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Last Summer // DNF by Whoreoslikeoreos
Last Summer // DNFby Lex
Two strangers bump into each other at 3am in a diner in a small town the summer before their senior year. It's almost quite literally like love at first sight. Your bas...
Your Telephone Calls are my Favorite Place (Karlnap) by simplysmitten
Your Telephone Calls are my Favori...by simplysmitten
Karl is finding it more and more difficult to hide his feelings for his best friend, Sapnap. He's willing to risk it all for his chance at love, but does he really under...
Sweater Weather - Karlnap (au) by c-candyy
Sweater Weather - Karlnap (au)by candy <3
"Karl" he says softly, making me turn to face him. "Do you ever feel different?" he asks, without looking at me. "Different in what way?" h...
It was an accident (a DNF fanfic)  by swiftscography
It was an accident (a DNF fanfic) by swiftscography
( Cover is NOT mine! ) When George accidentally live streams a conversation with Sapnap revealing that he has feeling for Dream, it changes everything for George, Dream...
Caught In The Fire - Karlnap by _TeaCake_
Caught In The Fire - Karlnapby Tea
After burning down his high school, Sapnap is sent to a private school for troubled teens. He's determined to cause as much chaos as he can but his plans come to a stop...
Shaking || karlnap by zerosugarsodaa
Shaking || karlnapby z. sugar ྀ ˊˎ-
TRIGGER WARNING; this story contains heavy themes of eating disorders and depression, if these topics trigger you or make you uncomfortable please refrain from reading t...
Artistry - Karlnap [COMPLETED] by Ghost_the_reaper
Artistry - Karlnap [COMPLETED]by Ghost
A karlnap fanfiction where once you turn 13, your soulmate's drawings on their skin go onto yours. (Credits for cover https://wallpapercave.com/karlnap-wallpapers) - As...
Soulmate From Hell || Karlnap ✔️ by nihachusxplr
Soulmate From Hell || Karlnap ✔️by Mars 💛
Karl Jacobs is an innocent man who's grown up in the overworld, banned from going through the "portal to hell" as his parents called it. He never knew why it w...
PRETTY LITTLE NEKO - Karl harem ~ Compeleted by Zandurr
PRETTY LITTLE NEKO - Karl harem ~...by 𝘗𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘢𝘴 . <3
Karl Jacob's - a once mistreated neko by his former owner, Etta was found by a mafia, he was abounded and harmed on there territory, to witch they took in, at frist trea...
Teach me how to Love by lostandalone3445
Teach me how to Loveby Notfound
RE-written Dream being a single father has had a crush on his sons kindergarten teacher for over a year now what could go wrong will he win the heart of Mr. Davidson? Co...
MrBeast's Younger Brother - Karlnap by Questionable_A0i
MrBeast's Younger Brother - Karlnapby A0i
⚠️This story includes/mentions of: abuse, r@pe, alcohol, homophobia, and swearing. Please click off if these things trigger you!⚠️ Jimmy, known as MrBeast has a large au...
Brother's Bestfriend (Dreamnotfound/Dnf) by xKaymushroomsx
Brother's Bestfriend (Dreamnotfoun...by Kay
George and Sapnap are brothers. Ever since Sapnap introduced his best friend, Dream, to George. George has caught feelings for Dream but he doesn't know if Dream likes h...
Touchdown by timinary
Touchdownby timinary
This is a Dsmp football AU story based on Val_kurry and Teefumz's art! It'll be mainly focusing on dnf tho ;) Warning: there will be swear words in pretty much every ch...
Clinging On (KARLNAP) by sullydissappeared
Clinging On (KARLNAP)by Sully
Sapnap has always had it rough at home, and his gpa was slipping away from him. Karl was recovering from mental health issues that were caused by his mother dying recent...
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What if? DreamTeam One shots by Paviyourpenpal
What if? DreamTeam One shotsby Pavi Inez Louise
Wholesome fluff, angst & smut one shots to fulfil all your Dream Team cravings. Featuring- Karl, Quackity, Badboyhalo, Skeppy and other MCYT. ---All ships--- Dream...
passing papers by beansie__
passing papersby milo
♪ 'passing papers is a decent way to flirt, right?' ♩dnf and karlnap middle school au ♪ quackity ships them ♩they're just a bunch of clueless idiots ♪ not my cover art...
Wrong Number || DNF  by evielovesurmum
Wrong Number || DNF by evielovesurmum
A dnf texting book!! George goes to a party and meets a cute girl. She gives him her number but when he texts it, it's not who he expects. tw: nsfw themes neg thought...
Thank You || dnf by 0nlyfanz
Thank You || dnfby 0nlyfanz
Clay struggles with home life, and his social life isn't the greatest either. George on the other hand is the popular kid in school, having no issues at home and no issu...
Silent Melodies II dreamnotfound by _twigleaf_
Silent Melodies II dreamnotfoundby Twig
George, a lonely boy, decides to befriend the deaf kid.
Hate you - DNF/Karlnap by _TeaCake_
Hate you - DNF/Karlnapby Tea
Dream was one of the most renowned Private Detectives in the world. There wasn't a case he couldn't solve. Unless of course that case involved Operative NotFound, the de...