DING (tracob)  by tracobphobix
DING (tracob) by Cr y
Tracob fic with lots of pinning and sex
  • jroye
  • mindless
  • boyxboy
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Punk Pastels by ThePilot44
Punk Pastelsby L.v.
Punk Phil Pastel dan au - completed :)
  • gay
  • phil
  • danhowell
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The girl from YouTube (Daniel seavey X reader) by tombboyforlife
The girl from YouTube (Daniel seav...by Tyler
Y/N Oakley is a famous YouTuber, her brother Tyler Oakley introduced her to the YouTube community in a video called "My sister". after that she made her own Yo...
  • zachherron
  • youtube
  • danielseavey
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Static | Sequel to Fine Line Dan x Reader by Calybear7
Static | Sequel to Fine Line Dan x...by Calymari
You've reached a new point in your life. School had done you well and you've landed your first job as a writer for a new horror romance movie being shot in London. Your...
  • tyleroakley
  • fanfic
  • phillester
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Forgotten||Colby Brock x Reader by nitrem
Forgotten||Colby Brock x Readerby nitrem
When you got forgotten by someone you love, someone else took advantage of his 'problem'. May contain: Swearing(not to often) Mild sexual content (deeper in the story) M...
  • xreader
  • phillester
  • danielhowell
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Bad For Us | Book 1 | Completed by PointlessNachos2
Bad For Us | Book 1 | Completedby PN Second Account
Mitch was the new kid. Covered in tattoos and piercings, his presence sparked up controversy in their town of Arlington, Texas. Sassy, a bit rude and very different, Mit...
  • fanfic
  • pointlessnachos
  • tronnor
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Fuckboy ~ Phan [Completed] by kirizpiriz
Fuckboy ~ Phan [Completed]by Gay
Philleh; Nudes? Dannie; New phone who dis? *mentions of suicide* Edited; 3rd April 2017
  • amazingphil
  • tyleroakley
  • 2016
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group chat convos-- tracob au- complete by gaburgett
group chat convos-- tracob au- com...by grace
troyeboye: ok so what was the point of this condabitch: I have lost the point of this jjenkins: GET tURNT jakkkkke: jed nO jjenkins: JED YESSSSSSS tyty: what the fuck
  • connorfranta
  • fanfiction
  • troyesivan
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Hidden ~ A joe sugg fanfiction by heartfeltjaspar
Hidden ~ A joe sugg fanfictionby heartfeltjaspar
Youtuber meets youtuber... "Why are you hiding your feelings? You know they're becoming uncontrollable" "I know... But maybe its best to keep my feelings...
  • oliwhite
  • joseph
  • joesugg
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[DISCONTINUED] Support Group // Phan by minyoongisgummysmile
[DISCONTINUED] Support Group // Ph...by old account
-Sequel to 'bully'- Dan's moved schools, to avoid the ruthless tormenting again from Chris and Phil. He's started going to a lgbtq+ support group and is shocked when his...
  • danhowell
  • danisnotonfire
  • phillester
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Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanfiction) by panickyphanter
Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanficti...by annoying phan trash
Highschool au Dan's POV COMPLETE - Phil is the new boy at Dan's school. He's so mysterious and captivating, and no matter how hard Dan tries to ignore him, Phil keeps po...
  • dan
  • tyleroakley
  • youtube
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Shutter ❋ Joe Sugg AU by _shazza
Shutter ❋ Joe Sugg AUby shazza
"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have hea...
  • fanfiction
  • zoella
  • sugg
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My Only Love (Choni AU) by theghostofu
My Only Love (Choni AU)by Lil Choni Shipper
Toni Topaz is a quiet girl. She sits in the the corner of the class and after school heads to the forest to take pictures. She is reserved but not shy. She's a new stude...
  • phillester
  • troyesivan
  • tonitopaz
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Tracob Oneshots by starsivann
Tracob Oneshotsby starsivann
These will mostly be from ao3. I will translate them from Larry to Tracob. Most of them will be long and If you find any mistakes let me know please! Enjoy :)
  • larry
  • tracob
  • tyleroakley
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Paid || Troyler AU by MeAWannabeWriter
Paid || Troyler AUby Lu || ;)
Troye Sivan is a complete and utter mess. Ever since he had become famous, he started sleeping around and drinking more than he should. He's very young too, which makes...
  • boyfriend
  • boyxboy
  • youtuber
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Catfish | SuperFruit by PointlessNachos2
Catfish | SuperFruitby PN Second Account
Congratulations! You have a new match! New Message from Scott! Scott: Hey:) - Prestory stuff; This story will be in mainly the POV of Scott with most of the chapters...
  • mitchgrassi
  • tyleroakley
  • scomiche
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It's progress | tronnor by iisupergirlsii
It's progress | tronnorby It me
"You like him don't you?" My little sister says suddenly. "What no i don't like him, he's my best friend," I reply unconvincingly "Even if he's...
  • troyesivan
  • drama
  • marcusbutler
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TRACOB||| Boxing by sivantracob
TRACOB||| Boxingby finnsmile
a tracob story
  • tyleroakley
  • tracob
  • jacobbixenman
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Adopted by shyland by penguinloverscarf
Adopted by shylandby penguinloverscarf
A 17 year-old girl named Jasmine gets adopted by Shane dawson and Ryland adams and jasmine trys to figures out why here favorite youtubers adopted her what will happen...
  • joesugg
  • rylandadams
  • zoesugg
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Together {Escape The Night Season 2 Fanfic by KookooForKlaine
Together {Escape The Night Season...by KookooForKlaine
Brooke Clarkson, best friend of Tyler Oakley and Liza Koshy, good friend of Joey Graceffa, The Gabbie Show, Alex Wassabi, and LaurDIY. Oh yeah, and YouTuber with 14 mill...
  • alexwassabi
  • tanamonguea
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