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Emo One-Shots (read description) by Dempseyswag
Emo One-Shots (read description)by Dempseyswag
Requests are open! (I'm now doing celebrities!) Honestly I will write what ever you want if you request it
Emo Boyfriend Scenarios/One Shots  by kittyxxxooo
Emo Boyfriend Scenarios/One Shots by Peta Roberts
Hey Welcome to a story page i'm doing just on emo boys, when your reading it just put your name there, these pages are just basted on you readers. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY *...
Broken or One of a Kind? by NotLilyDeath
Broken or One of a Kind?by Lily Death
An emo fanfiction By Lily Death About Tx2 or Evan Thomas This is fictional and is not meant to be taken seriously. While the characters in this story have real people's...
She Was Rápéd 18+(kth,y/n &JJK) by oohhhhjjjkk11
She Was Rápéd 18+(kth,y/n &JJK)by THE GLORY
Leave me Daddy please my princess part is hurting,the girl pleaded in front of Her RÁPIST........ PLEASE DONT REPORT. MATURE BOOK OBSESSION FORSED SCENES SEXUAL ABUSE FO...
ME AND YOU? || johnnie guilbert x female reader  by heartsforguilbert
ME AND YOU? || johnnie guilbert x...by 🌸
A story between johnnie and y/n. You are a 23 year old girl struggling with mh and johnnie is a 26 year old male. !! disclaimer: this is only for entertainment and is al...
Sk8 the Infinity x Reader!! by LuckyR3d
Sk8 the Infinity x Reader!!by Little Bird
Just like the other books, this one follows the storyline of y/n joining Reki and Langa on their skating adventure. I own none of the pictures that you will see in each...
Mechanic Triangle | Vuzi fanfic by Avipoppy
Mechanic Triangle | Vuzi fanficby 💖‼️😏!Avi! 🦉🦉🖤
Murder drones Vuzi fanfic! (Cover art is mine DONT FUCKING STEAL IT) It'd always been the same. N liked V, and V had no one to love. But everything changes when Uzi, a...
Unrequited Crush: (A Zack Martin Love Story) by AaronCartersGirl
Unrequited Crush: (A Zack Martin L...by 🅛🅘🅥
When Alissa Turner the tomboyish niece of the hotel engineer Arwin comes to the Tipton no one expects her to befriend Zack and Cody Martin. The biggest thing happens whe...
The Emo Lovers ( Emo Marinette / Shadybug X Emo Male Reader ) by DonoNightcore
The Emo Lovers ( Emo Marinette / S...by Dono Nightcore
Throughout your life was depressing and everyone around always avoid you, but when you saw an emo girl that is where thing's slightly changed ( I DON'T OWN ANYTHING EXCE...
Mine by Grace_Axtyn
Mineby Grace Axtyn
Jade Daniels is a different girl, not many people like her. Although she doesn't really care. Jared Cameron is the kind of boy that every girl wants, but he takes inter...
chocolate milkshakes | rodrick heffley  by fishnoodlesoup
chocolate milkshakes | rodrick hef...by fishnoodlesoup
tate, in her third year of highschool, finally finds someone that she thinks might be the one. but with her crazy ex and terrible communication skills, can she make it w...
Under the Starlight by iamspontaneous
Under the Starlightby CC
Sebastian broke our moment of silence. He turned to face me and gazed longingly at me. "You're really beautiful, you know?" I looked away shyly. "I mean i...
Her salvation✔️ by 123456aaavvbb
Her salvation✔️by 123—456
After the death of her parents and little sister Hope Ravenhill moves to California to live on her own. She has the money and the possibilities after her parents leave...
vent by HellsFavSecretary8
ventby ‎FemQueen✧☪︎ ִ ֶ֢࣪⋆
about my...................past..
Her Fate by Ianforu
Her Fateby Jeon Ian
Her Fate a story of 18 years old girl who faces alot in her life but always stood against all the odds.
Colby Brock my worst enemy by colerobertbrockkk
Colby Brock my worst enemyby colerobertbrockkk
#6 kansas 18/05/24 enemies to lovers, Sam and Colby+ COD, TF 141 fanfiction 🎀✨ you are new at this high school and this boy wont stop bullying you, you are assigned to...
Our Destiny And My Fate by __Duowrites__
Our Destiny And My Fateby Duowrites