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end game || tayvis by hrtsfortaytay
end game || tayvisby chloe <3
heyy !! this is basically just a tayvis fanfic, haha. not really much to explain. but i would appreciate it if you'd read :) thanks <33
Just Let Me Leave (Jercy AU) by BroadwayTrash_PJO
Just Let Me Leave (Jercy AU)by BroadwayTrash_PJO
Jason seemed to be perfect. The people around him, though, weren't as lucky. Depressed. His sister. Anxious and Alone. His two best friends. There were even others, such...
Mafias love by bangtan_purplekook
Mafias loveby bangtan_purplekook
What happens when A INNOCENT girl caught on a heartheless mafia Kings eyes " ur mine SWEETHEART "- jungkook "I'LL WILL NEVER STAY WITH A DEVIL"-yn W...
Forced Marriage || KTH by _writing_service_
Forced Marriage || KTHby Taeguqk
when you were forced to marry your twin sister's husband after she died while giving birth ; him as your ex-classmate and brother in law read to find more!
"I HATE HER" by WayToStupid
"I HATE HER"by WayToStupid
"We may love the wrong person and cry for the wrong reason, but one thing is for sure, mistakes help us to find the right person." -Taylor Swift Inspired...
Bro - The Book of Jercy by AryaDumbledore
Bro - The Book of Jercyby AryaDumbledore
Alright readers or viewers, you know the drill. Welcome to a book of Jercyness, platonic or not, I actually can't remember all of the contents in this collection. As usu...
✔️ | I Can't lose you | Eddie kaspbrak X Reader  by DestinyErza
✔️ | I Can't lose you | Eddie 💕
When your Richie Tozier's sister you have a dedicated place in the losers club, a loser club that would soon end up in more danger than usual, would anything good come f...
"The one": Giyuu x Reader by Giyuus_ho3
"The one": Giyuu x Readerby < Giyuu’s_hoe 3
-They/Them pronouns are used- -modern time UA before COVID😩- Y/N is a teacher and It's their first day. Though while getting to know the school they run into a hot musc...
PJO/HoO One Shots by MyVintageUnderworld_
PJO/HoO One Shotsby Onyx
Just a couple of PJO and HoO one shots! Always open for requests! If you do, please state if you want something like a brotp or otp
How the Sky fell for the Sea by buttonstories
How the Sky fell for the Seaby Miss Button
A mate is the most important bond in the werewolf world. Jason is days from becoming the new Pack Alpha, presenting and finding out who that special person is. Percy is...
True Crime Collection by ErineenaTrueCrime
True Crime Collectionby Erineena
A collection of true crime cases both solved and unsolved. This is not a way of being disrespectful towards anyone involved in any of these cases in any way, they are...
Percy Jackson & the Curse of Love by skyewritesstories_
Percy Jackson & the Curse of Loveby Skye
Percy Jackson has a dream with Aphrodite. She gives Percy an offer. He declines the offer without considering the consequences. In a rage, Aphrodite curses Percy, and hi...
Fears To Fathom Fanfiction-Ironbark 𝓗𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓾𝓹 by cakeloverrrr0192
Fears To Fathom Cakeloverr🍰❄️
Ahh...Hannah Nelson. Jack's beautiful, confident, but wild little sister whom he loves yet is still concerned for. Jack Nelson is a Firewatch man for Ironbark State Park...
Bleed for the Camera by DeliriousMoon
Bleed for the Cameraby Jess Jones
It's been smooth sailing for Evie Harper lately. Business at her café is booming and her new man seems to be on a mission to keep a smile on her face. But when her actio...
Coffee Love ✔️ by kutoriaa
Coffee Love ✔️by torii
Amanda and Alexander have a fight in the line at a coffee shop. This enemies to lovers story's ending might not be as bitter as the coffee that they both like to drink...
The Secret Writer by XCoca_Cola_PopX
The Secret Writerby Steve
"This class is ridiculous, and so are the teacher's squeaky shoes which are old trend that nobody even wears." "Tell me about it? I've been lookin...
A Gentle Reminder by chiameeey
A Gentle Reminderby Chiamey
BIANCA SPARACINO is a writer from Toronto. She wrote this for you. A gentle reminder, for the days you feel light in this world, and for the days in which the sun rises...
The Symbol of Shadows by Mimicry_-
The Symbol of Shadowsby
**In the Shadow of Symbols** is a gripping crime thriller that follows Detective Smith and his partner, Detective Vance, as they investigate a series of brutal murders...
A Special Star in the Sky (Starco Fanfic) by OhThatPerson
A Special Star in the Sky ( OhThatPerson
After almost a year with the Diazs, Star had gotten used to Earth and felt like she was family. But when Mr and Mrs. Diaz go on a trip, Star starts to feel this weird fe...