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SSS-Class Summoner by isekai_sama
SSS-Class Summonerby 𝑘𝑎𝑖
NOT MY STORY (PUBLISHED FOR OFFLINE READING) *** [SSS-Rank Summons, Predation, Transformation] "It's a machine error. Sometimes a nonsense rank is written." Ev...
He was the embodiment of night Shadows creeping through each corner, Hiding each and every monster, All to be the great and only ruler. She was the epitome of day, Sun b...
Records of Dungeon Travel by series_naver
Records of Dungeon Travelby SERIES
In the depths of the underground world lived the descendants who were born and raised by feeding on the teats of beasts. These individuals with special abilities and enh...
What Once Was Lost - Percy De Rolo x Fem!Reader by Silverstar905
What Once Was Lost - Percy De Rolo...by Silver_Star
When Percy de Rolo ran from everything he'd ever known, he didn't just leave his home and family behind. He also left you. And you didn't forget. A Percival De Rolo x F...
The Trash Wants to Live by rknsly
The Trash Wants to Liveby kea
I possessed the villain and final boss of the original novel after once complaining about the story. He is Ki Yoon Jae, the incompetent representative of the gifted guil...
The Alchemist at Hell's Gates by Wordsmith-Rain
The Alchemist at Hell's Gatesby Wordsmith Rain
The Alchemist is considered the most useless of all the 5 classes offered in the Virtual World of 'Hell's Gates'(Warrior, Archer, Mage, Cleric, and Alchemist). Having li...
Rise To The Top! (The Beginning) [Finished] by Yeetmaster8
Rise To The Top! (The Beginning) [...by Mr Author
Hey kids, do you like reincarnation stories? Well, you came to the right place. It's gonna be a little different, instead of being reincarnated to another world or reinc...
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: The Sorceress' Knights Tournament by BrandonVarnell
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: The Sorc...by Brandon Varnell
The Sorceress's Knight Tournament, a competition that's hosted once every five years, has come to Arcadia's Knight Academy. This tournament will decide who becomes a Kni...
Danmachi: the black lightning hero by TheWolfsFury1420
Danmachi: the black lightning heroby WolfFang's
bell may not know but oranio has a hero who they call the black lightning hero who was the soul inspiration to become stronger to many adventures however many say he is...
ambitious, cunning, adaptable | hp x dm by adminslytherin
ambitious, cunning, adaptable | hp...by rose
Harry Potter has found out the fact that he's a wizard and is on his way to Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train, who offers him his hand. Who knew that a train r...
My Hermes System by _I_KoffiPie_
My Hermes Systemby _I_KoffiPie_
A Speedster in a Fantasy World More than a thousand years ago, portals opened up in the world. Swallowing up the world whole with the vile creatures that came out of it...
Kidnapped to Another World by -naosu-
Kidnapped to Another Worldby -naosu-
Lies. Deception. Betrayal. Dungeons, & Magic. The students of Kobe High School find themselves sucked into the vortex. Shun finds himself & his classmates sucked into t...
Accelerator: The Vector Mage  by ShasankHazarika
Accelerator: The Vector Mage by Shasank
One day suddenly some gates appeared in the world and simultaneously people obtain magic. There were different types of magic healing, buff, elemental, physic etc. The e...
The Only Master of Heroic Dungeons by Gilthur
The Only Master of Heroic Dungeonsby Reinhart
A broken grail, a soul of a human near on a dispersion and an essence of [--] mix together, what would the outcome would be? and how would they affect this world of dung...
The Devil's Cage by akumichannnnn
The Devil's Cageby NovelLover
NOTE: This story doesn't belong to me. The cover doesn't belong to me All the credit goes to the author and translator Author: Rusty Dragon A virtual underground game th...
Reborn as the Black Dragon Emperor (Ongoing) by ShadowFox711
Reborn as the Black Dragon Emperor...by ShadowFox711
I am Suragi Kanzashiro, I had a great life before this but I just had to go be the hero, and look what that got me, KILLED. but because my final breath was spent to save...
'86 baby (eddie munson x fem reader)  by tvluvrrr
'86 baby (eddie munson x fem reade...by hellooo
It's 1986 and you're a senior at Hawkins High. You start talking to Eddie Munson, the school freak, but it turns out he's not really the freak everyone makes him out to...
Destiny Calls...(harem x reader) by Immapotato01010
Destiny Calls...(harem x reader)by The Potato
(y/n) (l/n) is your typical high school student with a obsession in gaming, his obsessive hobby of his leads him into some...unsuspected scenarios though. It's time for...
Enemies or More? by etherealdrarry
Enemies or More?by etherealdrarry
Slowburn When Ron and Draco's bestfriend Blaise start to date, Harry and Draco are forced into being around eachother alot more than either of them like. But when Hermi...