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gold rush. TWILIGHT by yelyahs-
gold rush. TWILIGHTby kelli
eyes like sinking ships on waters so inviting . . . © yelyahs-, 2022. ╱ ROSALIE HALE x FEM!OC no. 4 in #stephaniemeyer . . . . . nov. 18, 2022. no. 2 in #teresap...
The Banshee (Jasper Hale x OC) by AmaraGen
The Banshee (Jasper Hale x OC)by AmaraGen
Emma Marshall, lost her mother at the age of 15 and her father tried to kill her at the age of 16. She moves to Forks with her foster sister Bella Swan. But when she me...
DREAM - Rosalie Hale [1] by cerasella-
DREAM - Rosalie Hale [1]by isabella
IN WHICH... Rosalie Hale never expected for her dreams to come true. [ book one - twilight ] [ rosalie hale x fem!reader ]
Dancing with our hands tied | Rosalie Hale by SMcGlaggen
Dancing with our hands tied | Mackie
~~BOOK 1 of the Soffia Swan Series~~ When 17 year-old Bella Swan and her 15 year-old sister Soffia Swan moved to live with their father in the uneventful town of Forks t...
magic • j. hale [✓] by -sayonarabitch
magic • j. hale [✓]by CLOSED.
Ariella Swan is the twin sister of Isabella Swan. You probably haven't heard of her yet, because she's been away from her sister for 7 years. Why do you ask? On Ariella'...
elegance | victoria sutherland by sesouvienne
elegance | victoria sutherlandby ésotérique
swan, a bird known for its elegance - in which the forgotten sister found her love full of disappointment from others from the ones who lied from the ones who pretended ...
The Artist • Rosalie Hale by its_red_riot_
The Artist • Rosalie Haleby Red
Because maybe there's more to life. Rosalie hale x FemOC
Time Brings Roses (old) by timevortex33
Time Brings Roses (old)by Jade
Autumn Smith is trying to be act like a normal girl after she recently moved. But that's kinda hard to do when you catch the attention of the mysterious Cullen family. I...
Beauty And The Beast by werewolf7745
Beauty And The Beastby Son Of Stope
The pack is gone, dead, completely killed by hunters, Stiles was the only one to survive because Scott gave him the bite at the last second. But he didn't turn into a we...
Original Cullen, klaus mikaelson by -MissHolland
Original Cullen, klaus mikaelsonby -MissHolland
Juliet Cullen was Carlisle Cullen's only daughter, no one knows about her. He was to afraid to talk about her so he never thought of her of even talked about her it was...
Rosalie's and Emmett's shared mate  by emweraldwarr
Rosalie's and Emmett's shared mate by emweraldwarr
When Bella's half sister moves in with Charlie and well Bella doesn't like her but she soon catches the eye of Rosalie and Emmett but Alice soon realises that's their ma...
Mama Bear | Rosalie & Emmett by disneyobsessedbitch_
Mama Bear | Rosalie & Emmettby disney girl 👑 💞
Elizabeth Swan is the complete opposite of her twin sister, Bella. Elizabeth is outgoing and loves the rain and cold, so she's very excited to be moving back home, unlik...
The First Cullen Kid(A Twilight Fanfic) by Oncer121598
The First Cullen Kid(A Twilight Shannon Brunicke
Alexandra Williams is a 15 year old that lives with her mother in North Carolina. In 1864, there was a Scarlet fever epidemic going around her village. Both Alexandra an...
Too Close | Rosalie Hale by suddenretrograde
Too Close | Rosalie Haleby Grace
Lex (short for Alexandrine, but she refuses to call herself that) Holloway was having the worst birthday of her life. She would even go as far as to say, it was the one...
breathe.{ʀ. ʜᴀʟᴇ} by lolabola262
breathe.{ʀ. ʜᴀʟᴇ}by lola ☆・*。
⸺ ANDIE SWAN'S life was never meant to be normal. She was an A+ student from the time she was in kindergarten, and now at the recommendations of her teachers, she was t...
Euphoria ~ Jasper Hale by mya_rxse
Euphoria ~ Jasper Haleby M.N
"Didn't anybody ever tell you? Don't deal with the devil." ~ In which, Seraphina Swan found out her secret heritage, along with the secrets that lingered bene...
Lorena Bentlee Swan (Vladimir Romania Fanfiction) by NarcissaAlexia
Lorena Bentlee Swan (Vladimir Sydney Reffner
Lorena Bentlee Swan is the younger sister of Bella Swan. She's also into DDLG and is a Little, she's also Vladimir's true mate. What happens when the Volturi catches win...
Kayla Mikaelson  (Jasper Hale) by cumbxby
Kayla Mikaelson (Jasper Hale)by 𝒎𝒐𝒎𝒎𝒚.
(THIS BOOK NEEDS TO BE EDITED.) What if Esther had another affair and had a tribrid child instead? But since it was obvious that she could claim the baby as her husbands...
LOVE *Carlisle's Daughter*✔ (Editing) by Hazel-nut_Bells1215
LOVE *Carlisle's Daughter*✔ ( Bells 🖤
Her adoptive parents see her as a problem, her town see her as a freak, but he sees her as his lost daughter and the light in a dark time. One day Eleanor is wheeled in...
The Unique Swan(A Twilight Fanfic) by Oncer121598
The Unique Swan(A Twilight Fanfic)by Shannon Brunicke
Delilah Swan is the twin sister of Bella who lives with Charlie. Delilah has autism and she stutters. Face claim for Delilah: Kellie Berglund. (This starts two years b...