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LAM · NEWT₁ by qtnewt
LAM · NEWT₁by ¡abs!
Clara arrives in the Glade in a metal box with no memory of her past life and almost instantly finds comfort with the people that are there. Unfortunately, not everythin...
  • thomas
  • scifi
  • romance
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Kept Behind Walls {Newt x Reader} ~Glued Together book 1~ by subjectA6thefangirl
Kept Behind Walls {Newt x Reader}...by Maze Runner Fangirl
The first book in the Glued Together series ~ "My life is a nightmare, but the only difference is that you can wake up from a nightmare." ~ Y/N was the first a...
  • newtfanfic
  • mazerunnernewt
  • mazerunnertriologi
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Just A Cell  by Bunnyskookie18
Just A Cell by YourGurl😶
Cover by: @amaznK (Thanks kitten) When a psycho Killer Taehyung gets placed in prison with a just as equally psycho Jungkook. What could go wrong with these two being p...
  • serialkiller
  • boyxboy
  • lovepain
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Instagram {L.T} by desireforcody
Instagram {L.T}by cody’s princess 💛
@louist91 started following you ... @louist91 liked your post @louist91 commented on your post {COMPLETED}
  • jadethirlwall
  • new
  • louistomlinson
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My Long Lost Friend by JagaimoAnimeLover
My Long Lost Friendby MER-BEAR GRANGER
5+ years ago, I had a friend named Frankie. I want to tell you our story.
  • newtfanfic
Scared Hitless by Newtsbloodylover
Scared Hitlessby Newtsbloodylover
Love it ❤❤❤
  • themazerunnerfanfic
  • newtmasismeanttoobe
  • newfanfic
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His other girl by MissNgila
His other girlby Gloria Ngila
By Miss Ngila First story Give a girl a chance to write
  • newfanfic
  • girllove
  • lovestory
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Breakdown Chronicles by MingiFireTales
Breakdown Chroniclesby star dust
Strong and independent. Willing to go to war for any she loves. Left to take care of to take care of her younger siblings at a young age, she has learned early not to pu...
  • ebony
  • zaynmalik
  • lestwins
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Broken Crayons Still Color by Wickedlytragic
Broken Crayons Still Colorby Natalie Madison
What happens when 16 year old Cody's favorite band shows up at her orphanage, and catch her hiding on the roof? Will she fall? Will they save her?
  • newtfanfic
  • broken
  • adoption
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The maze runner/ fanfic story• by Mazerunner_fanfic_
The maze runner/ fanfic story•by Mazerunner_fanfic_
When she wakes up in the box just before Teresa but just after Thomas will things plan out differently...
  • tmr
  • themazerunner
  • fanfiction
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Broken by zhcngyixing
Brokenby yixing
You're trapped in a place called 'The Glade' which is surrounded by a huge maze. You are one out of two girls in the entire glade, has many friends and possibly a love i...
  • tmrfanfic
  • newtfanfic
  • jamesdashner
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Please Don't Leave Me  by NimsayLouise
Please Don't Leave Me by Nimsay Louise
Josh just wanted to be on time for his first day at his new school, but his car breaks down and a cute guy his age offers him a ride to school. Turns out he lives across...
  • newfanfic
  • joshler
  • drugs
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In your hands  (A Dolan Twins Fanfic) by Cephxx
In your hands (A Dolan Twins Fanf...by MarieBoo
Aaliyah a 17 years old girl is kidnaped by god knows who, she doesn't know where she is, she's alone, a tape over her mouth and all tied up, she's out of energy, but wha...
  • adventure
  • newfamily
  • newstory
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FourTris Future by scomichetrash_
FourTris Futureby han!
This isn't no ordinary future there future is in OUR REAL WORLD but We still have dauntless and the other fractions but enjoy as always (I DONT OWN THE CHARACTERS ALL...
  • fourtris
  • divergent
  • insurgent
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For the Leader - Newt Fanfiction (Book 1) by -laurengarner-
For the Leader - Newt Fanfiction (...by Lauren <3
"Property of WICKED. Subject A11, For the Leader." -•-•-•-•-•-• Willow wakes up in a strange cage, that's somehow taking her upwards. She arrives in the glade...
  • newt
  • themazerunner
  • newtfanfic
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i'm sorry, tommy by wanderinghumans
i'm sorry, tommyby another anxious teen
The story of The Death Cure, but told from Thomas and Newt's perspectives. Find out how they really feel about each other and experience an alternative ending :) (part 4...
  • dylanobrien
  • thomassangster
  • newtmas
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Newt And Tommy / One shot by bethansfandoms
Newt And Tommy / One shotby Bethan
Thomas avoids the gladers as much as possible throughout his first day. With an Exception... Newt. Tommy quickly realises that him and Newt are different, and there secr...
  • newtmasfanfic
  • thomasxnewt
  • mazerunners
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The Last One by tmrfxnfics
The Last Oneby tmrfxnfics
Who am I?Where am I?What is this place?All I can remember is the feeling like I was drowning and now I'm here!It looks like a box but it's going up like an elevator.Smal...
  • tmr
  • newtfanfic
  • fanfictions
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