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Last Second Chance by haynesbd
Last Second Chanceby haynesbd
Steve's younger brother moves back to Hawaii to be with a sick friend, but wants very little to do with his family. That is, until he meets his nephew and needs Steve's...
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Saving Who? by seemah870
Saving Who?by Seemah G.
She seeked solace in kneading dough and icing tiers of cakes, but Katherina Baker was given an ultimatum by her parents. Choose a career that they wanted her to pursue...
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Changing Kitty by littleLo
Changing Kittyby Laura
Kitty Alcott has a reputation for being a tease. Many have tried to secure her hand but she will not relent. She loves dancing until dawn and being the object of all men...
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My Navy Alpha by blank20182020
My Navy Alphaby blank20182020
"Dad I am to be Alpha! You can't send me to the Navy that's for puny humans!" "Well you will not be alpha if you don't go with it. You need to l...
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It's You by paperandpen444
It's Youby ~Samantha~
Alexandra Brown is a young twenty something stumbling through life with a big secret, no money, and a car with questionable noises. Aiden Moran just came back from the N...
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Chasing Mia by HavenStiel
Chasing Miaby HavenStiel
Completed; Not Edited *** The door swung open with a rush. I looked up from magazine and smirked as a woman wrapped her arms around Killian's neck. They started tearing...
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12 Minutes by tall_girl
12 Minutesby Melissa
After losing her memory in an explosion, Marine Sergeant Julia Langdale has recovered the life she lost and returned to active duty. On leave with her husband, they must...
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Gingerbread Bride by JudeKnight
Gingerbread Brideby Jude Knight
This novella is the first story in my series The Golden Redepennings. Lieutenant Rick Redepenning has been saving his admiral's intrepid daughter from danger since their...
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Beyxrihxnika Oneshots by beyxrihxnikalove
Beyxrihxnika Oneshotsby beyxrihxnikalove
Just a Oneshots book to empty all my ideas! I love the holy trinity so why not make a book out of it! Some g!p
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NCIS REVIEW AND SPOILERS  by chloegrace108
Spoilers for every episode
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One piece (Reader x Various) by LydieBoucher
One piece (Reader x Various)by Lydie Boucher
What if Ace, Sabo and Luffy had a sister would that change a lot the real story? Read to find out
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Enemies of the Armada -Darring Brothers Trilogy Book One- by JamesIrving2
Enemies of the Armada -Darring James Tarley
Seventeen-year-old prodigy Hunter Darring seeks Vengeance as he heads out to sea to become a Pirate. Hunter has a hard time becoming a legitimate pirate as his surname i...
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Citadels through the heart(A Fresh Start) by Jerzeyboy95
Citadels through the heart(A It puts the lotion on it's sk...
You were a young man coming out of technical school for welding, marine mechanics and architecture. After you graduated you earned a job in the Navy and was stationed at...
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Legends - Pirate AU [BNHA] by LuckyPhantom13
Legends - Pirate AU [BNHA]by LuckyPhantom13
Toshinori was the original captain of the All Might. One day he just disappeared, along with his very, very large crystal, stocked full of powerful magic. It is now the...
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Armed Forces in Love by DevaDDK
Armed Forces in Loveby Lady Morgana
A story of two brave military personnel from different armed forces. An Army Doctor and A Navy Officer. A regular love story with a pinch of action. Join them as they...
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Love in Tangled Branches by countrygirltx
Love in Tangled Branchesby manda
Adele has always wondered if she had more family. Growing up the only child of a single mother, she's been lonely at times. Now a grown woman and successful business own...
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Dark before Morning by mick25117
Dark before Morningby mick25117
This is the story of a sailor who returns home to his one true love after the second world war and has to start life again from scratch apart from his true love which re...
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Humanities Flagship(Arpeggio Blue Steel x Male Reader) by Jerzeyboy95
Humanities Flagship(Arpeggio It puts the lotion on it's sk...
Hello my name is (F/N) (L/N). I used to live in America as the average teenager just being another naval history geek at 15 and all that visiting the USS Alabama here. B...
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My Shipyard by Junyokan_Yumi
My Shipyardby Aoi Yumi
Full details of ships I have created, usually based on real-life ships Cover Image:
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Brittania Rules the Waves by NapalmRus
Brittania Rules the Wavesby Marcus
Jaunes Transcripts are revealed and everyone at Beacon shuns him but jaune finds a portal to earth in 1923 and becomes Commander in Cheif of the Royal Navy *evil Jaune*
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