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Death God System

Death God System

194K Reads 10.9K Votes 75 Part Story
Kajack By vabrate Updated Feb 26

In an unknown land.. far from the scrutiny of knowing eyes.. Death was rearing its head once again.. 

A young man on Earth had met with an untimely demise, his soul taken and tampered forced into a strange body on a different plane. He didn't know what he was or who he was. 

Follow along his journey to unravel the mystery that is his existence, a man armed with Death and a System 

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Come and join your Discord server to play with our Death System Bot. (you can kill the author to release your anger when something goes wrong in the novel!) 
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/hhCvJx4 

Wiki Link: https://death-god-system.wikia.com

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