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A Visitor from Terrasen  ~Updates: hahahahaha what?~ by thetrainduck
A Visitor from Terrasen thetrainduck
Aelin goes to ACOTAR - there is no plot, the characters are just fucking around. ~~~125k+ words (seriously what the fuck happened? cause google docs is shook), updates I...
ACOTAR One shots by althompson99
ACOTAR One shotsby althompson99
Some characters from ACOTAR others from my imagination
Fire In The Mountains ( NESSIAN FANFIC) by skulleyes20
Fire In The Mountains ( NESSIAN Suryodita Tak
Cassian- Her face is now inches away from me, Our breaths mingling. I don't move just yet and wait for her to back away. She'll back away just like yesterday and day bef...
The Heirs of the Night Court  by Azrielstruemate
The Heirs of the Night Court by Azrielstruemate
Spin-off book from "Shadows like Mine" (Read that first) Luna, daughter of Azriel, is an exceptional Valkyrie and spy in training. In her early twenties, she...
A Tale As Old As Time - Azriel by just_for_bants
A Tale As Old As Time - Azrielby - E
Azriel relied on the light of the day to save him from the darkness. To keep him from the shadows and scars that haunted his nightmares. Tahlia relied on the darkness to...
Different Life by Shuri04
Different Lifeby Shuri04
Raven is the fourth Archeron sister- and the oldest. Over the years she felt as if she failed her sisters and herself. So she became the protector of her family, even if...
A Court of Shadows and Love by unexpectedsavior
A Court of Shadows and Loveby unexpectedsavior
Ivy hasn't had much to do with her life except to keep her family alive. She hunts daily, sparing no effort to get food to feed her hungry family. But when her father ge...
A Star and a Flame by heyheyeverybodyitsme
A Star and a Flameby heyheyeverybodyitsme
Two worlds. Two cities. One fateful collision. Nyx is the son of Feyre Archeron and Rhysand, the High Lady and Lord of the Night Court, but he is destined to grow up t...
A Story of Fire and Darkness (A ToG and ACoTaR crossover) by mcdekylegolden04
A Story of Fire and Darkness (A mcdekylegolden04
A crossover of Sarah J. Maas' series Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Aelin is working to rebuild her broken kingdom into the glorious place it once had...
Hybern's Heiress (Shadowsinger Love Story)  by sexylegolas
Hybern's Heiress (Shadowsinger Natalie Rushman
ON UNFORESEEN HIATUS-Azriel x OC. ACOTAR. The inner circle of the High Lord of The Night Court received a disturbing intel about an heiress to their late enemy, King Hyb...
Game of Prythian by Cait2025
Game of Prythianby Dragon-Fly
In the beginning and in the end, there is darkness; Nothing more. Kana Archeron has spent her entire life being hated. As Nesta's twin and being born three minutes befo...
A Court of Darkness and Melodies by _BookAddict79
A Court of Darkness and Melodiesby _BookAddict79
Azriel is spiraling and shutting everyone out. Ever since that night on Winter Solstice, Azriel has been going in deeper and deeper, and even his brothers fail to pull h...
A Court of Baes & Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_
A Court of Baes & Feelsby Aelin of the Wildfire
Includes angry rants, ridiculously inappropriate, laugh out loud inside jokes, Nessian sexual tension, one shots, the one & only original Daily Programming Good for Noth...
Crescent City: A Court of Thrones and Glass by Livinderdeep
Crescent City: A Court of Livinderdeep
Worlds collide when strangers suddenly appear in Prythian and problems of the past resurface. A crossover between all three of Sarah J Maas' series. What would happen i...
Me in ACOTAR by ashanmugamani
Me in ACOTARby Lady Legacy
Selena like every ACOTRA fan is obsessed with the wonderful characters. And like every fan reads fanfictions and creates ones of her own. But what will happen when Selen...
The Ends of the Earth by lethaldesire
The Ends of the Earthby lethaldesire
It's been two years since Aelin defeated Erawan and Maeve in a bloody battle. Two years since her life changed. And it's about to change again. Someone from her past com...
A Court of Short Stories and Fan Fictions by LexiLindale
A Court of Short Stories and Fan Lexi Lindale
Throne of glass and A Court of Mist and Fury fan fictions galore. I am Nessian Trash. Also Elide and lorcan. Sam and Caleana. Aelin and Rowan. There are plenty more sto...
Azriel's Heir by WrenWrites11
Azriel's Heirby Wren
Ash is the son of Feyre and Rhysand, the Heir to the night court and son of the two most powerful Fae in history. Or so everyone thought. Ash's new friend and protector...
Acotar Oneshots by msfeyredarling
Acotar Oneshotsby msfeyredarling
A bunch of random acotar oneshots All characters belong to SJM.
Feysand and Rowaelin Oneshots by nooneknows123097
Feysand and Rowaelin Oneshotsby xStarGurlx
The title pretty much explains it. It is a collection of Oneshots from both is Sarah J Maas's series I do not own any of the characters And I hope you guys will enjoy i...