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His Lily by esdeath124
His Lilyby esdeath124
A foxy girl meets foxy boy. A village girl named Lily Winter who uses other people as a tool to achieve her goal. But one day she received a scholarship and left her mo...
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In debt (Yandere Golden Boys x reader) by Hebianco
In debt (Yandere Golden Boys x yandere_for_potatoes
(Yandere Popular Boy x reader) Eight years ago she owed him anything. Today, eight years later, she's still paying off her debt. It's one simple thing, right? Just sta...
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Blood Bouquet: Yandere Boys x Female! Reader by yandere-alice
Blood Bouquet: Yandere Boys x i'm babey!!!!!
Rantaro, your childhood best friend and the school's pretty boy has always been clingy, but you start finding him becoming...a little too much. Akira, the angry delinque...
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Animalistic Desires by HeidiFedor
Animalistic Desiresby Heidi Fedor
I do not own the images in this story. What evil lurks in the hearts of most men, or in this case--mythical creatures? Amorous lust, desire, and obsession are what dri...
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Mafia and girl by user078076626702
Mafia and girlby Madhumitha
"Leave me. I want to go home" said Madhu with lot of fear in her eyes while watching a man coming near her. "I said you can't go anywhere.You are mine&quo...
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Hypnosis by Dancing_red
when a desperate guy Brad came back home from college after he learned how to do hyponsis he took the first chance to use it on his childhood crush and best friend Shelly
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You Are Mine (ManxBoy) by killmesoftly16
You Are Mine (ManxBoy)by Alannah
Tyler: One of the very few in the world born from a vampire and a human. The doctor's called him a miracle; however, he sees his life - all life - as a curse. Left at a...
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The Godfather [REWRITTEN] by Bro0kebxrter
The Godfather [REWRITTEN]by Brooke Barter
After the tragic death of Vincent & Chrsitine Daeé, the heir of the family rests with their only child Ophelia... But in that very moment of time, when an unknown man si...
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CAN WE LOVE??? - Abhigya FF By CrazyMahiz.. (Completed) by crazymahiz
Winner of Best Chicklit story in Abhigya awards 2018.... He is a Terror and Terrific man.... She is a Bubbly, Bold and Daring girl.... An unknown circumstance makes them...
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baby boy ~ namjinkook  by jooniepop
baby boy ~ namjinkook by aub
namjoon and jin find their perfect baby in a small boy named jungkook
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The Mafia King 2 by M_Chow_xo
The Mafia King 2by M.C 🌹 ♡
{On Going} «book two of The Mafia King series; William & Emily's story» Emily King had never had the courage to go back to the Andrews mansion after managing to escape...
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Tsukino Forced Love Scenarios by nancygordillo14
Tsukino Forced Love Scenariosby Fanfiction_Writer
With better grammar and more idols to choose from aside from the other idols.
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Less Than by It-is-mystery
Less Thanby IceeTrash
Karsx(prisoner)Reader Kars requires your assistance.
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Psycho Senior (BxB) by lucas1996-
Psycho Senior (BxB)by Lucas1996
In southern California Luke grew up with no one caring about him. His mom was a housewife busy with friends all the time and his dad was always in New York City. Luke th...
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Of Blood & Power  by SerenaxSELENA
Of Blood & Power by q u e e n
------------------ Erienne, princess of the powerful Samaria, is faced with one of the most dreaded situations of all time: an arranged marriage. Bound by a blood oath...
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forced marriage [y.nk x male reader] by jennieskrrt
forced marriage [y.nk x male w
• slow updates •
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A Match Made In Hell by kavyacutipie
A Match Made In Hellby kavyacutipie
Hey guys ! If you are reading this , that means you are already given the chance to this book so thank you so much and please do read my book further , it's lil bit dif...
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Darmon's Shooting Star by SunshineBright9
Darmon's Shooting Starby Sunshine Bright
All he wanted was revenge from them, payback for his brother's life. She was his bridge to the other side, her existence was unnecessary yet he miscalculated that from l...
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Dark Secret [18+]  by harshita_bhakuni
Dark Secret [18+] by dark-love
Warning ⚠️ 1. This story is gonna contain mature content. 2.Abusive language. 3.Forced relationship 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 ...
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Stars On Earth by Tahidilicious
Stars On Earthby Tahidilicious
Everybody loved her. Everyone feared him. Revenge. A forced marriage. An unexpected bond. Tragedy and tears. Adrian and Andrea. Yin and Yang. Will Adrian ever open his h...
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