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The hybrid's destiny by redlil1
The hybrid's destinyby Cyrus oma
The moon goddess made her special right from Birth but her pack and her cruel alpha considered her an omega the lowest rank 'I'm not a stranger to the dark. Hide aw...
My Mafia Hero |✔️ by kayepstein
My Mafia Hero |✔️by kayepstein2021
I had my face buried in his neck, he smells so good. He was gripping my waist not letting me fall. Then I realized I was straddling his lap. "Oh I'm sorry, you're p...
Sharing Cigarettes by oliviahoney1
Sharing Cigarettesby oliviahoney1
"Look at you, look how pretty you are," I told her. She fluttered her green eyes open and watched, watched me continuously fuck her with my fingers.
Loving My Best friend by Tepanie_Marie
Loving My Best friendby Stephanie❤️❤️
Amanda Jones and Christian Matthews, the two best friends that everyone thought was a couple. The were the closest pair of friends you would ever meet. They did everythi...
Finding Humanity by NinaMarks
Finding Humanityby Nina Marks
After escaping a stalled elevator into a zombie apocalypse, Emily must learn how to trust people again or risk losing everything in this terrifying world. ...
Everything He Wants by chill_pill_all_day
Everything He Wantsby Daddy Issues
She was definitely everything he ever wanted. Valeriana had a peaceful childhood until her college graduation when everything went down. Suddenly, she is stuck in arrang...
Sun (Oikawa x Reader)  by o0o0o0opppp
Sun (Oikawa x Reader) by o0o0o0opppp
ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ The empty classroom felt warm and peaceful while sitting in there alone. Until a brown haired boy decided to barge in. Oikawa Tooru, Captain of the...
Red (Diabolik lovers fanfic) by Not-So-Grim
Red (Diabolik lovers fanfic)by Victoria Melody Grim
Red, a 5 year old girl, was saved by Reiji from a group of bullies. She gets to stay with the Sakamaki's, not knowing what they really are. Though they appear cold and c...
Draco's Little girl by skullmoonshine
Draco's Little girlby skullmoonshine
Temperance is a sweet innocent girl who attends Hogwarts. She's had a hard life with her parents always yelling at her and occasionally hitting her because they never wa...
Missing The Hockey Star (Book 2) by BlueEyedSwede
Missing The Hockey Star (Book 2)by BlueEyedSwede
The female voice that answered the phone was definitely not Nash's. Who was this? Did I dial the wrong number by mistake? "Hello?" The female voice came again...
Love, Dream // DNF by kirbakii
Love, Dream // DNFby Kirbs
George had several expectations when he signed up for the student exchange program that would have him abroad for six months. He expected the new faces, the foreign plac...
The Danger of The Alpha by EnigmaticBrunette
The Danger of The Alphaby ⚜️ A ⚜️
#1 in lovers (June, 2020) #1 in badboy (October, 2020) #1 in finished (November, 2020) #1 in bad (December, 2020) #4 in pretty (October, 2020) 💎 "Look," I huf...
Look at me different. (Minsung) by bboiiiiiiii
Look at me different. (Minsung)by boiii
things change. even if it evolves from something that feels like it could almost never be altered. han jisung and lee minho were best friends. and nothing could change t...
fall for u [JenLisa] by mandunini_
fall for u [JenLisa]by j
She's my brother's bestfriend. Someone who treats me as if I'm a little girl. Why would I fall for someone like her? And most importantly, will she ever fall for someone...
Kakegurui Imagines by PresidentMomobami
Kakegurui Imaginesby Kirari Momobami👑
All Kakegurui Imagines. GxG because its never represented enough!!!
Bad Boy In Love (Taehyung-BTS) {COMPLETE-BOOK 1}  by pinkeubyunnie
Bad Boy In Love (Taehyung-BTS) { Becca Park
He's a bully, a jerk and someone you never want to become friends with. His name? Kim Taehyung or better known by V. Taehyung is always getting into trouble and always b...
Much more than dragon fireworks (Fred Weasley) by SleepTightNightmare
Much more than dragon fireworks ( SleepTightNightmare
Storm Hunt has watched the twins play pranks for years, specifically one certain twin.... Pansy comes up with a scheme to get his attention (in more ways than one)...She...
Fake Friends  ➳  S.STILINSKI {1} by stilesbilinskii
Fake Friends ➳ S.STILINSKI {1}by ✰elle✰
"don't make me revisit my policy on hitting a girl, Larson." "careful stiles, your void is showing" Imagine having to form a fake friendship with the...
Loose ends - reddie fan comic by slashapalooza by overthinkinglester
Loose ends - reddie fan comic by Cait
This is a reddie fan comic by slashapalooza on tumblr, all of the pictures are free from her tumblr, I just put them here so you guys can easier source them All of the...
REVENGE of the BILLIONAIRE✔(#2 Jaime Kings) by banawolkaye
REVENGE of the BILLIONAIRE✔(#2 banawolkaye
"The terrible mistake I've ever done in my life is letting you and my child go. Marry me and let me prove how just much I love you." ------Jaime Kings His miss...