THORNS & VENOM | h.p.a.u by SilverStream22
THORNS & VENOM | h.p.a.uby Queen Of Cliffhangers
In which the prized Gryffindor beauty is given up to Slytherin's venomous prince. ❝Don't you know, darling? Scorpions are venomous. You're much more like me than you thi...
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Clueless {Scorose} by mrsgrangerweasley
Clueless {Scorose}by Christie
This is the story of Rose Weasley's life starting from her sixth year at Hogwarts. Through frienemies and villains, and friends and family, Rose learns many things about...
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Scorpius and Rose by rebecca_dare
Scorpius and Roseby Rebecca Dare
Note: This was written far before the Cursed Child was written so this is all original and not canon. Please be respectful as you read. Thank you! Update: Sept. 2018, I...
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Harry Potter One Shots by believeinMagic7
Harry Potter One Shotsby Cate x
What is love? A kiss? A smile? A word? Love is love, no matter the gender, age or relationship. Here you will find stories of friendship, family, and more than a litt...
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The Things I'll Never Tell You by seeking-hogwarts
The Things I'll Never Tell Youby || Coda ||
In the fantastical setting of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the children of two past-enemies met and have become unlikely best friends: Rose and Scorpius...
  • scorose
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Stars Hold Our Fate (SCOROSE) ~ Editing ~ by live_fully
Stars Hold Our Fate (SCOROSE) ~ Nez Cho
PG with slight language. (Completed April 3rd 2017) {*AMAZING COVER BY @grangxr*} Rose Weasley is outraged. How can McGonagall expect her to tutor Scorpius Malfoy?! A b...
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Sweet Talks | Scorose Oneshots by kizzimmee
Sweet Talks | Scorose Oneshotsby e v i e
A mixture of Scorose one shots and au's. Copyright © 2016 by Evie Taylor
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Rubies & Emeralds (Scorose Fanfic) by GenerallyThere19
Rubies & Emeralds (Scorose Fanfic)by Rahel
Seventh year was meant to be The Year for Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. They were the Heads of Hogwarts, had perfect scores, were top of their class and didn't inten...
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not your average nextgen insta feed. // warning: may contain ships. // completed // highest rank: #12 in random
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James Sirius Potter and the Mysterious Time-Turner [Completed] by erf2208
James Sirius Potter and the E. Freeman
When James Sirius Potter gets back from his 5th year at Hogwarts, he learns some very vital information about a certain object hidden in his house. Join James Sirius Pot...
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Harry Potter ~~>Next Generation Instagram<~~ by ruby123_1
Harry Potter ~~>Next Generation Emma
Exactly how is sounds. Some characters are those I've made up to create the story.
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Harry Potter Instagram by grace-lily-potter
Harry Potter Instagramby Lily Luna Potter
Hermione convinces everyone to use muggle communications. It's all in the title.
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Social Media I {HP NEXT GEN} by slytherinprinxess
Social Media I {HP NEXT GEN}by 🐍💚
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Oh, James Sirius, Why A Time Turner? by wandcookies
Oh, James Sirius, Why A Time Jiji Siluni
{Please keep in mind that this book was published before The Cursed Child's release, meaning that a few titbits of information may be incorrect} The second generation...
  • jamessiriuspotter
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An unlikely love: A scorose fanfic by MayLilyPotter
An unlikely love: A scorose fanficby MayLilyPotter
Rose was always told to stray away from the Malfoys, but when her first year rolls around and he sits alongside her in the train, everything is not how she imagined and...
  • roseweasley
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Instagram for the Next Generation by seeking-hogwarts
Instagram for the Next Generationby || Coda ||
Ever wonder what the social media feed would like for next generation of Hogwarts kids? Assuming that they had wifi and phones that worked both at home and Hogwarts, of...
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Illusion [Scorose] by wordsofamuggleborn
Illusion [Scorose]by Georgia
Rose Weasley couldn't think of anybody she hated more than Scorpius Malfoy. Then again, her mother had already told her that hate is a very strong word. So when tables t...
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Miss you {Scorose} by sh0tgvn
Miss you {Scorose}by sh0tgvn
Sequel di "My Best Error" La vita di Rose Weasley è perfetta: ha un lavoro un figlio un fidanzato, che magari sta anche per chiederle di sposarlo E... PUFF! T...
  • scorpius
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Harry Potter reacts to videos (COMPLETED) by pinkie03pie
Harry Potter reacts to videos ( Dimension princess
(COMPLETED) The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be watching some stuff about themselves, together with some kids they don't know (yet 😏)
  • weasley
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I think I'm in love with a Malfoy. by lollyyypop112
I think I'm in love with a lollyyypop112
Fanfic Watty Awards winner 2011. Lily Luna Potter is the only daughter of the famous Harry Potter. It's her fifth year at Hogwarts and her feelings for a certain golden...
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