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GHOSTS. kanato x reader by ooofmaster64
GHOSTS. kanato x readerby oofmaster64
im going to try and do a book of x readers for all the brothers so i hope you enjoy that and pls check out my other books it would make me really happy if you could tha...
My Silent Goddess (Subaru Sakamaki x Mute OC) by Maira_Sakamaki871
My Silent Goddess (Subaru Sakamaki...by Subaru Simp
My name is Athena Yamatoga. I am the adopted daughter of Seiji Komori. I was adopted by Seiji at the age of five and 2 months after, I stopped speaking. The reason being...
Diabolik Lovers Fanfic by KaylaMichelleYu
Diabolik Lovers Fanficby KaylaMichelleYu
All her life she stayed in a laboratory and was tested and experimented without mercy. She was forced to take unknown drugs and was injected with different kinds of pois...
My Other Half [ COMPLETED ] by fallingintoabyss016
My Other Half [ COMPLETED ]by fallingintoabyss016
Finally having the once in a year summer break, Yumiko Fujimoto decided to fly back home to Japan from America to finally see her best friend, Yui Komori, again. However...
Diabolik Lovers: Yui's Older Sister (Shu x Reader) by WinterHeart15
Diabolik Lovers: Yui's Older Siste...by WinterHeart15
*Under Editing* You are Yui's older sister. Not by blood of course, and there's something about you only you and Seiji know. What is it? *It will get interesting I promi...
Diabolik Lovers x Yui's older sister by xxmanami
Diabolik Lovers x Yui's older sist...by マナミ・フォクシー
We arrive at a mansion because our father has left for work aka left us in the hands of the Sakamaki's hurray.
yui's mute younger sister by cheshire567
yui's mute younger sisterby Livy cheshire
lilliana takashi, a mute 6 year old who is sent with her older sister yui komori, to live with 6 brothers but what happens when lilliana becomes the favored of the broth...
【Stockholm Syndrome】 [Diabolik Lovers: Reader (human) x Laito] by Queer_Fics
【Stockholm Syndrome】 [Diabolik Lov...by 【M -P】
Walking along the dark road, her life turned to hell in less than one minute. She was pushed into eternal darkness by the one she eventually sells her heart to. Fightin...
Yui's sister by fairylovv
Yui's sisterby Biebo
"You'll go visit a few relatives." Sounds normal.....right? But there's one thing Komori Nozomi doesn't believe in and that is normal and easy. With a mind f...
Laito Has Friends? (DL X Reader!Various) by Lunathe_Wolf135
Laito Has Friends? (DL X Reader!Va...by Luna Moon
"I think were missing the point here...Laito can make friends?"
Tolerable {A Diabolik Lovers FanFic} [Hiatus] by LioNessT2
Tolerable {A Diabolik Lovers FanFi...by 『Tokumei•Sha』
[first ever fanfic/1000% cringe. Don't @ me 😔😤] Habiki Komori, the adoptive younger brother and son of Yui and Seiji Komori, has been harmed by those around him ever s...
The psychopath~ ( Toga's sister x Diabolical Lovers)  by XNaomi_shinx
The psychopath~ ( Toga's sister x...by Nαomî..
Himaki Toga also known as Himiko Toga's younger sister, only younger by 5 days, but what happens when himaki gets hit by a teleportation quirk that managed her to get t...
ʀɪᴘᴘʟᴇs || ᴅɪᴀʙᴏʟɪᴋ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀs by chenise8
ʀɪᴘᴘʟᴇs || ᴅɪᴀʙᴏʟɪᴋ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀsby Promise of the Moon
"ɪ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴅɪᴇ ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ." "ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴅᴏ ɪᴛ." Lucy Grant an average women, that dies in a fire. Suddenly finds...
The Fourth Wife's Daughter [Diabolik Lovers] by Drowned_In_The_Water
The Fourth Wife's Daughter [Diabol...by bLooD dEaleR
"What?! Another Wife?! Karlheinz what kind of Joke is this?!" Cordelia yelled in Range. "Do I look like I'm joking? I think I told you about the girl I fi...
Happiness? (Yui's sister)(Diabolik Lovers) by Yoosung_Sakamaki
Happiness? (Yui's sister)(Diabolik...by ꧁💙 Kris-JieJie❤️꧂
WARNING: Yui is a bitch in the story so if you're a Yui fan please don't read...(Seriously guys) Lost her parents, left being alone changed Kristine's usual optimistic p...
Tori: The Better Bride by Zecha13
Tori: The Better Brideby Zecha
➡Highest rank #343 in fanfiction ➡Highest rank #1 in Diabolik lovers A woman named Tori, went with Yui to the Sakamaki mansion. There, they realized the men are vampires...
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Diabolik Lovers x Reader by QueenOfDarkness8888
Diabolik Lovers x Readerby Queen Of Darkness
(Y/n) was a maid for the Sakamaki's for their whole childhood. Karlheinz found her and took her in and she became a maid. She became a maid for them at the age of 5. She...
My Wish to Change this "Trash" Anime - Diabolik Lovers by Akane_Levi
My Wish to Change this "Trash" Ani...by Akane Levi
Kazz is just your average Otaku. That otaku you know that rants about how bad Diabolik Lover is. "I mean come on?! Does she even have one brain cell in her brain...
Shiro: Yui's Step-sister by Zecha13
Shiro: Yui's Step-sisterby Zecha
➡Highest rank #248 in fanfiction ➡Highest rank#2 in diabolik lovers Shiro is adopted by Seiji Komori She is kind, thoughtful, and considerate of others, except Yui beca...
Diabolik Lovers  ~ Yui's Brother > BxB+ by BelamourZevari
Diabolik Lovers ~ Yui's Brother >...by Belamour Zevari
Rin Komori is Yui's younger brother, he's sarcastic, blunt, and bi-polar. Seiji makes him go to the Sakamaki mansion with Yui, what adventures are in store for this poor...