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Shrek Is A Hero by GodofTrolls
Shrek Is A Heroby GodofTrolls
We always fuck shrek, but we dont know that he is a shitty hero.
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Hot Fanfiction~ by VaricellaZoster
Hot Fanfiction~by Herpes
One of the hottest stories on here, Filled with drama, action, and romance~
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#ILoveMyBestFriend *boyxboy* by KirstySangster
#ILoveMyBestFriend *boyxboy*by Kirsty Sangster
*IF YOU ARE AGAINST GAY RELATIONSHIPS DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER FOR YOUR BENEFIT* Jayden is just a normal 17 year old who is confused about life and how to live it. For th...
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Sweet Onions by KaziChan
Sweet Onionsby KaziChan
A Shrek x Armin fanfic <3
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Gem In My Blart by memehighness
Gem In My Blartby HARDCORE K8
Paul Blart finds himself in a new school, hoping for a new story. He finds romance with a gem named Peridot, meets bullies like Nicki Minaj, and friends like Sollux Capt...
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Shrek is love Shrek is life by TonyWomack
Shrek is love Shrek is lifeby Tony Womack
Shrek X ____ (Fill in the Blanks) by lordisnotyoursavior
Shrek X ____ (Fill in the Blanks)by i want to die this is a cring...
COPYRIGHT: DO NOT REPUBLISH!! I HAVE ALL THE CREDIT FOR THIS. Feel free to print it out or save it to fill the blanks in, though. This story is not a madlib, but it's mo...
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Shrek is Love Shrek is Life (Shrek x Reader FanFiction) by catisgrose
Shrek is Love Shrek is Life ( ♡ cat ♡
"...because after all....Shrek is love, Shrek is life,"
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Giving birth with your daddy Trump by trumpdaddy
Giving birth with your daddy Trumpby daddy trump <4
Donald rushed into the hospital old and sweaty from himself going into labor. "What happened here?" "My sugar daddy is his ear." Bernie...
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Juice by phanlolzor_
Juiceby phanlolzor_
Harry Styles/Shrek One Shot by harrystyleslive
Harry Styles/Shrek One Shotby all the love
guys this story is sick. pls read nd comment.
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Fanfiction by eliseroseblack1
Fanfictionby eliseroseblack1
A really crazy group fanfiction, which explains the random plot twists, the fact that it makes no sense, and the occasional perspective changes that also make no sense...
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Jam 2 by kaylagreat
Jam 2by kayla
This is the second book from the original jam when Jacob and Samantha.
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git shreked by GetShrek12
git shrekedby GetShrek12
gitting shricked with shrek
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Trump Tales (Donald Trump x reader) by toomanymistakes
Trump Tales (Donald Trump x reader)by toomanymistakes
This story is a Trump x Reader story. It's a very spicy meat-a-ball-a. Rawr XD. Here are some real reviews from Yelp: "ye-YEE this book made me yeehaw" ~Taylor...
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What Being A Weeb Does To You | ImmortalFox by sweet_ghosts
What Being A Weeb Does To You | 🔝MILK DADDY🔝
Aleks gets really kinky one night and asks Eddie to fulfil his needs. Mid-way through Aleks turns into a scene-weeb and we all shed a tear in condolences.
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Rihoncé by LemonWeekly
Rihoncéby ~Lemon~
Rihanna and Beyoncé are two of the largest pop stars in the world. The have the talent, the fame, the looks, and the fandoms. But have you ever wondered what would happe...
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Shrek is love shrek is life by mrsmayo567
Shrek is love shrek is lifeby mrsmayo567
Find out of one of the biggest fan fiction EVER..... SHREK
Shrek Imagines by Supbug
Shrek Imaginesby Supbug
Imagines about my true lord and saviour, Shrek.
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