The Tributes of Twelve | Newt x Reader by newtslittleinfinity
The Tributes of Twelve | Newt x Newt's Mighty Fall
(y/n) (y/l/n). A girl from the Seam in District Twelve. She lives under the control of the Capitol with her father and younger brother Chuck. She has avoided the Hunger...
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THE GAME CHANGER ( NEWT 1 ! )  by StaryStilesx
THE GAME CHANGER ( NEWT 1 ! ) by ✩ 𝓜𝓪𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓸𝓷 ✩
" you never forget ." Hope, Subject B1 "The game changer." BOOK ONE, THE SCORCH TRIALS ( COMPLETED )
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Sister of the Glade {The Maze Runner} by maze-runner-who
Sister of the Glade {The Maze Paige
Charlie arrived at the maze like the rest of the Gladers: in a metal crate with no memories. The other Gladers quickly accept her as they realize she's tougher than she...
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Let Me Go ➸ TMR ➸ Newt Fanfic ✓ (WATTYS 2015 WINNER!) by _imagine_fantasy_
Let Me Go ➸ TMR ➸ Newt Fanfic ✓ ( inactive
Let Me Go ➸ TMR ➸ Newt Fanfic ✓ 2014 Winner of the Wattys 2015 Hot Genre Award: The Fanfiction Feels! Also featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Maze Runner Fanfictio...
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Newt Scamander x Reader One Shots by merrychristmooose
Newt Scamander x Reader One Shotsby Elise
I know y'all like Mr. Salamander so here's some one shots. ❤️️ ~~ Highest ranking #91 in Fanfiction, #1 in Newt Scamander one Shots, and #5 under Newt Scamander Winner o...
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Just A Cell  by maxsama2224
Just A Cell by Min san Max
When a psycho Killer Taehyung gets placed in prison with a just as equally psycho Jungkook. What could go wrong with these two being put in the same cell. " Baby, I...
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Instagram {L.T} by TomlinsonTattoos
Instagram {L.T}by louis tomlinson 💛
@louist91 started following you ... @louist91 liked your post @louist91 commented on your post {COMPLETED}
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You're the only one I choose ;)  by Adrocks123
You're the only one I choose ;) by Adrocks123
"What do you want Jac? " I looked up angrily at his dark greyish eyes which met mine instantly. We connected as if we'd known each other for long. "You...
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Lucy's cousin!?  by alejandravegaalvarez
Lucy's cousin!? by alejandravegaalvarez
Lucy get a letter from her mother and father saying that she has a cousin and her name is haruhi fujioka. *disclaimer* I don't own any of the characters.
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Stars {Remus Lupin} by retroplants
Stars {Remus Lupin}by Georgia:)
Anna couldn't notice how clear the sky was from the enchanted ceiling. You could see all the stars. Anna thought the view was marvelous. They were all unique in their o...
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Newt Imagines by HaileyC_xoxo
Newt Imaginesby HaileyC_xoxo
Hello fellow gladers! This book consists of short stories and imagines about you and Newt. I do not own any of the characters from The Maze Runner. They belong to James...
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What a Troublesome Situation (Saiki Kusuo x Reader) by Mystoryfiles
What a Troublesome Situation ( Sioul
What if Saiki finds his soul mate? However Saiki can't talk to her using Telepathy. Does he will going to use his real voice to speak ? Who knows.. Eventhough an esper,S...
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A5 // The Maze Runner by aewhite624
A5 // The Maze Runnerby Mazerunnerrunner
(Y/N) is the first girl to arrive in a maze full of boys. After living there, she falls in love with the young Second in Command named Newt. What happens when new people...
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Tales of the Fantastic: Newt Scamander X Reader by tori_moo
Tales of the Fantastic: Newt tori_moo
Newt Scamander's fantastic journey just got more interesting as his faithful companion joins him: you. The pair will travel to many places on their voyage to protect the...
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Tangled in the Great Maze || Newt/Maze Runner Fanfic by everythingaftersws
Tangled in the Great Maze || nina ˚✧
When Elizabeth wakes up, she finds herself in a metal elevator that only seemed to be going up. When the doors open, she sees a boy her age jumping down to get a closer...
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Hope || Newt x Reader by sincerelygabriel
Hope || Newt x Readerby Trickster
❝But now I know that wherever we are, or whatever we're doing, we'll always have each other.❞ You woke up in the Maze two years ago with no memories, except your name. W...
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Mine Alone (Newt X Reader) by XxPhantomqueenxX
Mine Alone (Newt X Reader)by XxPhantomqueenxX
Teresa wasn't the first girl in the Glade.
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unhurriedly ~ chandler bing by mgchasmyheart
unhurriedly ~ chandler bingby :)
"she's an italian, dude, how can i not fall in love with her?" cassidy valentini (oc) x chandler bing | CHARACTERS FROM FRIENDS BELONG TO BRIGHT, KAUFFMAN AN...
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Life In The Glade//TMR Newt Fanfic by NewtTMR422
Life In The Glade//TMR Newt Fanficby Thomas-B-Shankster
You wake up in the Glade, just like everyone else did. Except, you're the only girl. You end up becoming friends with almost everyone, and become very close with a few b...
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Newt Scamander One Shots by PrettyPickett
Newt Scamander One Shotsby Lady Redmayne
Small Newt stories that I work on in my free time
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