brothers gaming hobby...
A Day In My Life by DiaryOfValkyrie
A Day In My Lifeby Valkyrie
So, this is my kpop journey... It will include gym workouts (once I get the membership etc) I will also be learning different songs and choreographies. I'll be having a...
When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny ✔ by illegallyblonde__
When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny ✔by Maisy Sage
Losing weight was supposed to magically turn Maya Tanner's life around. It was supposed to bring her the happiness and peace of mind she had lost many years ago, but sta...
Ulzzang Subliminal Results~ #1 [COMPLETED] by peachesforpjm
Ulzzang Subliminal Results~ #1 [CO...by ₚᵢₙₖ ₖᵢₛₛₑₛ
[THIS BOOK IS COMPLETE!! GO CHECK OUT BOOK #2 ON MY PROFILE] If you are curious, then have a click! This is where I log my subliminal results. If you want to know which...
trying out diets (+ kpop diets) by AlDtiny
trying out diets (+ kpop diets)by Smallest Hole!
TW: restriction This will basically just be a journal for me to keep track of my weight loss journey so I can be snatched before loonas world tour (speaking it into exis...
Wrists (complete) by elhornotoastador
Wrists (complete)by elhornotoastador
Nin can't stop bingeing, until she's attacked by a skeletal monster. Now, she's got a new addiction, and it's going to destroy her faster than food ever would.
worse by brokenleena
worseby leena
thoughts are so loud trigger warning: mention of eating disorder and self harm please do not read if you're going through recovery, or are recovered or will be triggered...
Weight Loss by rileytom
Weight Lossby Tom Riley
Weight Loss That Actually Work! How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
Diet Diary ~ 2022 by shaneandryansbridge
Diet Diary ~ 2022by Alexa <3
read along my journey to lose weight and see how my crazy mind works.
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Hi! I'm currently seventeen years old and not very good in English so don't mind my horrible grammer mistakes >< . Anyways! I am trying to get in shape, currently...
Subliminal Results ~ Complete by PheebsSays
Subliminal Results ~ Completeby PheebsSays
This is my subliminal log, there are also a few workouts In here.
Weight loss Journey by lockdownlyf
Weight loss Journeyby MAHIMA
a story of teenage girl trying loose all the fat from her belly and thigh
Featherweight by pastelinpink
Featherweightby pastelinpink
Patrick was always heavy, even as a small child. He loved food and everything that went with it. Love, celebrations, you name it. Touring with Fall Out Boy had been a dr...
Love Yourself First | BTS FF by secretlybangtan
Love Yourself First | BTS FFby .cjz.
"I like you..." Taehyung looks me up and down, his mouth open in a slight smirk and tongue visible. He chuckles. "Lose the weight and then let's talk.&quo...
thinspo | weight-loss motivation by ugisaki
thinspo | weight-loss motivationby 𝚞𝚐𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚔𝚒
using idols' pictures to motivate my immobile ass to diet or exercise 🗞 all images are most definitely not mine (smfh i wish)
kpop weight loss motivation + relatable stuff by rvrene
kpop weight loss motivation + rela...by (*´꒳`*)
kpop weight loss motivation for all my babes out there ♡ pics aren't mine! ctto <3
kpop diet diary by clvudlyvve
kpop diet diaryby bella
hi, im bella, watch me try these diets to reach my goal !! I'll upload daily or weekly or monthly lol wish me luck 🥲
Tips on how to lose weight . by BrazyBabe14
Tips on how to lose weight .by Nini Ma 🖤
imma help yall lose weight 😌♥️..