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A Court of Lightning and Shadows by padyprongs
A Court of Lightning and Shadowsby Bri :)
Briar Fortin is a 266 year old half Fae, half Illyrian. Briar lives in one of the smaller camps, but also one of the worst. When her father finds out about her bleeding...
Gwynriel Fan Fic by meher-sumedha
Gwynriel Fan Ficby Gwynriel fanfictionalist
Gwynriel Fan Fic - 18+, TW warnings, Read at own risk
A World Away by poet_at_heart
A World Awayby tjain7
BOOK 1 - completed Two best friends find themselves freefalling through Velaris' sky with no way back home. Azriel x OC Pre-ACOTAR to ACOSF (I seriously don't know what...
Daisy Blooms - Azriel by FredWeasleyLover555
Daisy Blooms - Azrielby FredWeasleylover
Daisy's a general for the Peregryns in the Dawn Court. A Court of Thorns and Roses book series does not belong to me, it belongs to Sarah J. Maas. The cover for this boo...
Until We Fall by Areonniell
Until We Fallby Areonniell
Shaera is the commander of Hybern's armies, a battle strategist, bringer of death, and the embodiment of darkness itself. Sh-ai-ra Slow burn, enemies to lovers ACOMAF...
Azriel x Elain short stories by gabriele380899
Azriel x Elain short storiesby User2098
I will keep on adding stories of Azriel and Elain.
Tamlin's Daughter by WelshFlower02
Tamlin's Daughterby WelshFlower02
Odette has never known the outside world, having only seen it from her window. on her eighteenth her life changes as she is taken from her room for the first time and t...
❝ we're all great pretenders, aren't we? ❞ (pre-acotar to acowar) (eventual azriel x fem!oc) (ungodly- [2021])
A Court of Stars and Flame (ACOTAR FANFIC) by klausmikaelsonswifu
A Court of Stars and Flame ( klausmikaelsonswifu
TW: this book will deal with triggering topics. If you are easily triggered this is not the story for you, thanks. We all know Feyre, Nesta and, Elain, but what about t...
A Court of Secrets and Shadows by _____Amour____
A Court of Secrets and Shadowsby _____Amour____
When Azriel was born, he was born with a twin.
A Court of Shadows and Flowers by GanuS002
A Court of Shadows and Flowersby GanuS002
Evalin was a dreamer born into the Court of Nightmares. She cannot escape her fate. But when she meets a shadowsinger, his past as traumatized as her own, Evalin realiz...
A Court of Desires and Darkness by araebooks
A Court of Desires and Darknessby Arleta Rae
A millennium ago, the Cauldron chose Canna as its Keeper. At all times, she can feel its presence, hear its whispers. She traverses the faerie realms as a lesser fae, gl...
Let You Down |Azriel| by silent-sister
Let You Down |Azriel|by your local yin fen dealer
In which a girl escapes that which binds her. [Azriel x Fem OC]
Daddy Azriel  by lovemesomeazriel
Daddy Azriel by lovemesomeazriel
See what happens when Azriel unexpectedly meets his mate and discovers that she has a child from a previous relationship. Their romance flares as Skylah opens herself ba...
A Court of Flames and Shadows by LeeraIvy
A Court of Flames and Shadowsby Leera Ivy
Daemati are feared and coveted throughout Prythian. Seren Marzena is one of the few among their ranks. When her power is revealed to Beron Vanserra, High Lord of the Aut...
Worlds Collide(ACOTAR and TOG crossover) by cmb1388
Worlds Collide(ACOTAR and TOG cmb1388
I've always wanted to see a TOG and ACOTAR crossover and I've wanted to see a story about Rhys' sister still being alive so I decided to combine these ideas into one. Wh...
Air: Shadowsinger Tales by shleyreadsbooks
Air: Shadowsinger Talesby Ashley
Let's keep it plain and simple shall we? A 21st century mortal has now found herself living in what seems like a completely paralleled universe known as Velaris; the ci...
throne of glass & acotar crossover by cosmotae
throne of glass & acotar crossoverby 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐞
when aelin is taken by maeve and tortured, she is suddenly transported into another world after being on the verge of dying. things start to get better when she meets t...
ᴀ ᴅᴀʀᴋᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ by beachymin
ᴀ ᴅᴀʀᴋᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛby ✨jalebi baby✨
[on hold??] - rhysand's sister isn't dead, shocker, right? well, it's been 500 years and she been living peacefully (?) in Erilea, a world away from Prythian with no int...
Alida- Warrior Maiden by sunday_kind_of_love
Alida- Warrior Maidenby K.M.B
You might know the story of the the three Archeron sisters, but do you know the story of the four Archeron sisters? Of course you have Feyre; the youngest who was turne...