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Bottled Up by JKMacLaren
Bottled Upby J K MacLaren
Louise Bentley is a feisty, wild, 'let's-go-to-Capri-for-the-weekend-yeah?' kind of girl. She spends her days working at a party-planning company. Oh, and she never want...
•Viking's Love And Obsession Saga• by midsumaxoxo
•Viking's Love And Obsession Saga•by D.Hearts
Iviana daughter of the strong and mighty Bjorn from the Ivar tribe ,ambitious for her future as the new leader until the day she meets her worst nightmare who turns her...
THEIR'S--- Seokjin X Maknae Line by rabisworld02
THEIR'S--- Seokjin X Maknae Lineby Rabi
They were Cruel. They were heartless. They were cold and merciless. He was an angel He was a saint. He was a beautiful dove caught in a golden cage. ******†*******†***...
Sin and Obsession by Lustvibing
Sin and Obsessionby Lustvibing
"Why do you provoke me Rose," he said "Do I need to bury myself deep in your cunt to remind you who you belong to" His voice laced with lust his ha...
The Beast's Beloved by AthenaXwrites
The Beast's Belovedby Dia
Evelyn Rose Meyer is an innocent and naive human girl. She has been sheltered by her family all her life. She is the most kind-hearted girl you will ever meet. She is so...
With him by SweetSour_official
With himby Sky_is_high
I pull down the dress leaving me in the fancy lingerie. I did not cry. I am used to this. "You look more beautiful like this than in dress" He traces his finge...
When It Rain's  by molly_withpen
When It Rain's by Molly
It was raining in the evening.... water droplets 💧 were kissing the ground and a magical earthy smell was spreading in the ambience . It was like nature was taking reb...
Gangster's Forced Wife by BTanAesthetics
Gangster's Forced Wifeby Author YaaN ♡
"Whom do u belong to?" He gritted his jaw & spoke "N-no one " she tried her best not to look scared but the devil's aura was killing her Within a se...
Hðlïêr †håñ †hðµ G Black X OC R18+ by KuroiNamida91
Hðlïêr †håñ †hðµ G Black X OC R18+by KuroiNamida91
[Completed!] Was it morbid curiosity that made the God of Death spare me? Or something else? He's my Master. My existence for living. So cold hearted. How then, did I fa...
A blessing in disguise by sashabuzz
A blessing in disguiseby Sasha M.
Savi ran away from Andrew five years ago, shaping him into the man he is today. Her abrupt disappearance tore him apart. For the first time, he was terrified of losing s...
The Nestling Hunter   by francisarmentrout
The Nestling Hunter by Francis Danelle Armentrout
Dean is a Supernatural Hunter who was abused and raped by his father just because he reminded John of his mother Mary.Now Dean is all grown up and is one of the best hun...
His Love  by Tara381
His Love by Tara381
Who knew that an encounter with the great Klaus Michaelson would lead Tara's family down a road of pain and on the run. Klaus sees Tara as the one. As soon as he saw...
My companion | میرےہمدم by 7Hazel
My companion | میرےہمدمby Hazelthescribbler
#3 in Pakistan ( 4-1-2021) #1 in Pakistan (19-1-2021) What will happen when two opposite souls are betrothed to each other? *But both are stubborn in their own ways, ...
Innocent Heart by Byheart1970
Innocent Heartby Ayesha
He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." ...
Mr. Lucifer by Wlfpanther
Mr. Luciferby Antra Rawat
This story is based on Forced love, marriage, and sex. This story revolves around Mr. Lucifer who is a well-known businessman. He is obsessed with a girl Ms. Christine...
dark romance  by nehakanade
dark romance by nehakanade
you'll find all the dark romance stories in this book
Hunted (Yandere! Killers x Fem! Reader) by AestheticChim88
Hunted (Yandere! Killers x Fem! ♡Ocean♡
"You look good with blood on you." What was supposed to be a normal night shift at your job turned into something more nefarious after witnessing something...
Obsessed to love you by alexiben231
Obsessed to love youby Alexis ben
If you guys are looking for an obsession story in 2020 then this is the right place. ...
His way of LOVE by Haya30561
His way of LOVEby Haya
SHANAYA BANERJEE: An innocent girl fallen from heaven,with a mesmerizing beauty,lurking the demon's out,her one smile can make your day,her merciful nature ca...