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Love of Royalty  by midshipcupid
Love of Royalty by midshipcupid
Shrek 1-3 (Arthur pendragon x cheri hallow) Cheri hallow gets put into the movie series shrek and she absolutely loves it she meets Shrek and donkey and they go to save...
Enchanted Feelings by CuriouslyFaceless
Enchanted Feelingsby Curiously Faceless
In a kingdom far, far away, It was well known that the king and queen had one daughter. A cursed daughter. Their other daughter stayed amongst the books and wasn't publi...
ᔕᕼᖇᗴK: ᗪᖇᗩᘜOᑎᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ Oᘜᖇᗴᔕ by BraedimusSupreme
ᔕᕼᖇᗴK: ᗪᖇᗩᘜOᑎᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ Oᘜᖇᗴᔕby Braedey95 2.0
Shrek, a reclusive and lone ogre, has his life interrupted when fairy tale creatures invade his homeland and his privacy. So he, alongside a humanoid Nightfury dragon b...
Hitler vs Shrek by ineedtoeatpotatos
Hitler vs Shrekby Potato
This is the story of the epic battle between mustache man and ogre boi.
Grace Meets Shrek by PrincessRose97
Grace Meets Shrekby PrincessRose97
Grace appeared in the swamp where she met Shrek and Donkey. They travel far to find the Dragon's Keep to rescue Princess Fiona from Lord Farguad's orders. I don't own an...
Her Princess 1 (LGBTQ+ story) by miss_garden
Her Princess 1 (LGBTQ+ story)by Miss Garden
Lorraine, a beautiful princess from the kingdom of Bondoc, has been locked away in a tower-guarded by a terrifying dragon-for years. She waited in the dragon's keep, in...
Shrek The Third: The Would Be King & I [Book 3] by TashaFarthing
Shrek The Third: The Would Be 🌸TashaLeigh🌸
~Sequel to Shrek 2: Happily 'N'Ever After [Book 2]~ Uncle Connor: Now remember: No nagging, bragging, sweating, fretting, slipping, tripping, slurping, burping, twitteri...
shreck the movie x adopted sister! reader by AdelphiaFox
shreck the movie x adopted ♡Cosette Fraser♡
you are shrek's sister there will be more information in the story
Shrek Forever After (Aranea2020 Version) AKA Story continuation! by Aranea2020
Shrek Forever After (Aranea2020 Aranea Nevada2020
After going through a life crisis with his friends and family (not to mention his two pets that looked up to him as a dad), Shrek wishes he can have things go back to wh...
Shrek x Jesus: A Holy Love by GreyNeedsHelp2247
Shrek x Jesus: A Holy Loveby Grey Needs Mental Help
Jesus was not like other girls. And Shrek liked that. Shrek liked how quirky he was and the color of his big blue orbs. Then on a day that started our like any other, Sh...
Brave Hero (Puss In Boots X Male Reader) by TheHawkzenman77
Brave Hero (Puss In Boots X Male Hawk The Hellhound
(Y/n) is a wanted man just like Puss, kitty softpaws and others but in reality he actually isn't a bad guy. he's just a man who wants to protect the innocent but everyon...
Douluo Dalu: auxiliary system by NyxNg1
Douluo Dalu: auxiliary systemby Nyx Ng
The cover is not mine Note: there might be some parts where the story is different from the original,and do read soul land first so that you will have a general understa...
Musicals, musicals everywhere! by 666LadyInRed
Musicals, musicals everywhere!by 666LadyInRed
Musical memes!!! I don't own the memes.
New Girl-Baylen Levine by JustAsmallTownGirl69
New Girl-Baylen Levineby JustAsmallTownGirl69
You just moved to Florida with your family, and you saw a piece of paper on your car, and that's when your life went crazy
Shrek: Once Upon A True Love's Kiss [Book 1] by TashaFarthing
Shrek: Once Upon A True Love's 🌸TashaLeigh🌸
We all have those weird dreams where we fight dragons, dream of a 'happily ever after'...or in my cousin Alice's case; make friends with a unicorn that literally poops e...
Cinematic Adventures: Shrek by extremeenigma02
Cinematic Adventures: Shrekby extremeenigma02
The Mane Six and Spike are off another whirlwind adventure into the Multiverse. This time, they find themselves in a bizarre kingdom filled with fairytale creatures. It...
Sussy Amungus x Shrek 🧅 x James Charles x Ed sheeran by sussybakashrek101
Sussy Amungus x Shrek 🧅 x James sussybakashrek101
It's a imposter x shrek love story (; Fiona and the whole shrek movie storyline doesn't exist, shrek is just liven out his days alone until Imposter enters his life 🥵...
shrek 5/ Puss in boots 3 by RonsIQ
shrek 5/ Puss in boots 3by DEEZ
After the events of Puss in Boots: The last wish, Puss decides to go to Far Far Away to visit his "old friends" with Kitty and Perrito. But when they arrive to...
the blonde ➪ baylen levine by sunkissedseventies
the blonde ➪ baylen levineby haileyyy
ON HOLD UNTIL 2023 "shut up blondie" in which baylen and peej's childhood best friend comes back into town. oc x baylen levine 💫🏄🏼‍♀️🤍