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Heart Beat (Completed ) by Min__Thoon
Heart Beat (Completed )by 🌻
အဲ့ဒီ ရင္ခုန္သံေတရ့ဲ ေနာက္မွာ မင္းအေပၚထားတဲ့ အခ်စ္ေတရွိေနခဲ့တာလား Kook1235 မမနဲ့တူတူေရးထားတဲ့ Taejin BLေလးပါ
✅Fallen Angel (Taejin of BTS) by the_healing_wizard
✅Fallen Angel (Taejin of BTS)by Devin
Paralysed Kim Taehyung falling in love with babysitter Kim Seokjin. Aug 27, 2022
"𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐄𝐑" by AThoonMa
"𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐄𝐑"by Areum
သံယောဇဉ်...၊နှောင်ကြိုးတွေ..၊ အချစ်တွေနဲ့သန်မာတဲ့လက်တစ်စုံ....။ သံေယာဇဉ္...၊ေနွာင္ႀကိဳးေတြ..၊ အခ်စ္ေတြနဲ႔သန်မာတဲ့လက္တစ္စံု....။
Love Marriage  by xxxasbahxxx
Love Marriage by Bella Sameul
It's been 2 months since jin married taehyung . No no it's not an arrange marriage but love . Marriage done to avenge . They dated 2 years before marriage . But this mar...
Melting Your Metal Heart by torturelover
Melting Your Metal Heartby someone's hope
A journey of an innocent boy who got trapped in the clutches of Kim's due to some unexpected turns in his parents life and to save his youngers brother .... He became a...
The Curse by Caterpillar2Nabi
The Curseby ​🇳​​🇦​​🇧​​🇮​
မင်းက ဘယ်တုန်းကမှ မမွေးလာခဲ့သင့်ဘူး... ငါ့ဘ၀ကို ဂြိုလ်မွှေဖို့သက်သက် လူဖြစ်လာတာမလား? [taejin]
Until The Demons Go Away - Taejin - by parkinfires
Until The Demons Go Away - Taejin -by parkinfires
"Are you losing sleep because of it hyung?" taejin yoonmin completed on 5/10/2019
RUNRUNRUN | jin x bts by JMNPRK05
RUNRUNRUN | jin x btsby ♡
"Run, baby, run!" " The moment i got you, i'ma tear out your heart." jin x bts
Mischievous Husbands by hobiholyknight7
Mischievous Husbandsby Jo
SLICE OF LIFE (short chapters) Kim Seokjin, the youngest from Kim's family, was force to marry Jeon Jungkook, a complete stranger which he never dream to share his life...
«Tro·và·re»(Unicode)(Zawgyi) by Harnoon
«Tro·và·re»(Unicode)(Zawgyi)by 민하은
Unicode လူတွေက အချစ်နဲ့ပတ်သက်ပြီး ဒီလိုလေး ထင်ကြေးပေးကြတယ်။ မင်းအနေနဲ့ အချစ်ဆိုတဲ့အရာကို နှလုံးသားတစ်ခုတည်းနဲ့ ရွေးချယ်ဆုံးဖြတ်ရင်~ သေချာတယ်...အဲ့ဒါက တစ်ချိန်မှာ လွဲမှာ...
Dog & Cat (Taejin) by writerchanmyaye
Dog & Cat (Taejin)by Aye Chan Myaye
တစ်ပိုင်းကိုတစ်ချက်လောက်ပြုံးရုံနဲ့တင် ကျေနပ်ပါပီ ရေးရကျိုးနပ်ပါပီ....🤗💙
السيد كيم والسيد كيم  || تايجين by r0oshia
السيد كيم والسيد كيم || تايجينby RoShiA || روشيا
عالم يمكن أن يحمل فيه الرجال أيضًا ، وقد حدث أن حمل سيوكجين بعد تلك الليلة مع رجل غامض تبين أنه والد طفله!؟! هل ستنتهي علاقة الحب والكراهية قريبًا من أجل طفلهم؟ أم أنها...
Love Is Blind by rumyavidushiholic
Love Is Blindby Dipanjana
Jin thought that finally he can be happy by getting married to the person he love ,Kim Taehyung. But what will happen when he will get to know that Taehyung doesn't love...
Marriage Without Benefits||Taejin✔️ by Jinified92
Marriage Without Benefits||Taejin✔️by Poison Ivy
Not your usual arranged marriage AU where one hates the other. Both Taehyung and Seokjin step on the alter for their own gains playing a very dangerous game of fate. #2...
Distance by Phoenix3011
Distanceby Phoenix
SeokJin is leaving tomorrow for another city and Taehyung has never missed him more.
Worthless(Jinkook) by jinandcookie4
Worthless(Jinkook)by xyz
Jin , a college student and also a rich heir of a well known buisness man was forced to get married to the young CEO,jungkook. Jungkook is cold, arrogant,rude and just...
jintae by Herani1
jintaeby Herani
boypussy tae
Bottom Jin Oneshots 18+ by bottomkimjin
Bottom Jin Oneshots 18+by bottomkimjin
"Fuck baby boy, your pussy is dripping" "mhm daddy fuck me harder!"