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Your Knight by Aeon_Hunter
Your Knightby Knight Aeon
The magi clan Yggdmillennia announces it's possession of the Holy Grail, and intends to leave the Mage's association. This worried the the Organization so, they enlisted...
a smaller mordreds brother part 3 (fate/apocrypha) by Paratroopa
a smaller mordreds brother part 3...by Paratroopa
the third book in the series. and it is apocrypha this time. (y/n) was turned into his saber form, which just happened to be his kid form before he got excaliburn. helde...
Fate/Last Light by xKhaosReigns
Fate/Last Lightby Khaos Emperor
*Takes place after Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works* *Also is a crossover with Fate/Apocrypha* After the 5th Holy Grail War, Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka left for L...
Fate/Apocrypha: the strongest magus by grandmega154
Fate/Apocrypha: the strongest magusby the abyss god
Shirou kage is a magus bounty hunter with the first true magic he was ask to be a master for the great holy grail war and he got berserker and now got to battle for the...
Fate: Persona by NightcoreNaegiri
Fate: Personaby Kiri-san
The persona protagonist get summoned to Chadlea as pseudo servants. Akira: Arsene Raoul Lupin Yu: Izanagi no Okami Minato: Thanatos Minako: Messiah
The Mysterious Assassin (Fate Apocrypha x Male Reader) by NeoArthur
The Mysterious Assassin (Fate Apoc...by ArthurNeo
Set in the world, Fate Apocrypha. The Magus from clock tower hired not only Kairi Sisigou but also someone else to be brought into the Greater Grail War. That someone is...
Fate/Servant & Master by Ootori_Shikikan
Fate/Servant & Masterby Harem King
Arato a boy who have a dream of becoming a mage accidentally summon a Servant to the world where there's no Holy Grail war, not even a mage exist in his world What do yo...
Fate Series: Mordred Oneshots by WinterWolf1377
Fate Series: Mordred Oneshotsby 天照狼
For all of you Mordred fans out there, here's a book of oneshots for one of Apocrypha's best girls. Unfortunately, there are no requests unless certain circumstances ari...
The Kamen Rider of the Holy Grail War by Crime_Chaser
The Kamen Rider of the Holy Grail...by Riot Trooper
Haruto Adamescu is a Japanese Orthodox Christian and motorcycle racer who has won at least 30 championships in national racing. One day while riding his motorcycle on t...
Fate Apocrypha:I I'm FATE by DJMM15
Fate Apocrypha:I I'm FATEby I creative
Michel Mendez a 25 year old guy living a normal life has your regular health caring doctor with a decent job,a loving family and a nice apartment but one day after helpi...
Fate/Apocrypha: The Third Faction *SLOW UPDATES* by YamiNoroi
Fate/Apocrypha: The Third Faction...by YamiNoroi
Hello this story was inspired (heavily) by a story made by @LoneWofie. I'll be posting anytime I can, but be warned most likely it will be slow to update, like it says i...
The God Of The Sun (Hyperion x Fate/Apocrypha) by trooper19000
The God Of The Sun (Hyperion x Fat...by TheAtomsphere
Mark Milton is a being from another universe, who's home got destroyed in an Incursion. But the destruction of his home brought him into a new universe.
Gate and thus Chaldea fought there.  by L4st_Master
Gate and thus Chaldea fought there...by Ritsuka Fujimaru
The year was 2017, after Chaldea had saved the world from a world ending disaster, they have begun to reconstruct the world with the help of the servants that Ritsuka Fu...
Luein [F/GO] Siegfried X Karna [FINISHED] by EchoVoiceless
Luein [F/GO] Siegfried X Karna [FI...by VoicelessEcho
(This is a fic of a good friend of mine who asked me to post it here on my account) Karna is treated as an outsider in his own family and he was fine with that. He would...
Fate/Apocrypha - The Elemental Fortuneteller  by Kaitou-Saikyou-Zeta
Fate/Apocrypha - The Elemental For...by Kaitou-Saikyou-Zeta
Fate Apocrypha x OC Caster This is the story where Heroic Spirit, the physical forms of soul of the heroes from the past, to fight along side their Master in order to c...
The Golden Knight Of Fate by Commander_Knight145
The Golden Knight Of Fateby MoonKnight
Hunter Guardian Erys-4 sacrificed her life to allow her fireteam to escape from The Dreaming City, for once she thought death was a scary notion before other beings had...
Fate/Grand Order (FGO) Reader Oneshots by AgentMarshmallow101
Fate/Grand Order (FGO) Reader Ones...by Agent Marshmallow
Just random oneshots of master x servant relationships that I decided to do out of boredom. ;D Currently accepting requests~o!
Rider Time. Kamen Rider Zio Vs Decade: Los sietes sougos en diferentes mundos. by AndresJhonson2019
Rider Time. Kamen Rider Zio Vs Dec...by Jose Andres Avila Ramirez
Hay muchas posibilidades de que existan diferentes sougos tokiwas en el multiverso rider. en donde cada uno de ellos tienen posibles parejas, al igual que el sougo de ki...
A Hero Turned Into A Servant(Fate x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
A Hero Turned Into A Servant(Fate...by ᴬ ⁿᶦᶜᵉ ˢᵐᵒˡ ᵇᵒᶦ
Izuku Midoriya, the boy who's next in line to becoming a hero that he ever dreamed of. Until something happened... He suddenly disappeared but nobody is there to notice...
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Fate/Apocrypha: The Two Side Of A Blade (Male Servant Reader X Fate/Apocrypha) by ShiningGlory574
Fate/Apocrypha: The Two Side Of A...by ShiningGlory574
A French knight name (Y/N) (L/N) lived during the hundred year war and met a Peasant name Jeanne d'Arc. They met and fell in love and got married and both led the French...