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A Court of Desires and Darkness by araebooks
A Court of Desires and Darknessby Arleta Rae
A millennium ago, the Cauldron chose Canna as its Keeper. At all times, she can feel its presence, hear its whispers. She traverses the faerie realms as a lesser fae, gl...
ACOTAR One~shots [Discontinued, Will be deleted] by LovinQueen
ACOTAR One~shots [Discontinued, LovinQueen
One shots from Acotar, Acomaf, Acowar and Acofas. Art belongs to their owners.
Tamlin's Daughter by WelshFlower02
Tamlin's Daughterby WelshFlower02
Odette has never known the outside world, having only seen it from her window. on her eighteenth her life changes as she is taken from her room for the first time and t...
afflicted [dark!azriel] by shadowdaddyazriel
afflicted [dark!azriel]by azriel鈥檚 whore
She woke up in Azriel's torture chamber with no memory of who she is or how she ended up there. He tells her she's there because she deserves to be there. Who do we beco...
A Court of Light and Fire (ACOTAR) by charlotte_romeo_
A Court of Light and Fire (ACOTAR)by Charlotte Romeo
Instagram @charlotte_romeo_ ~~~~~ Celeste Archeron is forced into a body of the Cauldron's choosing, a life she never dreamed of living and world she never imagined call...
The Shadowsingers Mate by dizzie-bug420
The Shadowsingers Mateby dizzie-bug420
Azriel never thought he would find his mate, so he set his sights on Morrigan. He couldn't have her though. She was captured by Hypbern before the war, and couldn't be...
Air: Shadowsinger Tales by shleyreadsbooks
Air: Shadowsinger Talesby Ashley
Let's keep it plain and simple shall we? A 21st century mortal has now found herself living in what seems like a completely paralleled universe known as Velaris; the ci...
A Court of Secrets and Shadows by _____Amour____
A Court of Secrets and Shadowsby _____Amour____
When Azriel was born, he was born with a twin.
A Court of Flames and Shadows by LeeraIvy
A Court of Flames and Shadowsby Leera Ivy
Daemati are feared and coveted throughout Prythian. Seren Marzena is one of the few among their ranks. When her power is revealed to Beron Vanserra, High Lord of the Aut...
Nightfall {An Azriel (ACOTAR) FanFic} by Ink-insomnia
Nightfall {An Azriel (ACOTAR) Ink-insomnia
Heart Evangelina - The oldest of the Archerone sisters, but not a sister at all at the same time. Having led a life of luxury and wealth and building her reputation as...
Escape from the Darkness  by scrittrice_863
Escape from the Darkness by scrittrice_863
Aelin is still trapped in the iron coffin, being smothered by the mask and chains day in and day out. She's been trapped for 6 months at this point. 6 months of Maeve en...
Storm of Starlight, ACOTAR by nicbelles
Storm of Starlight, ACOTARby 藯藦藡 NIC-FIL-A 藥藠藯
"Her wings are made of starlight." In which a mortal girl and an immortal Illyrian are gifted neighboring cells Under The Mountain and change each other's live...
A Court Of Shadows & Stars | Azriel Fanfic by authorLBN
A Court Of Shadows & Stars | L.N
An azriel x my Oc fanfic Azriel, the quietest of the bat boys, was always happy to see his brothers finding their wives. He, however, didn't know if he could have anyone...
Illyrian Bonds by shadowdaddyazriel
Illyrian Bondsby azriel鈥檚 whore
Feyre Archeron is kidnapped by the High Lord of the Night Court. He has taken her to be his bride... but not only his. His best friends Cassian and Azriel want her too...
Wingless Illyrian by whatnameisnttaken1
Wingless Illyrianby whatnameisnttaken1
Keena is a soldier, trained by the Night Court's General to inflict pain and suffering on anyone who comes to harm those who she loves. At least that what she's learned...
The Fourth Sister by InsaneBookMind
The Fourth Sisterby InsaneBookMind
Before she died, Feyre, Nesta, and Elain's mother had a fourth child. Nobody but the child knows. The child, Adira, was raised as an assassin. She is the most feared as...
A Court of Moonlight Shadow by tinypeiceofbread
A Court of Moonlight Shadowby tinypieceofbread
"No one can just come back from death. You are no god Luna." Cal said as he pulled out a dagger from his waist. "Who said anything about the gods?" L...
Shadows and Flame by Azriel-Rowan
Shadows and Flameby James
Its been years since the war, now Rowan and Aelin have married, ruling Terrasen in sync. Their daughter Ilias is nineteen now, on her and her mothers shared birthday som...
Darkest before Dawn |Azriel| by itswildflower
Darkest before Dawn |Azriel|by Starset
"Rhys, there's someone here" a voice calls out. Rhys and Azriel come up to Cassian who stands in front of a cell. Rhys nods and breaks the door open. They ente...
i n   t h e   s h a d o w s  - a z r i e l  (slow updates) by archerlightwood
i n t h e s h a d o w s - a gem
Eile谩n贸ir is like Feyre, she likes to paint. Perhaps that's why they are best friends. When Feyre was taken in Prythian, Eile谩n贸ir was left alone. Then, one day, she fo...