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Dance with The Devil by LovinaS
Dance with The Devilby Lovina S.
A Mafia love story. "I don't like to call it revenge, Returning the favor sounds nicer." -Him. "I respect those who tell me the truth, no matter how har...
  • lies
  • wattys2019
  • italians
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Make Me Laugh by brokensamurai
Make Me Laughby brokensamurai
Laughing Jack X Reader. Y/N L/N is a girl who is beaten, abused, raped, and neglected by her family. She goes through life and any emotions she has are forced and faked...
  • fanfiction
  • creepypasta
  • fan
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Blinded by Late_Night_Foxx
Blindedby Gabby Korb
None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see. ~Matthew Henry William grew up knowing only darkness. His parents abandoned him in t...
  • abandoned
  • bxb
  • mpreg
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(( Tortured Into Love )) by Brokuto-Kotaro
(( Tortured Into Love ))by !! hey hey hey !!
AntiSepticEye is one of the most feared demons on Earth. He is constantly kept in cages and under watch. After so many time of switching guards, he gets put with a well...
  • antisepticeyexdarkiplier
  • veep13
  • antisepticeye
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Love never dies by Ice_Kitsune4801
Love never diesby Ice_Kitsune4801
Naruto had managed to keep the promise made to Sakura: the great Uchiha Sasuke has been brought back to the village. Naruto was then accused of being a traitor by Sasuke...
  • itachi
  • akatsuki
  • fanfiction
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 Changed Forever - Peter Parker/ Tony Stark by Pantea84Tia
Changed Forever - Peter Parker/ Pantea1384
What if aunt May died leaving Peter depressed and alone with no one to take care of him? Series of events taking place in an au story in which Peter lives with the aveng...
  • tonystark
  • depression
  • tortured
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The Gods, and Demigods read (My Version of) The House Of Hades by Musically-Chan
The Gods, and Demigods read (My Kaiya Rose
*Spoilers for The Mark Of Athena and The House of Hades* What will happen when the Greeks and Romans are made to read about Percabeth's journey through Tartarus? Will th...
  • annabethchase
  • greeks
  • romans
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Belong To The Mafia Boss by alienosaur
Belong To The Mafia Bossby 🌸お嬢様🌸
"I love you, [F/N]-chan." He said as he pecked your forehead. Caressing your hair and sniffed its fragrance. You could hear the sound of his heartbeat, jumped...
  • sickobsession
  • bungoustraydogs
  • dazaiosamu
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Abused,but there's love (Greenflame/Dark/Love/Abuse) {Completed} by NinjaGem500
Abused,but there's love ( Lisha
When Kai messes up on a mission causing them to fail Jay,Zane,and Cole get angry at Kai. Kai keeps on apologizing to them witch causes them to get more mad they start be...
  • love
  • wattys2017
  • romance
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His Hurt Mate by Wolfyyyscute
His Hurt Mateby
molly is abused most of her life since she was 10 yrs old, no one knows why other than alpha Derren and herself. she feels like she's going to die, will that change when...
  • tortured
  • mate
  • revenge
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Shattered - Perseus Jackson by OcEaNm4n
Shattered - Perseus Jacksonby Water_Is_My_Element
They forgot about the hero of olden times, they forget about the one who saved their sorry arses. They forgot him, they forgot him. The hero of old was reduced to but a...
  • annabeth
  • broken
  • chb
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Part of the Family(Tododeku) by Izuwu-Midoworiya
Part of the Family(Tododeku)by 💚🥦Ιzυωυ🥦💚
I adopted this story from coriel2341,so this was their idea and not mine. I will also be making this story a Tododeku ship even though in the original one most likely di...
  • nomudeku
  • leagueofvillains
  • mute
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The Dark King by _dark_beauty5
The Dark Kingby _dark_beauty5
He was the Dark king, the most feared person, a cruel heartbreaker, a monster in disguise. She was a sunshine, kind and caring, navie and innocent, never hurt a soul, al...
  • tortured
  • kingnqueen
  • hatelove
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Nomu Deku [TodoDeku] by DeathRose_6112
Nomu Deku [TodoDeku]by Vanessa Ortiz
Tododeku~ [Todoroki x Midoriya] (Au) Midoriya has always had a hard life, with no father since he was a baby, his mom beating him for it and being quirk less since ag...
  • monster
  • midoriyaizuku
  • tododeku
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Ice Heart by Miss_TG
Ice Heartby Miss_TG
Pjo/hoo fanfic Disclaimer: I am pretty sure I am going to forget to do the disclaimer so I will do it here. I don't own Pjo/ Hoo characters or book Rick Riordan does. �...
  • pjo
  • hoo
  • pipermclean
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Vampire Knight (ZeroxOC) by pink_zebra_13
Vampire Knight (ZeroxOC)by pink_zebra_13
One night a hooded person showed up at Cross Academy with Toga. Turns out that this girl isn't normal and is special. She has a bad past with vampires but what happens w...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • friends
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Blue Exorcist: Torture by bundlesofhugs
Blue Exorcist: Tortureby ~e|k|i|r|a~
Both were to blame for the fight they had, but neither were to blame for the next events. After a large fight between the Okumura's, Rin storms off angrily; not him, nor...
  • rinokumura
  • sick
  • bond
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Save Me, Alpha by TheSolarEclipse
Save Me, Alphaby Eclipse R. W.
"Okay, so say that, metaphorically, I rejected you. What would you do?" - When Autumn Stephenson's life is turned upside down by her selfish Alpha, she deems...
  • goddess
  • story
  • found
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Tortured(Completed) by ROOKIEmistake456
Tortured(Completed)by DarkBlueEvil Lost
Rouge goes to Sonic for help, hoping he could help her. She reports how Shadow goes missing days at a time, sometimes with unexplainable injuries. But recently he's gone...
  • sonic
  • eggman
  • mephilse
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Suicide Isn't Real by Forest_Raven
Suicide Isn't Realby Idk dragon 🙃
Title is not meant to be offensive. Work in progress story, as of recently I ask you to please simply add this book to your library or a reading list, as I am editing h...
  • tortured
  • insanity
  • bully
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