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Gemstone Goblins (LitRPG) by HyperAlphaKing
Gemstone Goblins (LitRPG)by HyperAlphaKing
Gild Domov found no solace in death's embrace. The promised, eternal repose was merely the herald of his greater purpose. His soul, destined for the afterlife, was force...
Help! I'm asexual and trapped in a dating sim! by HairyMclairy
Help! I'm asexual and trapped in HairyMclairy
Okay, my death was embarrassing. I'm not trying to deny that. But was it really embarrassing enough to warrant a goddess' attention? Apparently so, and not only her atte...
Radioactive Evolution by Balr0g
Radioactive Evolutionby Richard Hummel
The world as humanity knew it was gone. In its place was a radioactive wasteland, scorched by nuclear furnaces. The third millenium passed unmarked and uncelebrated by t...
Eliona's War: Hesitant Healer (V.1) by KurokageJS
Eliona's War: Hesitant Healer (V.1)by Alex J Wynter
In which a introverted healer learns to deal with the greatest horrors of his life - socializing, dungeons, and psychopathic NPCs. *** Games have been his escape from r...
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue (LitRPG series) by Magic_Dome_Books
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue ( Magic_Dome_Books
A LitRPG novel by Pavel Kornev Virtual worlds are places of boundless freedom. Anyone can become an elven mage or an invisible rogue, join a clan and go on raids, fight...
The Mountains of Mourning by KryssM7
The Mountains of Mourningby Kryss Manuel
[IN PROGRESS] [POSTING 1 OR 2 TIMES A WEEK] After his rebellion failed, Patrick and his team escaped to another world, thinking to be safe there, and live out what remai...
Feyland: The Dark Realm by AntheaSharp
Feyland: The Dark Realmby Anthea Sharp
~Award-winning YA Urban Fantasy~ Computers. Faeries. A hero from the wrong side of the tracks, and the girl he's afraid to love... *E-book now FREE at all online retail...
Arcayne: Journey to Ad Caelum by RYVNWrites
Arcayne: Journey to Ad Caelumby RYVN
"We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay." It's the year 2021. Nothing much has changed except for the gaming indust...
Olympus: It's Not Just a Game by Somerschool
Olympus: It's Not Just a Gameby Scott W Somerville
Like millions of others around the world, Karl Huber is crazy about Olympus, the new full-cyber-suit, multi-player, online virtual reality game-even though his father ha...
The Grand Game by Tom_Elliot
The Grand Gameby Tom Elliot
One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is as brutal as it is complex. Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how h...
CONQUEST: The Dungeon Core Gambit Book One (SAMPLE) by Puppychownyc
CONQUEST: The Dungeon Core Puppychownyc
[07/07/18 UPDATE: This book has been officially released on Amazon and it has become the #1 Best Seller in Dark Fantasy! Thank you for your support!] When 31-year-old M...
Bottom Rung (Dungeon Runner, Book 1) by SyStPierre
Bottom Rung (Dungeon Runner, S.St-Pierre
Tibs is a street rat caught for what he feels is the most understanding of infraction, picking a pocket. But instead of losing a hand, he's sent to a new dungeon and tol...
The Kartoss Gambit (LitRPG The Way of the Shaman: Book #2) by Vasily Mahanenko by Magic_Dome_Books
The Kartoss Gambit (LitRPG The Magic_Dome_Books
A product of the latest technologies, Barliona is a virtual world brimming with fun and entertainment. The government has become the guarantor for the in-game currency...
Fountellion in The Spiral: The Nature of the Game & Progression One by Ademc77
Fountellion in The Spiral: The Ade M. Campbell
A gateway to a long-awaited game-world has opened for those who've found a key. This includes Dan Harvester, a guy who lives in a run-down apartment with his cat and run...
Video Game Plotline Tester (The Dark Herbalist Book #1) by Michael Atamanov by Magic_Dome_Books
Video Game Plotline Tester (The Magic_Dome_Books
Tell me, would you be willing to work for nothing? Busting your hump for a famous corporation without time off or weekends eight or more hours every day with no fixed sa...
I was just a rat living in the demon lord's basement by MapleLeafPanda
I was just a rat living in the GingerMaple Panda
I was just a rat, dwelling among the weakest creatures that reside in the demon lord's castle. Yet, one day, I evolved. Wait, My Lord, I'm merely a rodent. Please don't...
The Bard from Barliona: The Renegades by Magic_Dome_Books
The Bard from Barliona: The Magic_Dome_Books
Barliona is back! OLD WORLD, NEW HEROES! What would happen if a professional rock musician joined a virtual MMO in search of inspiration among its gameworld? What would...
World of Fantasy: Golden Impact by TimothyBaril
World of Fantasy: Golden Impactby Timothy Baril
For two decades, an RPG reigned supreme as the global king of MMOs. Then years of scandals and lawsuits, increasing microtransactions, retconning and nonsensical lore, a...
Project Daily Grind (Mirror World LitRPG series Book #1) by Alexey Osadchuk by Magic_Dome_Books
Project Daily Grind (Mirror Magic_Dome_Books
The ads enthused, "The virtual lands of Mirror World await you! Live out your most secret dreams in our world of Sword and Sorcery! Become a Great Wizard or a Famou...