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The Investigator and the Assasin by DoveTheweirdBIRD
The Investigator and the Assasinby :P
George, a top Investigator with one goal, but a small interaction causes him to wonder if he really knows what he's doing Thank you E, for bringing back my passion for w...
Just Across The Hall by Zero_the_loser22
Just Across The Hallby Zero
⚠️Warnings for this book!⚠️ -Toxic Relationship -Yelling -Abusive Relationship -Smut -Uncensored Swearing I knowww, sucky warnings, I'm sorry!! There might be more but...
No one cares by Shadowwx20
No one caresby Shadowx
George is a depressed 17 year old boy who gets bullied by a popular guy named Clay. But one day something happens that changes everything. George and Clay will get in a...
Demons by 4g0tmyname
Demonsby 4g0tmyname
George, Karl, and Darryl have all been growing up in a world that has been overrun by demons. Every human struggles to survive and avoid being subject to live under the...
Dance Class by Zero_the_loser22
Dance Classby Zero
Dance. That's it. Cover: crypt0bones on Twitter
it was all just a scream for help. by renrolled
it was all just a scream for help.by ren 🔥
Why wasn't anyone noticing? Was it not obvious he was sad? How come nobody had realised when George only wore long sleeves? What would it take for them to see he needed...
Roommates // DNF by hellojelloxoxo
Roommates // DNFby Sammie
DNF college AU George is in the middle of his first year of college, but ends up transferring to a new school midyear. He's excited for the change, and hopes that this n...
Mark My Words || DNF Soulmate AU by nicerandomkangaroo
Mark My Words || DNF Soulmate AUby nicerandomkangaroo
Dream has never seen George's soulmark. George has never seen Dream's soulmark. And yet, here they are. --- "He only doesn't wanna show you guys be...
Just Another High School Story (DNF) by sstaarrr
Just Another High School Story (DN...by starrr
Dream lived the life that anyone wanted. Popular in school, and quarterback for the football team. George was the president of the chess team, played guitar in a band, a...
Olympic Love || dnf by Glittercat34
Olympic Love || dnfby 🌈river🌈
George is a gymnast, competing for Team Great Britain. Clay, or Dream, as he prefers to be called, is a swimmer, competing for Team USA. Through some stroke of luck- or...
the not so good subgoal by dnfslost
the not so good subgoalby dnfslost
"george what's the new subgoal going to be?" dream questioned. - "chat i'm not gonna read fanfiction as a subgoal.."
Church boy  by ykimlame
Church boy by ykimlame
Art credits to rosesoul on Twitter! Clay, a troubled teen who does the complete opposite of what he's told. Getting drunk, wearing 'feminine' clothes, swearing in church...
[The Neighbor Who Plays Violin]_A Dreamnotfound fanfiction_ by chipnotfries
[The Neighbor Who Plays Violin]_A...by Chip
Sapnap wanted someone to accompany his band during the concert, so he made George, his roommate, learn to play the piano. George never thought that because of it he's go...
fake dating //dnf by aripal240
fake dating //dnfby alphadreamer
Dream and George start fake dating for 'clout'. Dream wants George to feel the same way that he feels. He realise that feelings are mutual. How? Best friends don't blush...
I'm Sorry About Them | DNF Highschool AU by endstoneram
I'm Sorry About Them | DNF Highsch...by endstone :]
Hey, are you okay? I'm sorry about them. ⚠ TRIGGER WARNINGS ⚠ - Bullying - Suicidal Thoughts - Homophobia / Transphobia - Fighting - Verbal Abuse - Underage Intoxication...
Lock And Key[dnf] by amf_amf
Lock And Key[dnf]by amf_amf
They live in a world were the girls get bracelets with locks and the boys get necklaces with keys, but what if a male got a lock? Did it mean he was gay? Did it mean his...
My Little Meow Meow - DNF by hidingpandauwu
My Little Meow Meow - DNFby hidingpandauwu
This fanfic will be pretty chill, so if you need a calming, fluff read, this is the book for you! George flies to Florida a week earlier than planned and surprises Dream...
Fallen Angel by Zero_the_loser22
Fallen Angelby Zero
⚠️CW/POSSIBLE TW?: Religion related stuff, kinda?⚠️ Also, I suck at explaining books so..yeah. Dream's entire life changed in a fraction of a second. How you ask? Well...
Lost Without You - DreamNotFound by KiriWasFound
Lost Without You - DreamNotFoundby kiri
After falling out of a toxic relationship, George slips into depression, his mental state deteriorating as his friends try desperately to help. What happens when Clay an...
To The End Of Time - DNF by _TeaCake_
To The End Of Time - DNFby _TeaCake_
Dream has been going to a school for troubled teens since it opened, he never actually did anything wrong, he only goes there because his mom's the principal. George use...