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Mystery Writter By oMrsCline Completed

WARNING: This novel contains some mature content.
"You're a virgin?" He teased.

"Yeah..." I said.

He pulled me up from the ground, as he picked me up, pinning me against the tree. 

"Kiss me." I say under my breath.

The (You can't know his name) puts his hand behind my neck, bringing me closer to him, as he locks his lips with mine. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, as I could feel my tongue slide against his. 

He put his hands on my butt, reaching his hand up my shirt near my bra.
A girl gets kidnapped into another corridor after a tragic accident. As she is reunited with her old family, people get in the way of her and her relationship with 1 of 3 men. Will she have her life back as it use to? Or is the rest just 'Unwritten'?