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Kissing P'Arthit (Completed) by QueenyC10
Kissing P'Arthit (Completed)by QueenyC
The freshmen women have made a bet to be the first to kiss their fierce head hazer, P'Arthit. The betting pool has reached 8000 Baht and plenty of people are desperate t...
Still Into You by luvperaya
Still Into Youby Aaroo
What if Arthit did not accept Kong's proposal in episode 12 and they drift apart after graduation? What if, after 9 years they meet again in a rather interesting circums...
We Meet Again 》 by imaginationxfantasy
We Meet Again 》by Muffin
Ever felt the greatest regret in your life? The one that put a giant hole in your heart? The one that keeps you awake at night? The one that makes you cry in the middle...
Let's Make Everything Right by anonymouslylazy
Let's Make Everything Rightby Moochi
[Completed] Arthit and Kongpob broke up. Kongpob left the country to start a new life while Arthit started a new journey of his life. The two were in separate ways, liv...
Kongpob, P'Arthit and the Rice Baby (Completed) by QueenyC10
Kongpob, P'Arthit and the Rice Bab...by QueenyC
Arthit and Kongpob have kissed... but maybe Arthit didn't communicate what he felt properly? Because nothing seems to have changed. Suddenly they are thrust into close p...
Chasing Pavements by Melody179
Chasing Pavementsby Melody179
A love story about a junior that's in an one sided love with a senior that's a player. He continues to chase after the senior, knowing that there's little chance for him...
Be mine 》 by imaginationxfantasy
Be mine 》by Muffin
Arthit is..soft for him? The characters belong to bittersweet and the story plot is on the request of @Susmitha3
My savior (Kongpob x Arthit) by mefwamage68
My savior (Kongpob x Arthit)by 🖤
Please keep in mind I only write on Wattpad! Arthit has always had depression but has become a master at hiding it from everyone including his closest friends or at leas...
Kong confessed to arthit when they were kids. Long story short it wasnt raining flowers and hearts but pain and hurts. Kong's family moved away. 7 years later he is back...
I Got Your Back, Mr. CEO by perawachaya
I Got Your Back, Mr. CEOby PERAWACHAYA
Hello! I started a new storyline for Kongpob and Arthit, but I would also like to apologize for not being able to update the other two on-going stories. I will be updat...
When I Fell For You by MadlyninBliss
When I Fell For Youby MadlyninBliss
Arthit had only one aim in his mind, to dodge the matter of marriage with a very annoying family friend named June, so he came up with the best thing he could think of...
SOTUS oneshot collection 2 by crimsonfool
SOTUS oneshot collection 2by crimsonfool
A collection of SOTUS oneshots. Credits to Bittersweet for the characters and the amazing book that is SOTUS
Changes by PinkMilkJunkie
Changesby PinkMilkJunkie
Kongpob and Arthit have been friends forever, but what happens one develops feelings for the other
One More Chance by KS2216
One More Chanceby KS2216
Ex-boyfriends Arthit and Kongpop meet again after 20 years in a college reunion. Now in their early 40s and both having completely different lives, will they ever have a...
2 Heart, 2 life [Crossover Sotus x 2moon] by soNobody
2 Heart, 2 life [Crossover Sotus x...by soNobdy
What will happen went 2 people, similar but yet different have to live the other person life. What worse can their life be? Can their love one & close friends notice the...
Broken Memories by AJGilbertson
Broken Memoriesby AJGilbertson
Takes place during episode 8. Arthit grounds all the juniors but is angered to find Kongpob not among them. Little does he know his harsh words to 0062 may have done mor...
THE REASON by hotaru88
The things that happened to him in those years his husband away. The side story of "TOKEN" from the husband's perspective. English wasn't my first language. Pl...
How to find your soulmate by naruxsasumi
How to find your soulmateby naruxsasumi
Kongpob and Arthit separated on worse terms and now Kongpob is back determined to make things right again. returning is a lot harder than leaving and staying is even har...
A Second Chance..! by Kitsing0062x0206
A Second Chance..!by Jaan
A small misunderstanding led to their separation.. one blaming himself and his short-temper while the other the was breaking apart thinking that he hasn't shown enough l...
The Whole Nine Yards by mmmmjay
The Whole Nine Yardsby mmmmjay
A Sotus Fanfiction happening after the relationship of Kongpob and Arthit was revealed in EP14 of Sotus the Series. Will they be stopped by hurdles or will they be able...