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HSDXD: the genius overlord by jexishere
HSDXD: the genius overlordby the dragon samurai
mikazuki astaroth half-brother of diodora astaroth and ajuka beelzebub and a genius smarter then even ajuka the smartest devil in the underworld what if he is granted an...
Union's Nobody by Hambo_Again
Union's Nobodyby Hambo
The death of someone great caused the creation of another. This is his story. Follow along as he tries to learn more of who he is and what he once was. But many will try...
ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɴ ᴏꜰ ɪʀᴏɴ by SoraTempezt
ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɴ ᴏꜰ ɪʀᴏɴby Sora Tempest
Toni was the adopted brother of Issei Hyoudo who has a huge hatred at him for no reason He gets bullied at School by everyone and he gets the saying he's the one being b...
"Me, dead?" "please, i'm god" Male Reader X dxd fanfic by KuhakuAndTheNoNames
"Me, dead?" "please, i'm god" Male...by noname
In the great war between devils, angels and fallens. there was a very important lose for devils and and the angels, that made the two factions retreat from the war, yes...
Kuoh's Red-eyed Guardian (OP!Helghast!Male Reader X High School DxD) by Shifter-01
Kuoh's Red-eyed Guardian (OP!Helgh...by
How will the Supernatural survive the onslaught from an unexpected newcomer? Time to find out!! (A/N: Yes, it's yet another seriously OP male reader story since I just c...
Male reader as Rimuru in Highschool DxD by AndrsFernando1
Male reader as Rimuru in Highschoo...by Follower of Rimuru
A man who got reincarnated in the DxD world as Rimuru Tempest.And what he what's is a family that he been wanton. My first ever fanfiction story.
Multiverse's Shinigami (Multiverse x Gamer malereader) Book of DxD [Hiatus] by Hiatus_x_Hunter
Multiverse's Shinigami (Multiverse...by Hiatus_x_Hunter
This is the sequel to my Multiverse's Shinigami (Multiverse x Gamer malereader) Book of Bleach book. Read that before reading this or else you'll be confused as fuck. Th...
The Betrayed God(Highschool dxd x fate crossover) by Introvert0690
The Betrayed God(Highschool dxd x...by Introvert0690
A boy lying on his own blood nearing his death but what got him wasn't death but a book The boy....who was wronged by his 'so called family' got a second chance in life...
The King's Departure to the Farthest Ends by Zakhaev_Maidwell
The King's Departure to the Farthe...by Furina Katou
The King's Journey continues on in Another World (Book) For you shall see only but a dream... a dream one would have wished were to have come true... After the Battle of...
Fight to Realize Your Desire (Kamen Rider X HighSchool DXD) by Reizev_Faze
Fight to Realize Your Desire (Kame...by Reiven Z Faze
Desire Gran Prix or DGP is a reality rider show.... No it's more like a game by 2 side, Rider and monster name Jyamato. each side have a sponsor that support them and fo...
Riser Phenex by MaouEsker
Riser Phenexby Maou Esker
When you open your eyes you realise that you are in the body of a douche bag.... How will you change your destiny as a stepping stone of the Protagonist?
Unlikely Fate ( Crossover x Male reader ) by RisottoN
Unlikely Fate ( Crossover x Male r...by Rice Daddy
In the endless universe of possibilities, there lays one that should've never had happened, one were destinies, heroes, and villains cross each other, making it near imp...
Cheater HSDXD x Author Ex-Aid & Build x HDN Harem by jonathanwynn777
Cheater HSDXD x Author Ex-Aid & Bu...by Ultimate Lightning 2.0
(On Hold) In year 2021, Soren Azure was in love with his harem despite being human with no Sacred Gear until one day everything change when they cheated on him. With the...
Octane male reader X highschool dxd by theelegantchicken
Octane male reader X highschool dxdby your mum
in this story you go by the name y/n and you moved to kuoh to transfer to the previous all girls academy Kuoh Academy. however you live with the hyoudou's and their perv...
highschool dxd-the pervert turned badass swordsman by jexishere
highschool dxd-the pervert turned...by the dragon samurai
rias has been betrayed by issei after all of the events that occurred izuku is shattered but ddraig has a secret that not even his so called rival albion knows he isn't...
Aeon Rising (Highschool DXD x OP OC) by PharsisLXI
Aeon Rising (Highschool DXD x OP O...by Pharsis轟LXI
Ophis and Great Red were widely known as two of the most powerful dragons. However, there was another who ruled over them both. Bahamut, the conquerer of reality and spa...
The Mad Dragon Bahamut by -Lord_of_Tuna-
The Mad Dragon Bahamutby -Shadow_Monarch-
Bahamut, also known with many titles such as The Mad Dragon, The Apocalyspe Dragon Beast, The Black Dragon Emperor or Annihilation, The Chaotic Dragon God of Nightmare...
Reincarnated as an Arch Vile... In HSDXD?? by Ffffitty
Reincarnated as an Arch Vile... In...by Ffffifty
Hmmmm. Been wanting to take a potshot at Doom for a while now... Let's give this a try! A story about a guy who gets killed in his apartment and becomes an ArchVile. Let...
The Hellwalker (Doom x HS DxD) by DraconianLover009
The Hellwalker (Doom x HS DxD)by DraconianLover009
The Doomslayer. The most feared name in the Three Factions. This being tore through the Angels, Fallen and Devils during the Great War, due to sins they had committed ag...
Atlas, The Crimson Dragon Of Hope by Master_Oogway21
Atlas, The Crimson Dragon Of Hopeby Master_Oogway21
Highschool DxD crosses with My Hero Academia using the same main character, and no pervert mc. Also, if the title is confusing, look up "hope in japanese" I do...