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Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Complete) by HarmonyJ19
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Compl...by Just a Dreamer
The story title explains it all! Sorry im bad at photoshop! Madelyn rans away from home. She was abused and the person who was taking care of her was just dreadful. How...
  • jenniferandjosh
  • friendship
  • jlaw
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mia | KIM SEOKJIN  by iseakook
mia | KIM SEOKJIN by jkookism
"Have you eaten?" "Yeah," Lies. 'continue to starve yourself, you pig.' - mia.
  • taehyung
  • hardtimes
  • angst
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bleed (emo life and love story) by skittkezfire
bleed (emo life and love story)by skittkezfire
This is my story. Of how I came to realize life is worth it and that I can go on everyday knowing that it's going to better. During this journey I will face love, heart...
  • love
  • cutting
  • bravery
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Loving my steps walking away from things not meant for me by yasminelm4
Loving my steps walking away from...by yasminelm4
On a Sunday evening at a high cliff, Mila finds her self drowning into the sunset with her deep mind reflections. After a few tough years, she finally realized how much...
  • beleive
  • hope
  • rebuilding
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a dark secret... by createingelle
a dark secret...by ♥︎elle ♡
lowercase 🌙 Nashville TN... a beautiful place...with snobby rich kids...southerns with accents...those athletic kids...and "perfect" kids with dark secrets...
  • dark
  • sweet
  • hard
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The Diary Of Jane by creepyvampgirl
The Diary Of Janeby Jane Diane Welch
Hello Dear Followers! I thought I'd kind of expose myself on here. My inner most thoughts. Frustrations, idiocy, or whatever life throws at me. Everything I will be wri...
  • emotional
  • hardtimes
  • life
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An Ode to Normality  by lrwrites
An Ode to Normality by lrwrites
A compilation of poetry I've written over the years
  • poet
  • poetry
  • hardtimes
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friendship Quotes by RossLynch_12
friendship Quotesby RossLynch_12
for friends to read to get her or to read when your lonley or sad ENJOY!!!
  • hardtimes
  • lastingforever
  • friends
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Poems of my life  by csangster2016
Poems of my life by csangster2016
Poems about my life and how I grew up And all the bad things and thoughts I have growing up I hope my poems can help other people in my shoes and Are going thru tuff t...
  • lifestory
  • sadpoems
  • beingstrong
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The Horse that Flew by hollyann007
The Horse that Flewby hollyann007
This story is about a girl and her horse (this is the story of my life). As she travels through hard moments and tough times she bonds with a wild stallion! Read this st...
  • friendship
  • truestories
  • horses
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From Her To Him by lexilooho
From Her To Himby lexilooho
My name is K.N. And this is my story. This is a true story and I'm changing and using initials to tell this story. This story began in 2002 but it really began to be int...
  • joyful
  • life
  • hardtimes
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Insane love  by shydavis927
Insane love by Max
This story is about mikey and DJ love story in a home for insane people,they go though a lot together will they ever get out of the place?
  • hardtimes
  • love
Doodle Page by PandaPanjake
Doodle Pageby A✌A_LO✌E
Every day a waste. What am I waiting for? I have been through enough. There are too many expectations to meet. Life is a lie. You work all your life, always with worry...
  • diary
  • movie
  • real
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Why? by Jess_Ko
Why?by Jess_Ko
Life in general. I see so many people suffer in this world and I want people to know that you are not alone. I struggled so much it got to the point where it really hur...
  • bullyingawareness
  • randomthoughts
  • depression
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The Wish by QueridaAdamah
The Wishby QueridaAdamah
There are stages in life and once we passes them....we can never turn around the clock....it is like click...clock...click...clock ....and never click...click or clock...
  • wattys2017
  • wish
  • life
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ACID by -unKnownSouls-
ACIDby Missförstått
Just some random poems to pass the time ____________________________________ All poems were written by me, please don't copy. Thanks!
  • mentaldisorders
  • poetry
  • teen
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Atelophobia ( Harry Styles Fanfiction) by Shamelesschels
Atelophobia ( Harry Styles Fanfict...by Shameless
Achievements: -#44 in hardtimes Harry Styles fanfiction Atelophobia [A-tel-o-pho-bia] the fear of imperfection, of not being good enough. [...
  • anerexia
  • harrystyles
  • harryedwardstyles
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Inseparable  by laugh2858
Inseparable by Mya Crisanto
Mitchell Jacobsen & Blake Scott. They are practically sister & brother, always having eachothers back, knowing eachothers deepest, darkest secrets & helping eachother co...
  • love
  • girlfriend
  • boy
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My Boyfriend The Internet (All The Reasons I Love Youtube And My YouTube Journey by Kkyoutuber
My Boyfriend The Internet (All The...by Kkyoutuber
This story is about a girl who has one crazy life and shares it with the world by making a YouTube channel
  • horses
  • hardtimes
  • friends
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In The End by weird_is_here
In The Endby weird_is_here
It was worth it in the end.
  • lifestory
  • lifelessons
  • firststory
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