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The journey of a hero DxD by Joker5007
The journey of a hero DxDby Joker
OC reborn as weilder of ultimate Longinus,Cao Cao. follow the journey of a hero who made his way to glory
The Wisdom Dragon - a Highschool DxD Story by KingFabia
The Wisdom Dragon - a Highschool Fabia
We all know the Red Dragon Emperor and the White Dragon Emperor. But what IF, what IF, there was a stronger dragon inside a boy yearning for a normal life? Meet Gabriel...
HighSchool DxD: My Wife is a Devil King! by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: My Wife is a Red
DxD Wife Series Volume 2 He was a struggling young college student who couldn't find a single purpose or passion in his life. However, a single day had changed his life...
HighSchool DxD: New Visionary Prince by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: New Visionary Red
After months of consideration, and recognizing now seeing that his twin sister is weak, our main character decides he wants to fight... ...for the right to be the next t...
The Strongest Super Devil by HattoriHeiji121
The Strongest Super Devilby Black
This is story about myself as a Satan-Class.
The tired puppet by Red_Morgan15
The tired puppetby Red_Morgan15
As time went on he grew distant. Tired of seeing the turns of time, or the death of a friend y/n becomes the loaner. (Male reader x Sona)
Octane male reader X highschool dxd by theelegantchicken
Octane male reader X highschool dxdby your mum
in this story you go by the name y/n and you moved to kuoh to transfer to the previous all girls academy Kuoh Academy. however you live with the hyoudou's and their perv...
He who curses Heaven and Earth (JJkxDXD) by Spectre20070
He who curses Heaven and Earth ( Spectre20070
For multiple offences against the church and the will of the Heavenly Father, a sorcerer was excommunicated at age twelve. His sentence was decided and declared as an im...
The Devil You Know (Nero Male Reader x DxD) [OLD VERSION] by Kokushidou
The Devil You Know (Nero Male Kokushidou
REMINDER: Nero Or DxD Are NOT Mine They Belong To Their Own Respective Owners
Leviathan's Queen (Highschool DxD x OPM Male Reader) by BigBlackChris
Leviathan's Queen (Highschool Sin Archbishop of Serafall
Y/N is Serafall Leviathan's queen and has to go to Kuoh academy with Serafall to watch her little sister Sona and make sure nothing happens to her can't be too hard, rig...
The Journey of Chaos (Highschool DxD x OP OC) by PharsisLXI
The Journey of Chaos (Highschool Pharsis轟LXI
Meet Chaos Glasya-Labolas, heir to the Glasya-Labolas Devil Pillar. Dubbed the "Void Prince", he is the most powerful devil when it comes to magic, knowing eve...
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High school Dxd :The Strongest white Dragon emperor by Eunjidoa
High school Dxd :The Strongest Eunjidoa
Damien Drake is the Adopt brother of the biggest Pervert in Kuoh Academy how do you think he will react when his brother becomes a devil
The Ripper of Kuoh - High School DxD x Record of Ragnarok by KingFabia
The Ripper of Kuoh - High School Fabia
It was over. Ragnarok was officially over and with it, humanity got to live on. Nine humans - Qin Shi Huang, Jack the Ripper, Sasaki Kojiro, Sakata Kintoki, Simo Hayha...
yandere DXD X autistic male reader by B_nation1
yandere DXD X autistic male readerby BHW
DISCLAIMER: author-san has autism so all the autism jokes are fine wattpad Y/N was born with high functioning autism and goes to kuoh and despite not being a fighter he...
Prince of Destruction! DxD by Renold0
Prince of Destruction! DxDby Renold
OC reborn as Rias's older twin brother in world of dxd.
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Shun Sitri by jasonmakoni54321
Shun Sitriby Jason Makoni
What journey await the 3rd child of the Sitri family?
DXD:Evil Dragon  by 69EvilDragonKing
DXD:Evil Dragon by 69EvilDragonKing
A guy died and woke up in dxd reincarnated as Saji Genshirou's cousin.With memories of his past life and future watch as he rises in the supernatural world. I don't own...
The Guardian Dragon by LordMurcielago
The Guardian Dragonby LordMurcie
A dragon who's been abandoned, in a hellish world... I wonder what this, Issei will do~
The Third Sitri by whothehellishe
The Third Sitriby Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax...
(Discontinued) Sona's little brother, you, decides to attend Kuoh Academy with his peerage.
The Elite Guard (Highschool DXD X Malereader) by Xrasher
The Elite Guard (Highschool DXD Xrasher
The best unit of every faction died but they were wrong. One survives. and It's on the Angel side.