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Two Weeks Ago by DeniskaTen
Two Weeks Agoby juice
[Completed] [Rewritten] It was uncharacteristic of Jin, but nowadays, he found himself to be more tired after practice. He was known as one of the most athletic members...
𝑆𝑀𝐼𝐿𝐸 by epiphany_1204
𝑆𝑀𝐼𝐿𝐸by yoonjin
His smile was something precious to them, yet they never knew how much of a pain it was for him
The Butterfly Code by rubythenewby
The Butterfly Codeby rubythenewby
They lost him once. A second chance is all they have to stop them from losing him again. ••••••••••••••••••••• Warning: Mature Themes
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Mask by luhimesa
Maskby lucy
Even though Jin was born with a silver spoon,he still had his struggles in life which forced him to forget what human feelings are or what is it even to smile. To solve...
Too Much Confidence by DeniskaTen
Too Much Confidenceby juice
What started out as a simple enough way to make Jin get back to his normal self, turned into a complicated, horrible way of life as the others' real intentions were reve...
Seokjin and the worry eating doll ✔️ by MademoiselleJJ
Seokjin and the worry eating doll...by MademoiselleJJ
The young korean idol Kim Seokjin no longer trusts himself and is consumed by his dark thoughts. One day, a fan gives him a worry doll to chase away his sorrows and he p...
Ghost Idols--Jin X BTS-- by ---SUGAKOOKIE---
Ghost Idols--Jin X BTS--by ---SUGAKOOKIE---
A story in which Kim Seokjin meets his members in the strangest way
sick freak(Jinkook) by 98heyaya
sick freak(Jinkook)by heya_lim
where Jin is a respected police officer and Jungkook is a sick freak who commits crime to gain Jin's attention.
Seokjin centric oneshot (jin×bangtan) by stuckinbts
Seokjin centric oneshot (jin×bangt...by Komlika pawar
My bias is kim seokjin and I had many ideas for oneshots surrounding him so here it is.♡♡ //tw//contains angst, fluff,(maaaaayyyyybeeeeeee smut) //tw//
Children from Hell by umji-yah
Children from Hellby umji-yah
Jin got a job as a baby sitter to two little boys. The moment he entered the large mansion of the Jeon's at the edge of the forest he felt something dark and heavy in th...
Save Me; A Seokjin Centric  by _zarakay
Save Me; A Seokjin Centric by _zarakay
"I never would have known 'I'm fine' meant 'save me' all along" -seokjin Discontinued :') Warnings: ○self harm ...
·stay with me· by The_annonymousKid
·stay with me·by Sleepy
"wake up hyung.." jungkook desperately whispered while holding onto a cold hand. "please, i-we miss you.." he sobbed and grit his teeth. 'stay with m...
Angle Tears - K.sj (Hiatus) by Seokjinoot
Angle Tears - K.sj (Hiatus)by Seokjinoot
Tears (n.) a hole or split in something caused by it having been pulled apart forcefully. He's an angel. No one realize until he left. JinxBts
Maknae Hyung by MoonHusband07
Maknae Hyungby Hub of Sub
As world knows how responsible the oldest of the famous boyband BTS is..the members know that to... The Ultimate Pillar of group on which everyone wanna lean on.... . In...
fate of us (jin×bangtan)[completed] by stuckinbts
fate of us (jin×bangtan)[completed]by Komlika pawar
"hyung don't leave us please?" Jimin asked. Jin sighed as he hugged the younger patting his back, "I can't promise......" Jin is a God, who is respo...
[discontinued] hacked ♡ jin x bts  by jinddda
[discontinued] hacked ♡ jin x bts by thank you <3
discontinued. Korea's biggest company gets hacked. !mature themes, offensive language!
Another Shade Of Love by PurpleJinLifeu
Another Shade Of Loveby Jin's Purple Heart
There are many shades of love. Some have names, some don't. Will Yoongi and Jin find their color of Love? when two boys with different shades collide, which shade will b...
Where Is The Rest? [Jin Sickfic] by SSears90
Where Is The Rest? [Jin Sickfic]by SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Jin pretends to be sick in order to get some rest from the bands hectic schedule, however this backfires on him when he ends up actually getting very...
I Can't Hold on Anymore by DeniskaTen
I Can't Hold on Anymoreby juice
[Completed] [Rewritten] "I feel like I'm an artist. My brushes are my blades and my canvas is my wrist." First chapter sucks, but I think the rest of it is dec...
The guardian angel by Hy8992
The guardian angelby HY89
Kim namjoon,min yoongi, Jung hoseok, park jimin, Kim taehyung, jeon junkook, where the famous band "BTS"of six members. No one knows that they have guardian an...