The Alpha's Lost Mate

The Alpha's Lost Mate

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BrilliantCrescent By BrilliantCrescent Updated 5 days ago

"Bryson, where are you? Why haven't you come to get me? Who are you?" 

I don't know who Bryson is. I don't know if he's a figment of my imagination or from a time before this one.  I wish he would come to save me. I don't want to be in the dark room anymore or with Sir. Both bring pain and sorrow, that never stops. Please save me Bryson.

Everett was kidnapped at the age of four away from her family, mate, pack. Her mate, Bryson the now Alpha of The Lupus Pack has been looking for her for the 14 years along with her family and other pack members. Will Bryson be able to find her and save her before the darkness consumes her or will it be too late?
This book was once My Alpha Bryson but is being rewritten. If you wish to read the original version it is still up and available to read. This story will differ in some plot points, grammar, some characters, and the works. The last story was written over 2 years ago so there will be differences in writing style as well as I have developed as a writer. Thank you for reading and ENJOY!

Started: 12/13/2017
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