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Yamakasi by Kkayokay
Yamakasiby Kkayokay
An evening that went wrong.
The Bond by Tiffanydiamondgemz
The Bondby Ciara L.
NSFW 18+ Story contains abuse, violence and other triggers. All use of images are for entertainment and in no way meant to reflect on the real people. Grabbing the bowie...
Make Me a Monster by paigesigmund
Make Me a Monsterby BillyBobBobBob
Short story about our young Draco Malfoy suffering as we all hate yet love, a very beautiful yet utterly disturbing pice by captainlokidokes. Major trigger warning for n...
After The Storm by imthederpyfox
After The Stormby exza luv
Kurt get's raped and, Instead of breaking down, he retreats behind a shield of harshness, hatred, and bad behaviour to gain the control taken from him. - I apologise tha...
Velvet Darkness by GOLDENGUY1
Velvet Darknessby Golden Guy
Andrew wakes up to a visitor in his room during a party.
As the tower falls (a Young justice fan fiction)  by lizbliz123
As the tower falls (a Young Eli
I wanted to write this one because some people have messaged me about writing young justice fan fiction again... ~Dick Grayson AKA the first Robin, AKA ward of Bruce fri...
Frosted Fingers by AkumaD8
Frosted Fingersby Queen of the Hollowed Dolls
Lemons. READ THE TAGS All of the lemons are connected. Each chapter is a different flavour of lemonade. So basically each chapter has a theme/kink. We are the gays. Do...
Cheer Sissy! by sissy_noel
Cheer Sissy!by 🎀Sissy Noel🎀
this is the story of how Tim became Kim and found her true sissy calling: as a slutty college cheerleader! ** 18+ ADULT CONTENT WITH THEMES OF HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, A...
taehyung oneshot's   ff by worldlove0
taehyung oneshot's ffby world love
"bitch you gonna pay for that's ! " Kim Taehyung × y/n Explicit Sexual Content Kinks, Consensual , Non-Consensual,affair,Incest , Forbidden,love,lust,posses...
Mommy Will Make You A Good Little Girl by darnezi
Mommy Will Make You A Good Darnez
When Isabella's father married a woman named Paige, the 18-year-old has no intentions of getting to know her new mother. When the pair gets into a disagreement Isabella...
Enchanted, Enchanting by cheeky_monkey_ca2001
Enchanted, Enchantingby Cheeky Monkey
All too eager to bend to his will, Cass Hux finds herself going through each and every day the same: wake up, serve the General in every way he needs, then go to sleep...
Depression & Obsession {Frerard} (boyxboy) by PunishedRaiden
Depression & Obsession {Frerard} ( Raiden Iero
Frank Iero decides to make a Facebook account, finally. He gets a friend request from an attractive stranger named Gerard, he takes a risk and accepts the request. Will...
You say I said yes. by TheGirlWhoGrewStrong
You say I said TheGirlWhoGrewStrong
This is a letter that I wrote from my personal experience. It's to the guy who broke me and took what I didn't want to give. He won't read it no but I needed to post thi...
Pet by dragmeto_thegrave
Petby Cupcake
Ty had an ordinary life. He worked a simple retail job and didn't have much going on in his life. Until someone took an interest in him.
Captured Lance by ThisJunkWriting
Captured Lanceby Mikala Roushe
A mission gone wrong and Lance is captured by the enemy Galra. Expecting to be thrown into the arena to fight he is not that lucky. *Story will contain noncon, abuse, de...
1D Fanfiction Collection by KatSchrot
1D Fanfiction Collectionby KatSchrot
A collection of random adventures with the 1d boys
We'll Be Okay | Lore Olympus by ThatDamnSeaNymph
We'll Be Okay | Lore Olympusby A N A
It was happening again. Persephone has prayed and hoped that Apollo would use whatever brain was in that purple head of his and realise she hated his guts. So, in a mome...
UN-FLAWED by UnderHimFor
UN-FLAWEDby Jeremy
No one is perfect. The one who seems more perfect is the one who is flawed the most. Everything looked perfect about Hrutika, her job, her social standing, her family, h...
My Body Is Not For Your Pleasure by unapologeticA
My Body Is Not For Your Pleasureby FYOV
Brief poem about the rights of a woman's body in her own perspective.