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The Mughal Princess  (Completed)  by the_insouciant_lass
The Mughal Princess (Completed) by theinsouciantlass
The Mughal Princess fell in love with Rajput Prince. A beautiful love blossomed and soon the wedding preparations begun. But when the mighty Rajputana Rajkumar (princ...
NOOR by Nohara_legacy
A tale of love between a Hindu girl and The Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar *** Shehenshah was always proud of his wives. The women were tactful, intelligent and beaut...
From destiny to fate  by Happy_heart_writes
From destiny to fate by Happy_heart_writes
Destiny can be shaped and altered but can fate of a person change ? He is the law maker as well as dispencer of justice , a badshah in real sense ,but his loyal consort...
Palaces of Smoke by dreamstellation
Palaces of Smokeby Amira K.
Opium. Royalty. And a chase Noor Abbas will never forget. Noor is a physician who was just trying to do the right thing. Even if that means leaving a particularly power...
Married For The Kingdom by befuddled_butterfly
Married For The Kingdomby confusedsoul_🖤
Book 2 in Royal Kingdom series 💫 Sidharth singh Rajput, the king of Neelgad a very vast and beautiful territory, which was now crumbling down. To save his kingdom and t...
Pratap Singh I, popularly known as Maharana Pratap, was the 13th king of Mewar, a region in north-western India in the present-day state of Rajasthan.
Another Anarkali Story by Ambi_Ambivert
Another Anarkali Storyby Ambika Bhandari
Miraz and Meena are childhood best friends but during their college days, Miraz starts having feelings for Meena. However, he never got the gut to confess his love for h...
Light of the World by AyushiMehta24
Light of the Worldby Ayushi Mehta
This fictional story is set back in the year 1626 during the Mughal Sultanate in India. The story is mainly based on the powerful Mughal Empress, Nur Jahan, who was the...
Arzoo  by if_pages_could_talk
Arzoo by KM
| | Tale of a King and his Queen | ⁠| Starting:- 27/06/2023 Disclaimer:- This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, a...
ROYAL LOVE: Mohabbat Ka Qissa by Aneeela321
ROYAL LOVE: Mohabbat Ka Qissaby Aneeela321
Sultan Akbar and Ruqaiya Sultan, the couple whose love is embedded somewhere deep in history. The honourable Queen who was the first love and first wife of Emperor Akbar...
Four Marriages by TheDrashti
Four Marriagesby TheDrashti
I look at my surroundings to notice myself sitting on a grey color sofa in a living room surrounded by my family members. I notice their lip moments and I know that they...
The Mughal Emperor  by nabeel222
The Mughal Emperor by Nabeel uddin
This story about the old Mughals of Asia and Europian countries. So enjoy ur time.
DIVINE by Kriz_Jeni_Jenifer
DIVINEby Kriz Jenijenifer
"When we miss someone often, what we really miss is the part of us that with this someone awakens." This is the tragic love story of the Mugal Emperor Jahangir...
The Mughal's Magician (On Hold) by HelenaWon
The Mughal's Magician (On Hold)by Helena Won
Momin Cheema was what the world called a "Prepper." He was sure that something big would happen soon in the world and he had to be ready. His backpack was sola...
Maharana Pratap's Chetak by thebhulakadscribbler
Maharana Pratap's Chetakby thebhulakadscribbler
The story of Maharana Pratap's beloved horse and his contribution during the Battle of Haldighati against the Mugals
Two-Faced by AmanMisbah
Two-Facedby Aman Misbah
Aasta, a Hindu singer, is invited to the court of the Muslim Shah Nadeem. Shah Nadeem falls for her yet does not know Aasta is Hindu.
Shadows Of Love | A Mughal Inspired Oneshot by estella111
Shadows Of Love | A Mughal e
In a grand ballroom adorned with opulence, Yasmeen and Zayd's paths cross, and their hearts are instantly captivated by each other. Yet, bound by duty and societal expec...
Waris e ishq | heir of love by MoonchildKim9
Waris e ishq | heir of loveby MoonChild Kim
"One in a billion" "Spirit of fire" Disperser of passion and love" "Owner of the throne" Waris e ishq *no plagiarism allowed. If done...