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Octonauts QnA+Dares by thethirdweasleytwin
Octonauts QnA+Daresby thethirdweasleytwin
Based off of @isobeljones2000's story, so I don't own anything except my OC. Will be taking story requests.
The origins: Whiteout  by SummerEXE
The origins: Whiteout by Summer R Wolfe
One night aboard the octopod, the crew were huddled around inkling's armchair "a fine story professor" barnacles praised, everyone nodded in agreement "co...
Octonauts x Reader by timieundertale69
Octonauts x Readerby timieundertale69
You Y/N recently have become a physical therapist and have now started getting ready for the big wide world. But then a huge octopus like ship crashes in the coast...
Octonauts parent scenarios by sammytheskitty33
Octonauts parent scenariosby Samantha Szyperski
I haven't seen a scenario with these guys. they deserve more. UwU enjoy! Octonauts belong to meomi. Published in: December 1 2018
Octonauts One-Shots by angelofsweetrevenge
Octonauts One-Shotsby 𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝
The title says it all- Octonauts one-shots! What happens when the Octonauts aren't exploring, rescuing, or protecting? The answer is all that happens in this book! I don...
Just as Beautiful by mothmans-bigbutt
Just as Beautifulby L
He's always been diffrent weather it be the eyepatch, his chipped ear, or his binder. Finally he feels accepted. That is until a secret is revealed and his friends accep...
What An Adventure || Kwazii And Captain Barnacles! by RazzlieDazzlie
What An Adventure || Kwazii And Ca...by Sweetheart
It's a somewhat normal afternoon for the Octonauts. Everything goes well and soon enough night comes, and everyone goes to bed. Everything remains calm and good. Until K...
 Octonauts Parent scenario  by lulufox-qwq
Octonauts Parent scenario by Lulufox-qwq
This is just a bunch of scenarios of what would happen if you were adopted by the octonauts This is my first ever story so there will be mistakes here and there, I will...
Captain Barnacles sick day.. by Idkanymoreandyeah
Captain Barnacles sick day..by AAA
(Edited) Captain Barnacles has been acting weird lately, coughing mainly. Kwazii, Tweak, Dashi, Peso, Shellington, and vegimals (?) is worried about their captains sickn...
Octonaut oneshots (BOOK 2) by TH3CR71NGCH1LD
Octonaut oneshots (BOOK 2)by NORMAN
Book two of octonaut oneshots you rapscalkln uncles
Octonauts Agere One-Shots by AnonymousAnthro
Octonauts Agere One-Shotsby Kael
Some agere/shipping oneshots. Smut chapters will be marked with ⚠️.
Peso agnst bc why not?  (On hiatus) by nico_the_sleepy
Peso agnst bc why not? (On hiatus)by nico_the_sleepy
Trigger warning: Gore mental health issues family issues thoughts of self harm suicide and other sensitive topics. It's what the title says #8 on Kwazii, December 1st 20...
Octonaut Captain barnacles x mermaid reader by crystalshine2000
Octonaut Captain barnacles x merma...by crystalshine2000
I am a mermaid I lived in England and people found out about me so I swam fare away and was the middle of no were then a massive water hole was takeing in and the next t...
Octonauts One Shots by 29Fire_Bloom92
Octonauts One Shotsby 29Fire_Bloom92
Some seens that don't fit into a story line, just random ideas. I might make more of these from now on....
Do You Blame Yourself? by emmaslaffytaffy
Do You Blame Yourself?by em
There's a lot of things Kwazii ought to ask himself. Mostly odd questions, like whether or not to take a risk or if taking the leap is really a good idea. If he blames h...
❤︎Octonauts MiniStories❤︎ by gorgonzolachz
❤︎Octonauts MiniStories❤︎by gorgonzola cheese wheel
A bunch of random ideas/stories I come up with :P You can request for a story. More Info will be in first chapter. I DONT OWN OCTONAUTS!
My Little Treasure by SummerEXE
My Little Treasureby Summer R Wolfe
kwazii finds a kitten adrift at sea with a note that tells how she got in this position and he doesn't know why but he feels a connection to her and takes her back to th...
Octonauts oneshots 2 by skylargarmdon1
Octonauts oneshots 2by skylar flame garmadon
yeah... kinda reached the limet of 200 pages for my other octonauts oneshot book so hares part 2! some will be connected and some won't (I used AI (https://www.bing.com...
My Octonauts Drawings And Stuff ♡ by Snowball_Maltese
My Octonauts Drawings And Stuff ♡by Snowball_Maltese
Just some Octonauts drawings and some other things I've done over the past however long I've like the Octonauts. I do not own the Octonauts. All characters (except my OC...