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Fate/Liber Novus Vol. I by AriesStar337
Fate/Liber Novus Vol. Iby Leandro Gutierrez
An book of OC Servants that haven't made an appearance in canon. An re-write but some may remain the same
Fate/Incursio by zearph-
Fate/Incursioby Zearph
Tatsumi survived the revolution and was tasked with hunting down all of the Teigu, but he ends up being summoned to precipitate in a grand holy grail war as the berserke...
Male!Reader x Fem! Arthur Pendragon by ChibiVivi2246
Male!Reader x Fem! Arthur Pendragonby Chibi
This picture here is used from Pinterest and I don't own it. It belongs to the owner of this picture!! Give Credit to the user, please!! I don't have a summary, but a pr...
Be My Queen (Arthur/Saber x reader) by xgirlinagonyx
Be My Queen (Arthur/Saber x reader)by xgirlinagonyx
"So, you're my master?" I stood there, still dumbstruck as I glimpsed into his glimmering turquoise orbs. "A-And you are?" I stuttered while feelin...
The Dawn Of The Dragonheart by Demonsorrow
The Dawn Of The Dragonheartby Kageura Renka
A celestial dragon, a being that could bring peace to the land of Babylon, ending the war against dragons and humans. But there was also the existence of the celestial h...
♚Love of Two Kings♚ [Gilgamesh X Saber Fanfiction] by AkiraIzumi
♚Love of Two Kings♚ [Gilgamesh X S...by ダニエル★ナザレノ
Saber, she is just a simple and normal college student, a simple vocalist of her band "Réalta Nua". She looked reserved but in reality she is the kind, beautif...
Mage's Guardian Dogs by yuutao
Mage's Guardian Dogsby Yuuta Aki
-TH'M Sequel- A peek into the mage's daily life with their beloved guardian dogs... Until something occurs within their usual routine within the depths of London causing...
The mysterious Caster || Fate Grand Order x Fate Prototype short by maria_antoinette
The mysterious Caster || Fate Gran...by Manaka Antoinette(maria antoi...
After dying once more on her beloved Arthur, Manaka finds herself summoned by a random magus out in a location she doesn't recognize. Discalimer This is a fanfiction sho...
Destined For The World by spicymieniac
Destined For The Worldby Nariware
Ruler, who had obtained human flesh and soul after the war, lost her partial memory about being a Savior of France and Serge's beloved daughter. Merlin, who's tasked to...
The eighth beast of Solomon  by Jalynb2005
The eighth beast of Solomon by Jalynb2005
fate grand order x male reader/oc
Fate/Starlight by Maria_333PH
Fate/Starlightby Maria Santa Cruz
AU Drabble Series written so I can vent. (The Fate Grand Order gacha system doesn't really give that much chance to get the male characters I want which, honestly, is th...
The Rise of the Semi-Servants: A Literate Fate/GO Roleplay  by RougetheFanCat
The Rise of the Semi-Servants: A L...by Rouge
After much debating, I decided: Why the heck not. It'll die quick anyway...if anyone joins that is. WARNING: May contain spoilers for those who haven't played the Japane...
Fate / Ambient Heart by TheLadyOfCrimsonRose
Fate / Ambient Heartby Hiatus
After the events of the 1st fake holy grail war, a lucky individual is selected to participate in the second and hopefully last ritual. She is but an average 10th grade...
Fate/Broken Destinies (ON HIATUS) by padoru
Fate/Broken Destinies (ON HIATUS)by 김
"Whenever I'm sad and alone, promise that you'll come save me." - Alice Baskerville ------------------------- Fate/ franchise, Madoka Magica, Pandora Hearts re...
⁎ Fate Grand Order Imagines ⁎ by mysterious-heroine-f
⁎ Fate Grand Order Imagines ⁎by Jee Chan
just an imagine book of Fate Grand Order, it's my first time doing this so any critique would be appreciated. Also, there are some servants i cannot fully grasp yet (lik...