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The New Royal Child (diabolik lovers) by Joanna09876543216
The New Royal Child (diabolik Joanna09876543216
"The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout" a young voice sang out, alongside of thumps from the child's jump in time to the music. "Down came the rai...
• This is troublesome • 《Diabolik Lovers!various × Oc》 by Tsaka_Marshmallow
• This is troublesome • 《 J.M.TsaKa
Mikaru[Rui] was just an everyday normal girl as she would say. She wasn't really an active and bright child, she likes her life peacefull and free from anything she woul...
Little Boy Belmont (Richter x Olrox) by -DataBase-
Little Boy Belmont (Richter x -Database-
Ever since the death of his mother Julia, Richter Belmont swore he'd take his revenge against the vampire who killed her. Only, things don't really go as planned. After...
The Forgotten Sakamaki Sister ( Diabolik Lovers Fan-Fic ) by anime__lover100
The Forgotten Sakamaki Sister ( anime lover
Emiko Sakamaki is the youngest and only daughter of the sakamaki family. she was loved and brought light to the mansion when she forgets her memories and Is now human wh...
Diabolik Lovers by Karura_T
Diabolik Loversby 💟🌹😍
》All Characters《 -Sakamaki's -Mukami's -Tsukinami's -Karl Heinz -Richter One shots, Scenarios, and lemons annnnnnd other stuff tooo. 💘💘💘
lilo and stitch harem x male Oc stitchs brother by CallanAdamDobbieFras
lilo and stitch harem x male Oc Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callan and his brother stitch escape from a ship and land in hawaii and meet lilo what crazy adventures will they have with this hawaiian girl
diabolik lovers texts- a diabolik lovers fanfic  by _ConquererOfDemons_
diabolik lovers texts- a 🥀𝔛𝔦𝔞𝔬🥀
This the sakamaki brothers texing each other on messenger . This what the sakamaki brothers do when the triplets (ayato, kanato and laito) just want to mess about when t...
Nergal (Male Reader x Nintendo) by RusslonzoBucx
Nergal (Male Reader x Nintendo)by Russlonzo Bucx
#1-Nergal #3-Luigi Uploads every other Wednesday till next month You are a Officer who serves and protect the citizens and the city of New Donk City. Your life is about...
relapse ≫ ricky horror by tacobain
relapse ≫ ricky horrorby Grisel Fernandez
"your love is just a frail disguise to hide the pain behind your eyes."
These Babes: An Ongoing Richpez Project by tillytytroyesivan
These Babes: An Ongoing Richpez Alice
A home (I've heard the word before,) for all my works under 5000 words. Can't guarantee all of them will be good but I thought they deserved a space here.
I Long For A Love (Chris Motionless Fan Fic) by iluvsws_ptv
I Long For A Love (Chris Hi-Me
Marietta is a HUGE Motionless In White fan. When she meets Chris at her friend's party, he instantly falls in love with her and she feels the same. Marietta hasn't been...
Diabolik Lovers Biography  by Sweet_Vampira
Diabolik Lovers Biography by Rose
You do know the anime Diabolik Lovers, but you've only watch it. So I thought of doing this and you can read their information and know the characters one by one. Diabol...
Vampire Lovers (Diabolik Lovers &  Vampire Knight Crossover) by annie_1818
Vampire Lovers (Diabolik A-san
Rumi Kuran is a pureblood daughter of the Kuran family. How come no one has heard of her? Her family hates her because of her eyes except Rido, who treats her like his o...
Diabolik Lovers: Trust in the Snake by LaraEndlight
Diabolik Lovers: Trust in the Snakeby Lara Armeni
Yui is on the verge of despair after another day of the torture she has to endure at the hands of the vampires. Feeling like there is no way out of that mansion and her...
Royalty to freeloader (Diabolik lover) by Arkfall21
Royalty to freeloader (Diabolik Arkfall21
[Indefinite Hiatus] Kimi Sakamaki, one of the most powerful vampire rulers in history, achieving things no other had done. Recently she has gotten bored with her wealthy...
Big hero 6 harem x male experiment oc by CallanAdamDobbieFras
Big hero 6 harem x male Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callan and his dog lou we're minding their own business until they we're taken to a lab and experimented on lou got Powers while Callan got hit by a Ray that turned him...
Diabolik lovers younger sister story (LONG HIATUS) by lazykats15
Diabolik lovers younger sister ᴺʸᵃʰ~
Long story short, when Yui arrives she becomes friends with Yuki but then Yui starts to gain the attention of the Sakamaki brothers while all they do is neglect Yuki. Re...
Devil's Night~~Chris Motionless Cerulli X Ricky Horror Olsen by paralyticstates
Devil's Night~~Chris Motionless Leighton Mejia
Chris regrets that night. But he regrets the morning that follows even more. One mistake. He broke edge ONCE and look at where it landed him. He's surprised Ricky doesn'...
Burned At Both Ends (A Devin Sola Love Story) by ViolinsAreMagical
Burned At Both Ends (A Devin Daniel Martinez
Basically in this run down piece of crap; Chris Motionless' sister, Caitlin, is released from the hospital after being there for a year. Her mom died in the car crash th...