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Just Another Girl by NightFrost22
Just Another Girlby Paige Liliu
When Nicole, just another depressed girl, has a run in the most popular boy in school, who knows what will happen? All it will take is one person to save or kill her...
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This One's for You by ava_rose16
This One's for Youby ava.rose
Quotes from unknown people.
Her salvation by Ebru_T38
Her salvationby 🌺Ebru_T38🌺
After the death of her parents and little sister Hope Ravenhill moves to California to live on her own. She has the money and the possibilities after her parents leave...
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Suicide Bridge ✔ by Jer-Beaar
Suicide Bridge ✔by Jer-Beaar
{Compleated} He gets all the girls. She gets no guys. He loves to party. She's never been to a party. He drinks. She drinks water. It seems like they have nothing in...
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Mine by Emo_Chick_2000
Mineby Ledger-Lover
Jade Daniels is a different girl, not many people like her. Although she doesn't really care. Jared Cameron is the kind of boy that every girl wants, but he takes inter...
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Party Favor ( Billie Eilish x Reader) GL fanfic (Not Edited) by J1mmies
Party Favor ( Billie Eilish x Read...by Jimmys
"What if I told you I like you" she looked right into your eyes slowly walking toward you leaving you shock she then pulls you close kissing your lips aggressi...
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Dangerous Territory: Frank Iero & Gerard Way by lovelylenney
Dangerous Territory: Frank Iero...by Hannah Cain
A hair-raising, blood-curdling, dramatic story of a man in love with his best friend leading to heartbreak, passion, fear and death.
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Creepypasta x Emo reader by Jeffthekiller1002
Creepypasta x Emo readerby Jeffthekiller1002
Hey guys this is my new book. This book is gonna be your Point of view but it's based on my life. All I'm doing is changing names and adding the Creepypastas. I'm a Emo...
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How to be emo by DiamantD8
How to be emoby Diamant D
style / atitude / music / how to cut your hair emo
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21 Questions by xmadisox
21 Questionsby madison
"I looked him in his beautiful, yet crying eyes, that where reflecting the moon light. "You don't have to be sure right now, you can take as long as you want t...
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Drowning In Depression {COMPLETED} by overwhelmingshiz
Drowning In Depression {COMPLETED}by overwhelmingshiz
May be triggering. If you are triggered easily please do not read.
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Adopted By A Star by emogirlbvbxd
Adopted By A Starby emogirlbvbxd
hi I'm Carolyn and I'm 12 and emo xD (don't label me). read more to reveal my story!
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For Now & Forever by Emo_Chick_2000
For Now & Foreverby Ledger-Lover
Arielle Jennings was never noticed. She never spoke, never looked at anyone, never socialized. Everyone said they thought she wasn't human, they always talked about her...
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adopted by mcr √ by americandis
adopted by mcr √by americandis 💀
a 17 year old emo gets adopted by the famous mcr band. this is set in late revenge era (2005-2006) without bob. (sorry) highest ranking: #6 in EmoGirl
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Jeff the killer ( love story) by creepygirl1516
Jeff the killer ( love story)by Creepy girl
Cody's childhood isn't the best , the only person she could actually have a nice time was with her best friend until she met his , yes the way they meet is weird , no n...
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My Life Behind a Hoodie by Olybed06
My Life Behind a Hoodieby Olyvia Brosef
I'm Olyvia and I'm 13 years old. I decided to write this as a memoir and as a story. I wanted people to be able to learn from my story and be entertained at the same tim...
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Make Believe by WaitWhoAreYou
Make Believeby 🖤 Rebecca 🖤
❮ The boy who was lost in his thoughts and the girl who didn't know who she was. ❯ ...... It's a sad realisation: the moment that you realise that you've only got a few...
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What She Did (Remington Leith) by Opinionatedwierdo
What She Did (Remington Leith)by Aspiring.Author
Jennifer and Angela. Two peas in a pod. Until one pea rots. Then what do they do? ~ Angela is reeling from the death of her bestfriend Jennifer. Unable to comprehend th...
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Emo One-Shots (read description) by Dempseyswag
Emo One-Shots (read description)by Dempseyswag
Requests are open! (I'm now doing celebrities!) Honestly I will write what ever you want if you request it
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Artbook ™ by Http-CallMeDal
Artbook ™by ᴅɪsᴄᴏɴsʟᴀᴛᴇ ᴅᴀʟ ™
Nobody fucking asked for this (completed)
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