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damien the irresistible by qkenwrites
damien the irresistibleby q. ya fav erotica writer
[18+ // explicit content including cursing, sexual situations, and use of alcohol and drugs. // do not read if underage or aforementioned warnings are personally upsetti...
Addicting temptation (boyxboy) by thatbitchonline101
Addicting temptation (boyxboy)by thatbitchonline101
"I am not your friend. I will never be your friend. We are two strangers who live together. Get that through your thick fucking skull" he says anger blazed in...
Battle of the Sexes by AdrianaLocke
Battle of the Sexesby Adriana Locke
COMPLETED Carver Jones' partner at Jones + Gallum had to step down for medical reasons. He's absolutely devastated. He swears. Just ignore his cheeky grin, okay? When w...
partners | t. kuroo by todosluver
partners | t. kurooby todosluver
where you and kuroo are academic rivals and ended up being lab partners... "you better not be falling for me" "i'd never dream of it" { THIS STORY CO...
Frenemies... or something like that ♡ by __swan__
Frenemies... or something like tha...by Just a girl
I always saw him as "my greatest enemy" but I don't know if we're enemies anymore. We have mutual friend but never exactly been friends but we aren't enemies...
Imagine Him and Me by NattKuznetsov
Imagine Him and Meby Natt Kuznetsov
One hazing game gone wrong, two frenemies and a passionate kiss. That was all it took to turn the lives of a group of eccentric teens upside down. Little did they know...
Treacherous |H.S| Harry Styles by takingsomefinelines
Treacherous |H.S| Harry Stylesby Jasmine
... "Ready to do this?" Zayn asks as we walk through the doors while holding onto my arm "As I'll ever be" I tell him "Do you remember what you...
Heart Of Stone by iloveboredom
Heart Of Stoneby alyssa
ophelia jones an 18 year old who goes to university, with her enemy of years. or shall i say enemies with benefits? ophelia's father own's one of the biggest and most su...
Mia Huxley by zoeboey101
Mia Huxleyby zoeboey101
Mia Huxley is a princess of a kingdom called Phoenix. She is done living in her kingdom. She has been controlled too many times. She decides to run away in the middle of...
She Will Be The Death Of Me by Grogiz
She Will Be The Death Of Meby Willow
A murderer The victim Enemies to lovers? or Lovers to death?
yummy ✯ rosé x denali (lesbian au) by gigishelmet
yummy ✯ rosé x denali (lesbian au)by baddie
Enemies to lovers type beat, except they don't hate each other that long. Rosé falls for the bitchy gifted girl she meets by coincidence. My first fic, but it'll get bet...
the unspoken words by haileywhy
the unspoken wordsby hailey
The distance between him and I was closing in. This would be my first time alone with him, with what felt like forever but still not nearly enough time to forgive him. I...
Written On Ancient Ruin by anastasiabelleza
Written On Ancient Ruinby 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐳𝐚.
"Your two's love story was written on ancient ruin."
GNOSSIENNE  | Regulus Black  by Gifta97
GNOSSIENNE | Regulus Black by Gifta
PART TWO OF GYMNOPÉDIE Perhaps, the Gods were kind enough, the two stars of Leo would finally have each other for eternity. ...
Eternal Bet (enemies to lovers) by __Rese__
Eternal Bet (enemies to lovers)by Reese's peanut butter cup
Hii!! This is the Story of Eternal Bet that made by their best friend Irene and Daniel who are known enemies since their childhood But can it Changed by a bet that made...
𝐂𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐧 𝐅𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 | ZSby  ゚+..。*゚+
"what was that about... keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" - - 𝐈𝐟 you were to ask anyone, they'd tell you that Harry Styles and Zayn Malik cou...
Us against all (draco malfoy) by glockglock9000
Us against all (draco malfoy)by glockglock9000
He was looking behind me to the pool smirking really oddly.. Then it hit me. I had left my vibrator on the side of the pool.. Fuck why did this have to happen to me! Whe...
I hate that I love you.  by someonewhoisme
I hate that I love you. by someonewhoisme
Ace and Dior. Everyone knew them as the two who had it out for each other for as long as anyone could remember. Always at each other's throat. The class enemies... with...